Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1787

"However, I have never betrayed the organization, why would anyone come to kill me."

Having said this, she pointed the pistol at the two people on the supercar.

Chianti raised his sniper rifle and confronted him, and sneered: "Isn't this normal? Our style is like this. Besides, do you know how long you have been arrested? More than a month, more than a month is enough for many things to happen. , You said you only woke up three days ago, I don’t believe that."

At this time, Bourbon’s white Mazda drove it past: "Don’t fight inwardly, there are people coming from behind, first deal with FBI."

As soon as the voice fell, a sniper shell whizzed past!

The bullet directly pierced Wislin’s cheek and burned a scar, almost heading it.

Fifty meters away, Shuichi Akai’s escort vehicle had stopped, and he set up a sniper rifle and started to kill.

Seeing this scene, Ireland and Chianti temporarily dispelled their suspicion of Whisline and took away their guns.

"Whisley, get in the car, retreat first. Silver bullets are still good."

But Wei Shilian was mosquito-threads, stretched out his hand to wipe off the blood on his face, and sneered with a gloomy look: "It's good to dare to destroy my face."

At the moment her anger is completely real, and there is no bullet disfigurement in the plan.

Even if she looks ugly, like an aunt, a woman does not care less about her appearance.

Item 0227

Another sniper bomb came, and the Dodge Viper immediately activated and avoided it.

Chianti, who was sitting above, was unstable, and his eyes immediately became fierce.

"Rye? I don't think he is great!"

With these words, his arms rounded directly, and he threw the disc-shaped bomb he had been playing with.


The sirens kept sounding, and Akai Hideichi, who was fifty meters away, couldn't help but change his face. He immediately picked up the sniper rifle and ran forward.boom!

Chianti's bullet-throwing technique was excellent, and the disc bomb fell on the side of the third escort vehicle.

The explosion directly caused the black escort car to turn sideways and ignite a fierce fire.

The agents inside were hit one by one, and most of them were unconscious.

Those who were not in a coma were still unable to escape, and the car door was blocked by an explosion.

Akai ran a little faster, but was also affected by the aftermath of the explosion. His whole body was blown out and he slid more than ten meters before stopping."Bingo! Hahaha, what are you running in Ireland, go back and hit Shuichi Akai to death!"

Chianti patted Ireland on the head wantonly, arrogantly ordering.

Ireland's eyes were also full of excitement, and when he gave Chianti a thumbs up, another U-shape drifted and turned.

Chianti, who was on the passenger's door, raised his sniper rifle, and started aiming at Shuichi Akai in the high-speed supercar, still muttering to herself.

"At last it was a little fun, isn't my gun used to kill homeless people, isn't the silver bullet? Go to hell!"

But before the words were over, the figure of Wei Shilian appeared in the magnifying glass!

Taking advantage of the explosion, the German spy kept coming forward and approached Shuichi Akai.

Her figure just blocked Xiuichi's body, and Chianti could only put the gun down fiercely.

And Hideichi Akai seemed to hear the footsteps and barely got up with the sniper rifle.

With the howling wind, a whip kick directly kicked the sniper rifle in his arms.

Then Westline kicked Xiu Yi back to the iron fence on the edge of the viaduct.

Akai Hideichi had the power to strike back, but seeing that it was Whisline, he pretended to be weak, panting and saying, "I didn't expect to come this far."

Wislin added a mocking smile on his face: "I didn't expect it to go so smoothly!"

Having said this, the pistol in her hand started shooting.


All three shots hit Shuichi Akai's chest and abdomen, the bullets penetrated, and bursts of blood sprayed out behind him.

Wow, it's really costly, so many blood packs are used.

Mouri Kogoro monitors this famous scene in real time through a thousand paper cranes out of channelling.

Because he knew in his heart that Shuichi Akai was doing a play, he naturally saw through the reality at a glance.

Then Wei Shilian went forward and put the pistol on Akai Shuichi's forehead, Xiuichi wearing a special green hat on his head.

Wislin didn't say much, and shot cleanly.


Another cloud of blood sprayed from the direction of the back of his head, and Xiu Akai's eyes gradually lost his senses, and her body was unable to lean back, so she fell into the rolling river water.

The plan has finally succeeded, and Wei Shilian should be enough to remove suspicions.

This re-pierced nail is deep enough, and finally there is new progress!

Shu Akai, who kept falling from the viaduct, raised his mouth and chuckled, waiting for the moment he entered the water.

Wait, what's that sound?

The howling of bullets sounded immediately!

Only after the play, she thought she was rid of the suspicion. As soon as Wislin had just relaxed, the brows appeared red.

Immediately afterwards, his head burst open like a watermelon, and a large piercing wound appeared on the back of his head.

She flew out and fell heavily to the ground, looking like she was not looking at her.

Westline was killed on the spot!

Sniper, see sniper again!

Akai Hideichi could not have imagined that the situation he and the two little ghosts were so painstakingly arranged to be aborted by a sniper bomb.He finally found Wislin's family in Germany and threatened her to cooperate with him.

Even at the expense of his own feign death to confirm his identity and turn it into the most reliable nail in the organization.

But, at this moment, the nail was pulled out.

People in the organization and the agents in the two escort vehicles behind watched this scene happen.

Everyone also looked towards the direction of the sniper bomb.

-A Porsche 356A appeared in that direction like a ghost.

A black trench coat, long silver hair, a top hat, and a sniper rifle. This person is the gin that has disappeared for a long time.

Everyone's eyes were filled with jealousy.

It finally came out, but it made people wait for a while!

