Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1735

She then reacted and quickly said, "What do you mean? Drowning? Isn't that just a magic?"

"Then both the tank and the eagle are Mr. Robert? If you want to crack this magic, just figure out how he moved?"

Upon hearing this, Zhenchun spoke with a serious face: "Captain Judy, the judgment of Uncle Maori and I is that the person in the water tank was really drowned. It was a murder case in full view."

"A person's reaction when he is dying cannot be hidden from the detective's eyes."

"It's just that there was a lot of riots in the middle of the venue, and Mr. Robert also took advantage of the chaos and fled. We are now going to find the drowned body."

Hearing this, Judy couldn't help turning his head to look at Kogoro Mouri: "Mori-kun, is it really dead?"

Kogoro Mouri let go of his hand and explained: "All this has to be found before the corpse can be determined. Now it's a private investigation."

At this moment, Mouri Kogoro's shoes stepped on water stains again and couldn't help but stop.

Looking down, there was an obvious wet trace on the corridor carpet.

He and Zhenchun quickly walked forward along the wet track, and soon stopped at a garbage conveyor belt.

Kogoro Mori opened the iron window at the entrance of the conveyor belt, and he saw the smooth conveyor belt.

The Ant-Man robot chased it down, but the bottom was empty, and all the trash was loaded into the truck and taken away.

Zhenchun didn't say anything, turned his head and ran wildly in the direction of the other side of the water stain, Moori Kogoro pulled Judy and followed closely behind.

Soon, the three of them came to the door of a utility room, just below the stage of the banquet hall.

Judy immediately took out the key to open the door, and the three of them entered the wide utility room.

On the ceiling of the utility room are all stage mechanisms, and in the middle is a wet liftable mechanism. The connecting floor positions are all wet.

Zhenchun approached the organ and squatted down to observe.

Soon, she saw the small glass shards on the floor.

And Judy seemed to suddenly remember something: "By the way, Mr. Robert kept saying,'Self-sacrifice is the price of wonderful magic.' My grandfather often said this, but I don't understand what this means."

Hearing this, Kogoro Moori raised his eyebrows and chuckled lightly: "It should be meaningless, I didn't find the body. I thought it was just an illusion."

"Judy, trouble you this time, it's okay now."

The squatting Zhenchun frowned, and Judy heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that no one was dead.

"No trouble, no trouble at all, Maori, I want to thank you tonight!"

"But can you tell me the secret of catching bullets with bare hands?"

Maori Kogoro chuckled softly: "This is simple, my skin is rough and fleshy, and the bullet can't pass through. If I have faster eyesight, I will catch the bullet when I see it."

But Judy didn't believe it at all, and snarled: "If you don't tell me, let's just lie to me by using this to coax the kid."

With these words, she couldn't help but hammer Moori Kogoro's chest muscles.

No one believes this to tell the truth, then there is no way!

Zhenchun on the side coughed lightly, staring at Judy, unkind.

Seeing this screaming leader who provokes Mori Kogoro, I don't know why Zhenchun feels very upset.

"Head Judy, so many things happened today, we won't waste your time."

The eviction order was issued immediately, but Judy had no intention of leaving.

She couldn't help but said, "Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge is really unfriendly at all."

"Hey, your eyes look like the little blond cow just now, aren't you sisters?"

Hearing Judy calling his mother that, Zhenchun brows couldn't help but jump.

Then she saw Judy voluntarily put his arms around Kogoro Mouri's arm, and became even more angry.

"I don't need to go back, I have arranged everything to the deputy head, Maori Jun, you can do so many tricks, or let's find a place to discuss it!"

Having said this, Judy's body rubbed gently.

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Hearing Judy's proposal, sensing the softness on his side, and smelling the scent that came, Mouri Kogoro was really moved.I really went with Judy, so the discussion must be more than magic, maybe the mystery of the human body must also be explored.

Upon seeing this, Zhenchun on the side stepped forward and grabbed the other arm of Kogoro Mori, as if scrambled.

"Don't go, uncle, my mother is still waiting for you!"

Judy is not to be outdone: "Who is your mother, but I have never heard of Mao Lijun who remarried."

"Children are not allowed to intervene about adults. Let's play detective games."

"And I just wanted to ask Mao Lijun about magic, but I didn't want to do anything strange!"

With deliberately speaking this misunderstanding, Judy licked his red lips, which looked very attractive!

"Da Ba, don't go."

Zhenchun suddenly looked anxious and depraved, with a puffed face, her little tiger teeth were exposed, as if she was going to bite someone.

Seeing the always calm Zhenchun behaving like this, Kogoro Mouri chuckles his head and chuckles.

"Judy, it's not a coincidence, I do have something to discuss with this kid's mother later."

Hearing this, Judy's eyes were full of disappointment.

"Well, let's make an appointment again. Next time, I will squeeze out all your secrets."

Having said this, the head of the beautiful woman clenched her fists and made a cheering look.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I'm waiting, but you have to be prepared for the price of learning."

Judy squinted her beautiful eyes: "But it's already ready!"

After that, the woman turned and walked outside the door.

Kogoro Mouri turned his head to look at Zhenchun, and smiled gently: "Are you satisfied now?"

The little Nizi still stared at Judy's back, her hostility was still there, and she didn't dare to relax.

Hearing Kogoro Moori's question, she subconsciously said: "Uncle is so troublesome. There are so many people waiting for you in the family. This can't satisfy you, and you are always messing with flowers. Be careful my mother will not let you go."