Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1754

On the other side, in the auditorium, Kataoka Renka came to the second row of the auditorium.

Looking at the old man who was waiting anxiously, his eyes became more bored.

"Dad, I think it's good, I can go back to have a blind date with you."

And Kataoka Hanshiro waved his hand impatiently: "Go, Otsuki, since Renka agrees to take her home, you will be responsible for the blind date tonight, and I will stay here to accompany you. Maori detective, it won’t be over tonight."

Kataoka Renka's expression turned instantly!

Nani, dad, didn't you look for me for more than half a year?Didn’t you just want to take me home tough?

Now that I agree, why are you so impatient with me?You still dislike me so much and call a secretary to take charge of my marriage. What about trouble?

"Daguan, the Maori detective I asked you to check the preferences, have you found it?"

Secretary Da Guan nodded: "I found it. I finally found the fan forum of the Maori detective. I bought a small account and went to the forum to see a lot of news."

"Among them, the moderator Miss Guandong said that Maori detectives like young and beautiful girls, especially poor breast girls."

"But there are also many fans criticizing the moderators, starting a battle of poor breasts and big breasts, but one thing is certain is that Maori detectives are good women, especially young and beautiful girls!"

Kataoka Hanshiro touched his chin and laughed: "Hehe, I should have guessed it, you see that the Maori detective's entourage just now are beautiful girls, so you know his taste."

"Ahem, Da Guan, arrange Lianhua's affairs, and immediately book me the Fengyu kaiseki cuisine. You must tell the mother Sang inside in advance!"

"Hi, I will never disappoint the president!"

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Kataoka Renka couldn't help being filled with black lines.

Funny?How could a man such as Mao Lijun be a womanizer?

And what kaiseki cuisine, how could there be something like Mama Sang in it, so against, what the hell!

Item 0173

Lianhua didn't get confused for too long, so she was taken out by Secretary Daguan.

She got into the Benz and went home, preparing for the blind date tonight.

And this Nizi's plan also unfolded!

Moori Kogoro appeared on the stage holding two little loli, and he saw Heye and Yuanzi putting on Xiaolan in a red kimono.This is the costume of Kaguya Ji, the red kimono is dotted with various patterns, which is very gorgeous.

After Xiao Lan put it on, it was as if Kaguya Ji reappeared in the world, and the whole stage became extremely gorgeous.

Kaguyaji means the princess who can bloom in the dark night and brighten the dark room!

If there really is Kaguya Ji in the world, it would be no different!

Seeing Xiaolan's face, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but stare blankly.

"What are you doing?"

Yuanzi replied: "Ito-classmate said that we can try to act. It just so happens that Ms. Kataoka and Oran look so alike. Ms. Kataoka goes home, so let her act as Kaguya Hime!"

Ito Tamanosuke, who was holding the Emperor's costume, also nodded.

"Xiao Lan puts on this Kaguya Ji costume, her aura is more than Lianhua, it really suits the role of the Moon Goddess."

"Where is it?" Xiao Lan humbly shook her head.

Kogoro Mori put down the two children and took the black robe from Tamanosuke Ito's arms.

"That's right, I'll try the role of the Emperor. I just remember the lines."

"Ah uh!"

Ito Tamanosuke took a few virtual hands, and then he lost his hand and took it back.

So angry!But still have to keep smiling!

The role of the emperor belongs to him, and in this stage play, Kaguyahime is regarded as the male and female protagonist, and has an emotional line.

Originally, Ito Tamanosuke wanted to play against Xiaolan to perform a love story, but he didn't expect to be robbed directly.

However, no one in the audience cared about Ito Tamanosuke's thoughts, and Momiji and Mouri Kogoro Hadami wanted to perform on stage and were also very interested.The two women hurriedly stepped forward to help him put the Emperor's black robe on.

Once the costume was put on, everyone's eyes were amazing.

Unusually heroic, domineering, and all gestures are like a monarch.

Longxinghu stepping dominates the river, swiping a stubborn face, and then has the aura of kings over the world.

This appearance is more convincing than the emperor played by Ito Tamanosuke.

The only President Kataoka in the audience could not help but exclaimed: "Mori-kun, you are really a shameless actor if you are not an actor. It looks too much like you. The most ancient monarch is you!"

The president had a tough face, but he did everything he did.

But what he said was what everyone thought.

When Yuanzi saw this, he put his arm around Kogoro Mouri's arm, and the little hand couldn't help but wipe the oil, sneaking at Kogoro Mouri's back waist.

"Uncle is so handsome, I knew I should be Kaguya Ji."

Seeing this, the red leaves on the side hurriedly pulled the garden apart, and put his arms around Kogoro Mori again, and the proud chest came up."As expected to be my destined husband, if in ancient times it must be a generation of Mingjun, I must be your favorite concubine!"

Looking at the two girls with nympho, and Ye Man's black lines: "Hey, you two are enough, this is on the stage!"

Before she finished her words, Little Lori Bumei stepped on her short legs, hugging Mouri Kogoro's thighs, and said cutely."Uncle is so good-looking, she will marry her when Bumei grows up!"

Hearing this childish speech again, the women and the surrounding actors couldn't help laughing.

Little Lori Huiyuan hurried forward and pulled Bumei's little hand away.

Others don't know, but Huihara understands that Ayumi said this completely sincerely.

Since Kogoro Mori, a big figure, is going to act, all the actors in the troupe naturally cooperated, and they started to cooperate when they put on costumes.

And Tamanosuke Ito became the director, scheduling on the sidelines.

In front is the plot of Kaguyahime when he was a child. It was played by Ito Hui and others, and neither Mouri Kogoro nor Oran had to appear.

However, the two of them did not stay in the background, but inside the bamboo house built on the stage.

The bamboo house is a design prop for the stage play. The lights inside will make people see the silhouette inside the house.