Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1730

Maori Kogoro can block the bullet, but it doesn't mean he can ignore the sniper bullet.

Being blocked in this way, he could only watch Snake escape through another door in the backstage.

Upon seeing this, Judy grabbed Moori Kogoro's big hand and rushed out.

"Mao Lijun, help me get the gems back. He must not let him disrupt this performance. I know where the back door leads."

Judy trot with Moori Kogoro all the way, from the backstage back to the stage.

It's just that Kogoro Mouri thought it was too slow, so he picked it up directly: "You come to show the way, and I can run."

Seeing this, the audience couldn't help but look dumbfounded. Which one is this?

Seeing Maori Kogoro rushing away carrying a foreign girl, the girls at Xiaolan's table couldn't help but brow frantically, their faces extremely unkind."Dad ran to pick up girls again?"

"Damn it, I can't bear it, how can uncle be like this?"

He Ye stood up, but was stopped by Zhenchun.

"Don't be like this, there seemed to be gunshots from the backstage just now. Something must have happened, let's not make trouble."

Zhenchun said that, all the women present stopped.

But Zhenchun's words didn't work for Mary. Little Lolita's sneaking ability was extraordinary, so she quietly got out, and the girls present didn't notice any difference.

Judy, who was lifted in front of everyone, flushed, and she could perceive the amazing heat of the big hands holding her ass.

His chest was soft against Moori Kogoro's back, and his posture was extremely intimate.

But even if he hangs upside down, Judy can still distinguish the direction clearly and keep pointing the way with his fingers.

Soon, the two ran all the way, and finally caught up with Sneek at the top of the stairs.

Snake, who was panicking, ran upstairs, and finally entered the revolving restaurant on the top floor, surrounded by open-air glass with excellent views.There is no one in the revolving restaurant, and there is no other exit, it is a dead end.

Snake, who was struggling with the beast, had a fierce look and stuffed the gem into his pocket, then he drew out another pistol, holding both guns to look at the way.Not long after, Kogoro Mouri, carrying Judy, appeared.

Snake didn't hesitate, and fired both shots.


But one more bullet.

This was assisted by Shuichi Akai from the building next door, and the sniper shells were also shot in the direction of Kogoro Mori.Mouri Kogoro didn't dare to put Judy down, and jumped left and right to avoid.

He can dodge bullets himself, but Judy can't.

With the help of Shuichi Akai's road closure sniper shell, these dodges are more difficult.

However, Kogoro Mori soon stood at the center of the revolving restaurant, and the situation would be reversed.

Item 0150

This revolving restaurant was tampered with by Kuaidou. Originally, he wanted to use this restaurant as a trap to lure these people in black.

However, Kogoro Mouri stepped in, and Kuaidou was now in the background, so there was no way to start the device.

Kogoro Mori gave orders to the red queen and grabbed the design of Kuaidou.

The speed of this uniformly rotating restaurant suddenly accelerated, and the afterimage turned out.

Under the huge centrifugal force, the tables and chairs all slid towards the glass.

Sneek was also weakly thrown onto the glass, unable to lift his hands, let alone shooting.

The more the outer ring, the faster the speed, but the center point of the restaurant has not changed.

Moori Kogoro, who was carrying Judy, held the extended arm of the ant-man robot with his left hand, and his body was suspended slightly, and then he could not move.And Hideichi Akai in the building next door looked at the fast-moving glass, unable to see the scene inside, frowned.

"You have nowhere to escape, Mr. Snake, if you don't want to follow your subordinate's footsteps and take out the gems obediently, you may not suffer."

Snake desperately wanted to fight against this centrifugal force, but after trying harder, he couldn't stick to it.

He sneered: "Maori detective, in this situation, it seems that you can't do anything to me?"

"Oh, is it?"

Hearing this, Moori Kogoro left his right hand and looked inside the suit.

Judy, who was being carried, suddenly felt insecure, and screamed again and again, so that Kogoro Moori's eardrum was about to break.

She hung her hands and feet on Mouri Kogoro's body, and a pair of soft long legs clamped Moori Kogoro's waist.

The action was extremely ashamed, but Judy didn't care.

Maori Kogoro took out a small cloth bag with difficulty, swung it around, and revealed the throwing knife inside.

This is the weapon of the strange thief lady Kuroba Chikage, found while helping Chikage undress in the afternoon.

Thinking of avenging her tonight, he brought this packet of flying knives.

"Since tonight is a magic night, Mr. Snake should have heard of the magic of live roulette flying knife. We have similarities and similarities now."

"I have a total of six throwing knives here, you can guess how many you will be stabbed."

Having said this, Kogoro Moori threw a throwing knife.

The cold light flashed, and the screams rang!

Snake was stuck with a throwing knife on his right knee, and the blood kept overflowing.

Numerous cold sweat oozes from his cheeks instantly.

Mouri Kogoro didn't say much, and continued to throw the knife, with a calm and calm appearance.

There was another cold light, the same leg, ten centimeters above the first flying knife, and another flying knife was submerged, and blood spurted out again.Before Snake could react, the third throwing knife shot over and plunged directly into the base of his thigh.

According to this trend, the next flying knife must go in the direction of descendants.

Snake shouted immediately: "Stop, I give, I give, I will give you the red tears."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro stopped what he was doing.

And Sneek endured the pain, and hurriedly reached out and threw the red tears in his pocket, and the gem fell on the ground.

When Mouri Kogoro saw this, the Red Queen returned the restaurant's speed to normal.