Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1750

At this moment, Kataoka Renka, whom I saw last night, greeted him.

"Detective Maori, it's really an honor for our troupe to be here, but the performance will not start until the evening, and it's still rehearsing. I'm sorry to let you see this messy scene."

Mouri Kogoro chuckles and said, "It's nothing, the rehearsal scenes are also quite interesting!"

Hongye turned his head to patrol the theater stage, and couldn't help but say: "It's really different from Osaka. It doesn't even have a mechanism."

Kataoka Renka explained: "Actually, the theater company has performed in Osaka. It is a ninja-themed show. It is indeed a dazzling and dazzling feeling with the Osaka stage. It will be simpler here in Tokyo."

Sonoko couldn't help asking, "How long has Miss Kataoka acted with the troupe?"

"It has been several months, and now I can gradually play the leading role. Tonight's Taketori Monogatari is me as the heroine."

Xiao Lan couldn't help but exclaimed: "Well, she can be the heroine in just a few months. It seems that Miss Kataoka's acting skills are very good."

Kataoka Renka waved his hand embarrassedly: "Why, my acting skills are still far behind."

Looking at the mirrored dialogue between the two people who look exactly the same, this picture is quite interesting.

He curiously asked, "Ms. Katataoka, don't you continue to study? This age should be a high school student like us!"

"Because I was a little early in my studies, I graduated from high school last year, and my idol is Ms. Fujimine Yukiko. She also went out to act after graduating from high school, and then became a national treasure-level actress."

"So I want to keep moving forward with this goal."

Upon hearing this, the girls couldn't help but smile strangely.

The national treasure queen you mentioned is now staying at Maori's house, acting like a baby and watching soap operas every day.

If this is the goal, it is better to live in a Maori family directly. That is not to do it in one step and save all the intermediate steps."Lianhua, come up to rehearse!"

On the stage, Tamanosuke Ito yelled, and Renka Kataoka said goodbye and went on stage to rehearse.

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Ito Tamanosuke also saw Maori and his group, but he just greeted him and focused on rehearsal.

He took up the entire troupe at a young age, and changed one person as soon as he got to work, very serious.

But only in this way can we barely shock the actors in the troupe.

The Maori and his party all sat down to watch the performance, and Bumi and the others came down and gave up the stage.

As soon as he came to the bottom, Ayumi, wearing a small beige kimono, immediately got into Mouri Kogoro's arms and lay directly between his legs and began to act coquettishly.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Ai hurriedly pulled Bu Mei over, looking at Kogoro Mouri with a perverted look.

Yuanta looked at the actors performing on the stage and couldn't help asking, "Who is Kaguya Ji? It sounds familiar!"

Yuanzi couldn't help but patted Genta's forehead: "You little fat guy only knows how to eat all day, and he doesn't even go to class well. Haven't you heard of Taketori Story?"

Taketori Monogatari is actually the Japanese version of Chang'e Flying to the Moon, a well-known mythical story.

Kaguya Ji is a figure that has been quoted countless times.

Xiaolan explained gently on the side: "According to legend, in ancient times, there was a bamboo cutter who encountered a bamboo that was shining with blue light. After cutting it down, he found a three-inch baby girl inside the bamboo. This is bamboo. The origin of it."

"The old man took the baby home in a bamboo basket to raise it. It was only three months before the girl grew up. She was very beautiful and attracted all princes and nobles to come to ask for a kiss. This girl was named Kaguya Ji. "

"Hui Yeji didn't want to marry, so she distributed the hard-to-find treasures to the seekers, telling them to marry whoever can find them, hoping that they can retreat."

"But the seekers are greedy for Kaguya Ji's beauty, and they don't hesitate to use falsehoods to disguise treasures in various ways, but they are all seen through by the wise Kaguya Ji."

"In the end, even the emperor fell under Kaguyahime's pomegranate skirt and didn't even think about meeting her."

"But Hui Ye Ji is actually a fairy on the moon. It's impossible for anyone who descends to the mortal world to like mortals."

"On the full moon of August 15th, she put on the feather garment of the sky, and returned to the moon under the greet of the angel of the heavenly palace."

"The emperor keeps keeping Kaguyaji, and Kaguyaji is very moved, but she will return to the heaven after all, so she left a letter to the emperor and gave him a pot of immortality."

"The emperor is very infatuated, and replied,'I can't see Kaguyahime. What's the use of taking the elixir? He ordered his subordinates to bring the elixir to the highest mountain and burn it."

"That mountain was called the'immortal mountain', which is now Mount Fuji."

"This is the prototype of the'Taketori Tale' to be performed today."

After listening to the entire story, Genta suddenly realized, "That's how the name of Mount Fuji came from!"

Mitsuhiko couldn't help but vomit: "Genta, you don't even know this story, you just acted so vigorously with us just now."

Xiao Pangdun touched his forehead and smiled embarrassedly.

At this time, Tamanosuke Ito scolded on the stage: "Lenhua, what's the matter with you, I haven't even remembered the simplest lines yet?" "I'm going to perform tonight. You want to drag the whole team behind. Legs?"

Kataoka Renka held the script and lowered his head, looking aggrieved and uncomfortable.

This version of the script was newly revised, and it took less than three hours for her to get it. It is normal for her to not remember.

At this moment, a man's voice came from the passage of the auditorium.

"I'm here to pick you up, Lianhua, come back with me!"

When everyone turned their heads, they saw a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and a secretary with glasses following him.

Kataoka Renka couldn't help but shrank and said, "No, no!"

Ito Tamanosuke couldn't help but said, "Who are you, why are you in my troupe?"

Yuanzi whispered from the side: "This is Kataoka Renka's father. It seems that there is a good show this time."

The middle-aged man stepped forward and said, "My name is Kataoka Hanshiro, and I am Renka's father."

The actors on the side couldn't help exclaiming, "Hanshiro Kataoka, isn't that a famous entrepreneur?"

"So, Lian Hua is still an incredible daughter?"

Yuanzi said, "It's so pitiful. I happened to be caught when I ran away. It's not like me. I ran away and my mother doesn't know where I am?"

Xiaolan couldn't help but laughed speechlessly, but she saw the Auntie Pengzi there next door, but she kept secrets with her and didn't tell Yuanzi.

Kataoka Hanshiro continued to speak: "Stop being wayward, now is not the time for you to be wayward, go home with me."

Kataoka Renka immediately said, "I won't go, I just want to play well here, so I won't go back to marry, but you have to marry yourself!" Hearing this, the garden's eyes appeared gossip. .Is it possible that a rich girl runs away from home?

"Naughty, Da Guan, go up and get people back for me."

Hearing this, the secretary of Daguan next to him stepped onto the stage: "Miss, don't make me embarrassed."