A smile appeared on the corners of Maori Kogoro's mouth. He had reminded Bel Mod before that he hadn't changed back to his original clothes. He always wore a nurse's outfit to guard against this guy.

But Belmore was not obedient, wearing a black leather jacket on a hot day, and riding an exaggerated motorcycle, Moori Kogoro could only come to protect her personally!

He had discovered Gin's activities earlier, and Gin was alone in constantly investigating the activities of the members of the organization, and they basically appeared beside Bourbon, Chianti, and Mizuno Reina.

But Kogoro Mouri has never been able to figure out what he intends to do.

Looking at this posture now, I think it is Gin Jiu who really listened to his words of pretending to be a god stick and fooling him, and began to become an enemy of the people in the organization.In the distance, Fusha-e in the luxury Benz was watching this scene with a binoculars, and saw his old subordinate Wislin easily

Being sniped, she couldn't help pursing her lips in anger.

At this moment, a text message appeared on her mobile phone.

And on the four-lane viaduct, Gin's eyes were full of tyrannical colors. He chose this time to appear, and he came to take revenge on purpose."Ireland, Chianti, Belmod, Bourbon, Keele, well, you are all here!"

He was talking about the people who attacked him in the abandoned factory last time, although Gin has not yet investigated who framed him.

But as long as all the people who acted at the time were killed, the person who betrayed him and framed him must be inside.

Having said this, Gin raised his right hand, and several black barrels were exposed from the cuffs and aimed at the Dodge Viper.Boom boom boom boom!

Blue Flame Gatling began to roar, and bullets poured out like a tide.

Ireland on the Dodge Viper secretly scolded his mother, and the car started immediately and started flicking to avoid the bullet again.

Belmod and Kiel evaded each other on their motorcycles, and got directly behind the FBI escort vehicle, borrowing its bullet-proof shell to temporarily escape.


Item 0228

Blue flames erupted from the gun barrel, Gatling bullets poured out, and gunpowder smoke filled the entire viaduct.

The cars of all passers-by on the viaduct stopped, one by one watching this scene in horror.

They leaned back, for fear that they would be accidentally hit by a stray bullet.

What's more, they got out of the car and fled back, not even dare to approach this purgatory-like place.

Andrey, the big man pretending to be dead in the second escort car, panicked.

His mother's Wissiah didn't shut the door by the way. If the guy took a shuttle to the driver's seat, wouldn't he be beaten into a sieve?

Andre never dared to look up, and naturally didn't know that Whisline was killed by gin as soon as the show fell into the water after the play with Shuichi Akai.

He squinted at the gin beside him, his calf trembling constantly.

But for the plan to go smoothly, he could only clenched his teeth and kept praying that Gatlin would not rush here.

The spear technique of gin is naturally very clever, relying on the recovered strong physique, the recoil from the right arm is completely eliminated.

The bullets chased two cars, Mazda and Dodge Viper.

Not long after, the bourbon on the Mazda was injured, his shoulder was pierced, and the car hit a load-bearing iron pillar on the side. He rolled off the car and hid behind the iron pillar.

And the Dodge Viper was chased by a shuttle bullet and hit in the butt. After a while, the supercar fuel tank was hit and exploded. The two people in the car were caught in flames and were blown out. Life or death was unknown.

Seeing that the situation had become so anxious, Fu Sha Hui frowned immediately.

The BOSS's order was for her to catch the gin alive and ask her for relevant information about supernatural forces.

But the current gin is completely a killer, and it is too difficult to catch him alive.

But the BOSS had to listen to the orders, and Fu Sha Hui ordered with a black face: "The bird of prey is dispatched and catch the gin alive."

As soon as the voice fell, the two off-road vehicles that had been waiting for a long time at the exit of the viaduct galloped out.

Sitting in the car were burly Caucasian men in black leather jackets, holding various heavy firearms, and rushing towards the gin.

Immediately afterwards, Fu Sha Hui couldn't help taking out her mobile phone: "This is the situation now, don't you guys do it? I didn't ask you to come to the show after spending so much money!"

A lazy and unusual female voice rang: "What anxious, it's not time yet!" After that, the phone was hung up, leaving Fusha with an angry face.

On the viaduct, after two cars stopped, Gin turned his gun.

The bullet hit the bullet-proof escort vehicle where Andre was in, shaking the body violently.

Fortunately, these two bullet-proof cars are real materials, although numerous pits have been hit, they still stand firmly in front of the two women.

But if this posture continues, it must be a dead end!

Belmod, who was behind the Andrey car, couldn't help shouting: "Gin, do you really want to be an enemy of the organization? Who are you doing now?"

Hearing the voice of an old friend, the sound of gin guns stopped, and then there was a sneer.

"Belmod, it's not that I want to be an enemy of the organization, it's that the organization wants to be an enemy of me, chased by black and white, do you know what life I have been living recently?"

"The one who betrayed me must be among you, Belmod, you left the gunshot wound on my right leg!"

Belmod hurriedly said: "Gin, I believe you are innocent. I was impulsive that day. As long as you stop, I'm willing to help you intercede for the boss."

She said this purely to stabilize the gin.

I can't hold him unsteadily, this position is a three-sided enemy!

The first escort vehicle in front is already driving back, and there are eight agents in it;

The agents in the two cars behind, led by Judy, got out of the car and crossed the traffic with guns, and they were about to encircle;

And Gin was standing on his old car in the opposite lane, holding Gatling and banging here, there was no chance of winning in the fight!But the gin is so old and spicy, how can it be deceived by Belmore's two sentences.