Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1742

I'm just looking for the trail of Qingzi, not wanting to do anything bad!

His eyes could still see in the dark, and he slowly moved closer.

The big hand then gently lifted a thin quilt, this feeling was like playing scratching music, without knowing who was underneath, it was tense and exciting.Bo was slowly lifted and pulled away, revealing the face of Begonia sleeping in spring.

Huh!Dressed so coolly!

This is Mingmei, the big white compassionate shirt and the small inner inner, the compassionate shirt is still hooked by the small hands, revealing a flat belly with a vest line.Mouri Kogoro is a little dumbfounded!

Today, Mingmei has been working in the laboratory with Xiao Ai, and she must have been very tired.

But it’s strange to say that this Nizi has always had no sense of security. She used to sleep with a pistol on the bedside table, and now she can sleep with everyone in a chase.

Mouri Kogoro gently leaned down and took a bite of his white forehead.

I really didn't wake up. I used to draw a gun and violently at this time.

It seemed that it was the right choice to bring Mingmei home, and Nizi really relaxed.

Seeing Mingmei was still asleep, Mouri Kogoro didn't want to wake her up, and instead gently covered the thin quilt.

Qingzi!Qingzi!Where is Qingzi?

This should be it!

Kogoro Mouri chose the second quilt in the second row and lifted the thin quilt again, full of excitement.

It's a pity that I'm a little far behind Qingzi, this is Hongye.

Hongye was wearing a white nightdress, with his hands on his abdomen, she looked like a lady when she fell asleep.

Seeing Nizi's pretty face, Mouri Kogoro also sent her a goodnight kiss without interrupting her.

At most, the big hand can't help but lick it a few times.

However, Hongye seemed to slept deeply, and did not wake up.

Kogoro Mori will re-cover the thin quilt on his body, and then stand up again.

Finally, for the third choice, Qingzi was finally found at the last bedding in the first row.

This Nizi must be wearing Xiaolan’s pajamas, blue shorts and a white vest, full of cuteness.

Seeing Qingzi's curly toes, long white legs, and slight undulations in his chest, the little breast with scarce resources is really not bad.

Mouri Kogoro leaned forward, lying on Aoko's body, whispering into his ear: "Aoko, Aoko!"

But Qingzi didn't react at all.

strange!It shouldn't be!How could it be possible to sleep so peacefully for the first time staying here?

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but bow his head and kissed his pink lips. The QQ bounced like cold.

But Qingzi still had no reaction at all.

However, Kogoro Mori discovered a flaw, and Nizi's heartbeat changed.

A smirk appeared at the corner of Maori Kogoro's mouth, and his fingers gently put his fingers into his vest, crawling with the itchy flesh on his waist.

The little girl couldn't help it anymore, a pair of long legs instantly caught Moori Kogoro's waist.

A pair of beautiful eyes opened, Canruo stars.

Several low laughter sounded: "I knew that you will definitely come back, uncle, so I haven't slept until now."

Mouri Kogoro stroked his little head with his big hand, and chuckled, "Silly girl, what if I don't come back?"

"Then I will wait until you come back!"

What else needs to be said at this time!

Action is always more beneficial than words. Kogoro Mouri climbed along Aoko's delicate body with his big hands, and kissed Aoko's pink lips again.Qingzi couldn't help groaning, and slapped Moori Kogoro's arm with her little hand.

The finger pointed to his room, motioning to take her inside.

Mouri Kogoro smirked and wiped his head. He slapped Aoko's butt, and then he covered Aoko's mouth with his big hand.Xiao Nizi's eyes widened, she looked incredulous.

(A lot of words are omitted here!)

It was precisely when he began to fall into Qingzi's gentle township, he was out of control.

This night, Kogoro Mouri worked very hard, like a bee, picking one bed after another, and he was busy until almost four in the morning.

But for example, Zhenchun and Yuanzi couldn't wake up after being put on a sleeping talisman.

As for other girls, whether they pretend to sleep, cooperate, or refuse to welcome them, the situation is different.

The next day, Saturday morning, it was ten o'clock.

Moori Kogoro, who was asleep very deeply, heard the call, then woke up, and saw Xiaolan's pretty face.

"Dad, the sun is already basking, and I'm getting up soon, there is a woman below, and you said you let her be the housekeeper, what's the matter?"

Xiao Lan narrowed her eyes, and Moori Kogoro instantly excited Moori Kogoro with murderous intent.

He woke up instantly, and took his daughter's hand and explained: "This is not my father watching you clean up the house, cooking is too hard!"

"Now the family has doubled, and there are so many people living in it. Dad feels very distressed when you watch you work so long in the kitchen every day, so I find someone to help you!"

Hearing this explanation, Xiao Lan was still satisfied, but the suspicion in her eyes had not disappeared.

"Really? That girl looks so cute. Isn't Dad making any evil attempts against her?"

"How is it possible, am I like that kind of person?"

Xiaolan inspected him carefully and nodded: "Like!"

Kogoro Mouri immediately made a look of indescribable love: "Now you don't even believe me, then what does it mean to be alive!" With these words, he buried himself in Xiaolan's arms and cried bitterly. appearance.

Item 0162


Waking up in the morning, the facial cleanser is a perfect match.

The little angel's face instantly blushed, and his little soft hand patted Moori Kogoro on the head.