Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1743

"Dah, don't mess around. It didn't stop in the middle of the night last night. It's really annoying."

Then Kogoro Mouri raised his head and smirked, "I think you like it very much, but you girl got up by herself last night."

The girl covered her mouth with her little hand: "Don't tell me, there are people outside!"

"Hmph, I just ignore you big pervert, hurry up and eat out."

Having said this, the little angel got up and went out.

Moori Kogoro, who was so troubled, was in great spirits immediately and got up vigorously.

As soon as he walked out of the living room, he saw the girls in Yingyingyanyan on the sofa.

Most girls are still a little sleepy on their faces. This is entirely Kogoro Moori's masterpiece last night.

When they saw Kogoro, their cheeks would turn red involuntarily.

Only Yuanzi and Zhenchun, who slept extremely soundly last night, didn't respond at all, but stared at everyone around him slightly.

Strange!I always feel like I missed some plot!

Looking at the harem he laid down, the ring is fat and thin, and the flowers are full of beauty, and Maori Kogoro is also full of achievements.

He greeted the girls and went into the bathroom to wash.

Slightly sorted out his own image, and then picked up the bread on the table, planning to go downstairs to see Yingzi.

When I was in the stairwell, I just met the little Lolita Marie who was going up.

It's just that the blond little loli didn't give him a good face, and didn't say hello when she passed him, hummed and arrogantly turned her face away, making Moori Kogoro a little confused.

"Mary! Mary!"

Little Lori completely ignored Moori Kogoro's call and walked quickly into the third floor home with her short legs.

Oops, isn't it true that Zhenchun told Mary everything about her beating Xiuyi yesterday?

It's miserable, it seems that I have to coax her again.

At this time, another small loli Huihara came out of the office, and Kogoro Moori picked it up.

"Little mourn, what's wrong with your Aunt Mary? Why didn't you care about people in the morning? Did Zhenchun tell her something?"

Huihara reacted instantly, his azure blue eyes were full of smiles, and the little hand couldn't help but grabbed Mouri Kogoro's ear.

"Uncle, you are too bad and you have no credit at all. Last night, you coaxed Aunt Mary to go home and took medicine. She recovered and you didn't come to her again."

"As a result, she kept hiding in my room last night and didn't dare to see anyone. Of course she was angry with you."

It turned out to be so, I thought it was a matter of Xiuyi!

Unexpectedly, she remembered everything she used to molest Mary in the revolving restaurant!

But there is no way. There were so many girls in the living room last night, and they were woken up one after another. Kogoro Mouri really couldn't get out of her body!Man is so hard!

Especially for men with so many women, it's really hard!

Seeing Maori Kogoro's frowning brows, Little Lori stretched out a soft hand to smooth it.

"Okay, okay, Aunt Mary is still easy to coax, at most I will help you with a few more words."

Hearing this, Maori Kogoro smiled and kissed Huiyuan's Xiao Meng face: "Xiao Ai is really uncle's intimate cotton cloth!"

"It's stinking! It's stinking!"

Little Lolita wiped the drool from her face, and then she said: "Go in and save the little butler you are coming. She is almost crying by Aunt Yingli and the others."

Upon hearing this, Mouri Kogoro immediately placed Xiao Ai on the stairs, turned and opened the door to enter the office.

Hui Principle went upstairs to help Kogoro coax people.

As soon as I entered the office, I saw the three beautiful women on the sofa.

In the middle is Concubine Yingri with her chest and legs up;

On the left side is the curling hair, a casual look like Xizi;

On the right is Jinghua wearing a kimono and holding a short fan.

The three women sat together, their aura almost breaking through the sky, pretending to be a Trial by Three Divisions.

On the other side, there was Sakurako Yonehara with a nervous expression and holding a small hand.

The three of them were interviewing the little housekeeper Yingzi.

As soon as Moori Kogoro came in, the seedling pretending to be ornamental was the first to spot.

She came up with surprise, and put her arms around Kogoro Moori's arms, her pony tails beating constantly.

"Kogoro, you wake up, you are so good at sleep, we have been waiting for you for a long time."

Miaozi was really together with Kogoro Mouri in the hot spring pool yesterday. It was like three autumns in a day, so naturally she wished to get tired of him.Seeing this reaction, the beautiful eyes of the three women on the sofa were all squinted, and they looked at each other.

It seems to be the wrong person!

Kogoro Mori chuckled and patted her little head: "I'm such an adult, so how can I still want to be a child!"

"Yingzi, you are here, did you accept my invitation?"

Seeing Moori Kogoro appeared, Yonehara Sakurako breathed a sigh of relief as if she had a mastermind.

These three beautiful ladies are terrible!

But it’s strange, isn’t that the star You Xizi?Why live here too?

Yingzi nodded and said, "Well, Miaozi asked me to come."

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Whether it was Miaozi who asked you to come, or you wanted to come, I promise that this is definitely the right decision."

Yingli on the side covered his mouth and coughed a few times, brushing off the presence of Mistress Bo.

"Ahem, Sakurako, do you know how to use your mobile phone to check recipes for cooking?"

Yingzi nodded: "Yes, I am also proficient in Japanese, French and Chinese food. Would you like to try my craft first?"

Upon hearing this, Yingli said with satisfaction: "No, it doesn't matter if it doesn't, I will teach you to cook in the future."

On the side, Xizi immediately looked scared.