Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1721

Her state is no different from that of Xiao Ai, both of them are emotional.

In fact, this is also normal. Last week, the three sisters of the Fortune Pill's Tour first met the taste of men and women.

I haven't had sex with Kogoro Mouri for five or six days, so naturally it is uncomfortable!

But after all, the two women knew that the timing was not too good, and they were still a little shy in their hearts, so they didn't dare to mess around anymore.

After a passionate kiss, with a strong willpower to restrain himself, Xiaotong immediately pushed Moori Kogoro away, putting his hands on his chest, with a look of shame.

"Well, don't mess around, if you are accidentally seen by the guests, you don't want fame and we have fame!"

"Xiao Ai, you can't come down yet, did you just get the master's business done?"

Mouri Kogoro put down the love of the next life hanging on his body, and said with a chuckle: "It's natural to have me go out."

"What did Napu Siqinglan say about the Tsarist Treasure? What did you say, Kogoro?"

Just now, Xiao Ai said: "I also asked just now. Kogoro said that there is no problem, and he will go with us then!" When he heard this, Xiao Hitomi smiled satisfied. laugh.

Maori Kogoro patted the wing buttocks of the two women: "You two little fairies, go ahead and do your own business, and wait for me to deal with Qinglan before I come to clean up you."

The two women blushed again when they heard it, and went to the cafe in a little panic.

And Kogoro Maori tidyed up his collar, Yufengshu dispelled his own taste, and went to Pu Si Qinglan's booth to sit with him.

Qinglan leaned over and asked gossiping: "Xiaogoro, it was Chikage and her son just now, what happened?"

Even a female killer can't avoid the gossip nature of a woman.

Not to mention that Qingran was taught by Kuroba Chikage in Yokosuka, so naturally he paid special attention to it.

Smelling the fragrance, under the table, Maori Kogoro's hands fell on Qinglan's elastic legs.

Elasticity and feel are not inferior to Xiaotong, really among the best!

He didn't want to hide it either, so he told what had just happened.

Perceiving that fiery big hand, Qing Lan's eyes trembled slightly, and a smile appeared in her eyes.

The female assassin did not resist at all, but quietly moved closer.

The two heads were close together, as if they were whispering.

Xiao Lei, who was entangled by Xia Mei at the bar, saw this scene from afar, and pouted with a grudge on her face.

His little hand wiped the cup with a rag and wiped out the cracks in the cup, and Xia Mei brows brows as she watched.

After hearing Qianying's fortune, Qing Lan couldn't help laughing.

I didn't expect a woman as powerful as Qianying to be helpless with her son, and her son said she was crying, but she was really depressed.Mouri Kogoro pressed Qinglan's knee with his big hand, and asked a little surprised.

"Qinglan, haven't you always wanted to restore the glory of your ancestor Lapus? I gave you the treasure map and the key. It shouldn't be difficult to find the treasure. Why are you still here to share with the sisters of the next life? "

Upon hearing this question, Qinglan looked at Mouri Kogoro and spoke quietly.

"If I didn't get the forgiveness of the three of them, would you not want to see me?"

Mouri Kogoro rubbed his nose with a little embarrassment, it might end like this!

"You fellow, you did such a rude thing to me in the catacombs, and you want to treat it like nothing happened. This is absolutely impossible."

Qing Lan spoke firmly with a face, and when she said this, her hands wrapped Kogoro Mouri's arms.

Mouri Kogoro's arms immediately fell into two groups of tenderness.

Qing Lan murmured: "I don't know what's wrong with me recently. I think of you all in my mind. I even dream of you in my dreams. I have never encountered this kind of emotion."

"I always feel that if I don't do something, I will never see you again."

This almost confession made the corner of Mouri Kogoro's mouth a smile.

He gently rubbed his big hand, and said warmly, "I would like to ask you for your advice on this next trip to Russia!"

Upon hearing this, Qing Lan seemed to understand something, and her eyes lit up instantly.

She leaned against Mouri Kogoro with peace of mind.

When Xiao Lei at the bar saw this scene, his brows jumped wildly, and he was directly squeezed by him while wiping the cup. The beautiful eyes were full of cold light, and he looked like a murderous pool.

Kasaka Natsumi immediately panicked: Is it because I want to be a teacher that annoys Sister Xiaolei?

Xiaocai walked out of the bar, just about to get to Qinglan's table, and dragged Maori Kogoro back.

But his gaze was suddenly attracted by the little Ai who turned the sign at the door to'Closed and Rested', and couldn't help asking: "Little Ai, what are you doing? We don't close until 8pm."

Xiao Ai chuckled and said, "It's nothing, this is what the second sister said. When there are other arrangements, I will close the store first!"

At this moment, Xiaotong, who had just taken a shower, came downstairs, wrapped in a fragrant wind, and his skin was extremely moisturized.

Seeing this, Xiao Ai continued to say: "Then I will take a bath first."

Having said this, the Nizi turned around and ran upstairs, leaving behind tears in the future.

Being interrupted by this interruption, when he looked at Qinglan's table with tears in his next life, Maori Kogoro and Pu Si Qinglan were separated, and they looked like they were sitting on their backs.

Chapter 0142 is almost sitting ovulation!

Xiaocai immediately glared at Kogoro Mouri, and was really upset that he didn't catch his painful foot!

At this time, Natsumi, who had excellent eyesight, trot past the tears, and sat down at the table of Kogoro Mori.

Seeing this, Xiao Lei shook the rag in his hand unhappily.

The broken glass shards shot into the trash basket, and the momentum was really terrifying!

She turned and went back to the bar, not wanting to go forward and join in the fun.

Maori Kogoro squeezed a cold sweat in his heart, but he didn't expect the little cat to turn into a tigress.

Natsumi stared at Maori Kogoro, and whispered: "I didn't expect Maori-kun to have such a good relationship with women. Just now, Xiao Lei was so jealous."

"But it's normal for a good person like Maori to have so many people like him!"

"By the way, Mao Lijun, I haven't thanked you yet."

"The person you sent yesterday was very professional. You helped me find the buyers of three old castles in just one day. It's really amazing."