Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1753

Thinking of his father's attitude towards Kogoro Mouri just now, Lianhua felt hope.

She told Mouri Kogoro about the family affairs without reservation.

Like the eldest ladies of large consortia like Sonoko and Ayako, Kataoka Renka can't help but fall into the drama of marriage.Her father's company was in trouble, so he thought of marrying other company heirs in order to alleviate the company's problems.

That is all about political marriage.

There are women in one family, just like Kaguya Ji, there are five heirs from companies who want to marry Lianhua.

Reluctant to be used as a tool of commercial exchange, Kataoka Renka escaped a few months ago, cut off the connection with his family, and hid in this wandering theater troupe as a humble little actor.

Unexpectedly, he was still caught by his father today.

If she is taken home today, there is no need for tomorrow, maybe she will start a blind date tonight, and then get married, then the fate will be completely controlled.

After all, she has been away for half a year. For Hanshiro Kataoka, this matter is extremely urgent, and the army will definitely advance vigorously.After telling her own experience, Nizi looked at Mouri Kogoro expectantly.

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Mouri Kogoro immediately chuckled: "It's really amazing. If you don't make a move, there are five rich men who want to propose to you. Lianhua's charm is really not small!"

Hearing this, Lianhua blushed and couldn't help pouting: "Mr. Mao Li, don't make fun of me. I'm annoying, do you have a good idea?"

"Why, do you have a boy you like? That's why you don't want to get married?"

"No!" Lianhua couldn't help but refute loudly, but soon she realized that she had overreacted, so she lowered the volume again.Inexplicably, she just didn't want to misunderstand Moori Kogoro!

"I am so young now, and I still want to develop on the road of an actor in the future. I don't want to marry someone so early, let alone marry someone who has no emotional foundation."

"My dad is an old and stubborn man. He only thinks about his company. He doesn't have any big skills. He just wants to sell women and ask for glory. It's bad!" Kataoka Lianhua's resentment towards his father is really not small!

Mouri Kogoro nodded without comment, then chuckled softly, "Isn't your situation the same as Kaguya in Taketori Monogatari? It's the same with five princes and nobles asking for marriage."

"Let me think about it, what did Kaguya Ji do there?"

At this reminder, Kataoka Renka's beautiful eyes immediately lit up.

"The stone bowl in front of the Buddha, the Penglai jade stick, the fire rat fur, the dragon head orb, and the swallow Amber. She uses five treasures to push back the seeker."

"However, modern transportation is so convenient. If they want treasures, maybe they can really get them. Haha, I have it. I know what to do."

"Mori-kun, thank you for your reminder. You saved me yesterday, and today you helped me again. When I get through this difficult time, I will invite you to dinner!" Maori Kogoro chuckled and rubbed his hands with his hands. His head blushed again.

"Silly girl, you little actor in the troupe, how can you get any salary, I will ask you next time."

"No, if you want to treat, you have to let me do it."

Xiao Nizi was so stubborn that Mouri Kogoro didn't refuse any more.

"Just, isn't Mao Lijun a famous detective? My father's attitude toward you was so strange just now? He's never treated people like this before!"

"Does Mao Lijun have any other identity?"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly, but did not answer.

Xiao Nizi wrinkled Qiong's nose, her little expression the same as Xiao Lan.

"Sting, hum, don't tell me, I will dig out your secret one day, you can't hide it from me."

With this, Kataoka Renka opened the door to the exit.

The two little loli close to the iron gate fell and came in. Kogoro Moori quickly reached out to support the two little loli, but fortunately, they did not fall!

Bumei glared at Lianhua Kataoka with an enthusiasm: "Hmph, even if you look the same as Sister Xiaolan, but the uncle belongs to me, you don't want to steal my uncle."

Tong Yan Wuji, Kataoka Rinka naturally didn't put it on her body, but felt that Ayumi was very cute.

She rubbed Bumei's little head with a chuckle and looked up at Mouri Kogoro: "Even such a small girl likes you. It seems that Mouri-kun is not small."

"Bumei, don't worry, I didn't rob your Maori uncle."

After saying this, Kataoka Renka said goodbye to the two minors and walked easily towards the front auditorium.

"Say, what did you and Miss Kataoka do here?"

The little Lori Huibara on the side pinched Moori Kogoro's waist with her little nose. Fortunately, she didn't smell the weird air ash in the stairwell, but she knew the power of Moori Kogoro's walking hormone.

Even if it was the first time we met, she wouldn't be surprised if this girl started doing it with him in the stairwell.

To deal with these ignorant girls with Maori Kogoro's way of doing things, it's not a perfect match!

Mouri Kogoro immediately hugged Huihara, and his big hand hit his small butt again.

"I didn't do anything, little vinegar jar, Lianhua is just being troubled by an arranged marriage, I'll help her out!"

"Even Lianhua called, and said he didn't do anything?"

Hui Yuan's mouth was so high that he could hang an oil bottle.

Seeing her jealous look, Mouri Kogoro bent his head and choked his pouted mouth.

"Woo!" In front of Bumei, Xiao Ai's face was flushed with embarrassment, and her eyes went round instantly.

She pushed away Mouri Kogoro in a hurry, and turned her head away, not daring to look at Moori Kogoro and Ayumi.

"Is Xiao Ai now not believing in Uncle? It won't work. If you get jealous again, then you can go home and serve you."

"And Bu Mei is still here. If you want to look like a big sister, you can't bring bad kids!"

Humph!The wicked sue first, and then you will bring the bad child!

However, Hui Yuan started to reflect on whether it was too obvious that he was jealous, so Step Mei followed suit.

Otherwise, she would have been too precocious when she smashed Itohui just now!

And Xiao Aumei, wearing a kimono underneath, looked up at the two above blankly, seemingly envious of their interaction.

She wished that Kogoro Mori would treat her like Haibara.

It's a pity that this possibility is too small, after all, Step Mi is a completely illegal loli, and it is completely different from a legal loli such as Huihara.Kogoro Mouri hugged Ayumi wearing a small kimono with his left hand.

A loli in one hand, life is complete.

"Go, let's go out to the theater!"

The two little loli put their little hands on her shoulders, and they both obediently.

Then Kogoro Mori led the two young men to the front of the stage.