Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1737

Zhenchun saw a hooded man sneak attacking Kogoro Mouri, and couldn't help but speak: "Uncle be careful."

Mouri Kogoro listened to the voice to defend his position, but didn't turn around, but directly raised his hand to block, and blocked the aggressive inch fist.

Akai Hideichi didn't stop, and directly hooked up his right leg.

Middle kick!

Zhenchun recognized that this was Jeet Kune Do at a glance, and subconsciously kicked Zhongxiu's calf and blocked it.

Seeing that Zhenchun used the Jeet Kune Do he had taught her for Maori Kogoro, Xiuichi became more angry and said coldly, "Get out of the way!"

And Mouri Kogoro pulled Zhenchun and protected him behind him.

"It's really pure, it's good to watch it by the side, and you don't need to act."

"A rat with his head and tail concealed, dare to attack me."

Akai Hideichi sneered and said, "It's better than you, a mother and daughter like you!"

Zhenchun behind heard this, as if being stepped on his tail again, couldn't help but rushed up.

"I let you talk nonsense!"

The little girl ran away completely, and Jeet Kune Do's legs kept kicking out.

Turn around and kick!Hook kick!Continuous hook kick!

He didn't move at all, his shoulders didn't give any warning, but his legs kept kicking.

Xiuyi didn't want to deal with Zhenchun, but was forced to retreat.

But today's Xiuyi has been stimulated enough. Facing the innocent offensive, he still couldn't suppress his anger, and couldn't help but yell again: "Get out of the way!"

Zhenchun only heard the voice of the elder brother at this moment, and her movements couldn't help but stop.

So Xiuyi seized the opportunity, and another one-inch punch came straight along the central axis, with plenty of punch!

Zhenchun quickly crossed her arms to block, but the strength was so great that she couldn't stop it.

This punch knocked Zhenchun back four or five meters, and two long marks were drawn directly on the ground by the shoes.

Xiao Nizi gasped: "Big Brother, is that you?"

Seeing that he couldn't hide it, Hideo Akai lifted his hood, and underneath his scattered long hair were a pair of dark eyes, staring at Kogoro Mouri hostilely.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward and rubbed Zhenchun's head lightly.

"Girl, it's none of your business now, stay behind and don't say anything."

"This guy needs a lesson. He dared to shoot me just now."

Hearing this, Zhenchun's eyes were full of disbelief.

What's the matter, how could the eldest brother and Uncle Maori make such a fuss?I shot, what's going on?

But Zhenchun did not speak before the two of them fought together.

However, within two seconds, Akai Shuichi's hands and feet were all hit with hemp, and the back of his neck and arms were all captured by Kogoro Mori.

When Juli lifted off, Xiuichi, who had just become powerful, was easily thrown by Mouri Kogoro.

He hit the ceiling hard and then smashed it on a car, smashing the car directly, and constantly sounding alarms.

"It's really vulnerable. I thought you had grown so much and you dare to mess with me!"

Mouri Kogoro shrugged, as if a demon king pouring out of his body, his aura was very evil.

But this amount of exercise is not enough to even warm up, Xiuyi is not enough to fight at all, which is really disappointing.

After seeing this scene, Zhenchun couldn't help but open his mouth.

The elder brother, who was almost invincible in her impression, was so vulnerable in front of Uncle Maori, the impact was extremely fierce.

She swung her arms that she couldn't lift up, and the bruises on top were clearly visible.

With such a strong fist, it takes less than three seconds to walk in front of my uncle. This is too scary!

Shuichi Akai lay in the car coughing constantly, and couldn't help cursing: "Despicable villain!"

Moori Kogoro’s mouth was filled with a condemning smile: "Why am I mean, oh, Hideyoshi must have told you about Mary? Don’t worry, she’s your mother, and I’ll definitely take care of her very well. But she made her fat and white!"

"Cough! Cough!"

Akai Hideichi's eyes were splitting, and his chest was undulating, making a hoarse gasp.

Upon seeing this, Zhenchun hurriedly stepped forward and explained: "Eldest brother, mom, she was willing to be with Uncle Maori. You and the second brother misunderstood. Uncle did not force anyone..."

But before his words fell, his slender waist was hugged by Moori Kogoro, and his words were also interrupted by Moori Kogoro.

"Otherwise you are talking about Zhenchun, this child lives with me, and I will definitely take care of her, but I don't understand why you are scolding me!" In front of Xiuyi, her big hand gently rubbed Zhenchun. Slim waist.

In the face of this evil uncle Maori, Zhenchun was caught in his arms and dared not move, and the whole person was extremely flustered.

Xiuyi didn't want to see this scene again, so she turned her head and closed her eyes.

At this moment, he really wanted to die. Mingmei and Judy were taken away. Now even his mother and sister can't protect him. What's the point of being alive!

Seeing Xiuichi's salty fish pretending to be dead, Mouri Kogoro lost the mood to continue playing.

"Why, since there was no plan to protect Mary and Zhenchun from the beginning, why bother to jump out now and act like this hypocritical innocent person."

"Mingmei is like this, Judy is like this, Mary is like this, so is true purity."

"Siuichi, your surname is Akai, but you know that Mary and Zhenchun are surnamed Shiliang. When the surnames were split, you were separated long ago, and each of you has your own destiny. Now you jump out and cross your feet. What's the matter, it's ridiculous!"

Hearing this, Xiuyi's chest undulated like a bellows.

"From Mary's face, that's all this time."

"The best defense is to attack. This is the concept of Jeet Kune Do you learned, but don't choose the wrong target. Next time you choose the wrong one. I promise you will die."

After that, Kogoro Mori pulled Zhenchun's wrist and led her toward the car.

Item 0157

Zhenchun was dragged away, but his eyes were still fixed on Xiuyi who was lying in the car.

Mouri Kogoro read her thoughts and said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt him, so I'll be fine after a while."