Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1755

But at the moment the light is not on, and you can't even see the shadow!

Listening to the lines outside, Maori Kogoro put his arms around Xiao Lan's slender waist, warmly said: "Lan, you are more beautiful than your mother now!"

Xiaolan's face was flushed, and she spoke nervously, "Hate, Dad, we are still on stage, so stop talking nonsense."

"My heart is beating so fast now, Dad, will it happen later?"

"Is the heart beating fast? Come on, dad listen, hey, it seems really fast!"

Looking at the father lying in her arms, Xiao Lan couldn't help but knocked on his head.

"Don't worry, relax, relax!"

Mouri Kogoro slapped his hands again, and Xiao Lan was full of black lines.

"Don't worry, Lan, your acting skills are superb. Just act as you usually lie to your mother, and perform normally. There will never be a problem."

Hearing this, Xiao Lan gave Mouri Kogoro a blank glance.

Immediately after Ito Tamanosuke's reminder came from the backstage, it was Xiaolan's turn to play.

She got up and tidied the kimono on her lower body, then pushed aside the wooden house and walked out, chasing the light down, and she was amazed by the four people as soon as she appeared!

This is the story of Rennu's treasure hunt for five princes and nobles!

Kogoro Mori opened the back door of the wooden house, walked out of the wooden house to the backstage, and prepared to play after Xiaolan's plot was over.

Sure enough, Mouri Kogoro’s just comforting was very effective, and Xiaolan played extremely well, without any flaws!

She completely acted out the demeanor and wit of the Moon Goddess, and the two leaves below were all attracted by the plot.

The five princes and nobles were all unwilling to ask for their relatives and left the game sadly, and then it was the turn of the lord Mouri Kogoro to play.

"...Hehe, interesting, Prince Dianthus, Prince Chachi, Minister Right, Da Nayan, Zhong Nayan and the five of them are fighting for a woman's bloodshed, I am a little curious about this woman's appearance. Kaguya is recruiting into the palace, I want to see how beautiful she is."

"... It's interesting to dare to defy my will several times. What does Aifei think?"

The garden, dressed in a gorgeous kimono, chuckled softly: "My lord, why do you remember such a rebellious citizen's daughter?"

"It's really not beautiful to cause the ministers of the DPRK and China to fight for a confidante's misfortune. As the concubine said, how about giving Bai Ling a zhang?"

Upon hearing this, both Mouri Kogoro and Xiaolan twitched their cheeks.

Item 0174

I have to say that the power of capital is tremendous!

Taketori Monogatari does not have the plot of this concubine at all. So Sonoko used her own identity to oppress Ito Tamanosuke to change the script, and he added it.Moreover, the garden is played by the blind Jiba, so she wants Maori Kogoro to play the role of the monarch and herself as a concubine.

And the lines played on the spot really made Moori Kogoro and Oran black lines.

Xiao Lan in the bamboo house couldn't help but whispered: "Yuanzi, you are dead, I want to beat your ass to eight pieces!"

Fortunately, Kogoro Maori was able to hold it, and said coldly: "Presumptuous, I have always loved the people like a child, how can I give a civilian woman to death because of rumors?"

"Yuan concubine is so reckless, it is against women's way, come and throw him into the cold palace!"

The garden was stunned for an instant, and he finally got on stage, so I have to go down now, how can I do it?

Two court ladies from the left and right came up and dragged the garden down, and the garden kept crying out "Wang Shang" and "Wang Shang". Finally, it was dragged down.

Once the garden was pulled down, the plot was back on track.

Next is the story of the lord going out to hunt in the palace, and then encountering Kaguya Ji and falling in love with her at first sight.

"...Suwen Huiyeji is so beautiful and unusual, my ministers are not thinking about you, please raise your head and let me see!"

Kaguya Ji, played by Xiaolan, knelt on the stage, lowered her head, and stubbornly refused to raise her head.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward, lifted his chin gently, and when he saw his true face, his heart was shaken and he was overjoyed.His master-level acting skills exploded, and the love at first sight was vividly interpreted.

Everyone was taken into the plot!

And Xiaolan's cooperation is also not letting the wind fall, and she smiles and does not lose the grace of the goddess.

The two met, met, fell in love, and fell in love!

Scenes transition like clouds and flowing water, and the relationship between the king and the goddess is constantly rising.

The lines, movements, positions, expressions, expressions, all the two of them did not show any faults, and they could even be said to be perfect. The actors in the theater were amazed.

Ito Tamanosuke held the script, his eyes widened, and he looked ashamed.

His rehearsal with Kataoka Renka did not even reach 1% of the temporary performance of Kogoro Mouri and Oran.This is a gluttonous feast, a great show.

Especially in the end, Moori Kogoro put Xiaolan in his arms and smiled miserably at him.

"...What are you talking about? You are a god-man? You are a god-man in the heavenly palace, how is it possible, I don't believe it, this is definitely not true."

The little bit of weeping in the words was even more heartbreaking for the female audience present, and they wanted to go up and hug Kogoro Moori to comfort him.

Then the king shouted at the bright moon in the sky.

"Even if you are the goddess of the moon, the gods want to take you away from me, that is a delusion! Where is the man who controls the strings? Where is the man in armor?"

"Enclose this mansion for me, if there are any gods and people."

"Then why don't I kill God for you!"

Looking at the overbearing Maori Kogoro, Xiao Lan couldn't help crying.

She took her place, as if she was going to be separated from her father, and she felt distressed when she thought of it!

All the idle actors in the backstage were attracted by the performance, watching them all around, with agitated expressions.A team of archers went forward, separated left and right pointing at the bright moon.

In the middle, the black-robed king holds the red-robed goddess, and the serenity and romance blend together perfectly.

Underneath Hong Yehe and Ye both had teary eyes, red noses, and clenched fists, not wanting to see the final separation.

But the Yuyi of Heaven still appeared, a chasing light fell, the middle of the stage opened, and a staircase came out.

This is the white divine bridge that the moon descends, leading Hui Yeji to the heavenly palace.

Xiao Lan gently broke away from Mouri Kogoro, and slowly put on the robe of heaven.

As soon as I look back, there are tears falling, which makes people feel distressed!

"My lord, there is no destiny in this life. In the next life, I am willing to be a mortal woman, staying with the monarch every day, never to be separated."