Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1798

The women put on brilliant and extraordinary kimonos, and show off with traditional percussion instruments everywhere, which is a very lively ceremonial ceremony.Hearing this, Heiji immediately raised his head in surprise.

Doesn't she go to Nagano Prefecture with herself?Did she just come to join in the fun this time in Tokyo?

Thinking of this, Pingji bowed his head.

Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Then I will go with you tomorrow. It just so happens that I have something to investigate over Nagano."

Upon hearing this, Jinghua and He Ye all frowned slightly.

The three girls said this because they wanted to get along with Kogoro for a longer time, but Kogoro should go to Nagano Prefecture with him.For a time, the three women felt quite resentful.

Maori Kogoro could only smile bitterly. There are too many women, this kind of situation cannot be avoided.

Then I can only work a little tonight, comfort them in advance!

Anyway, I have a big shifting talisman, and it won't take too long to teleport back directly after finishing the work. Maybe it will give them some surprises.

After the dinner, Kogoro Mouri was dragged into the office on the second floor by the kid head Conan, and Heiji followed after him, intending to discuss business matters with him.

"Uncle, have you received news of what happened at the Beihu Central Hospital today? It was the people in the organization who acted. It is the FBI people they are going to deal with!"

"Uncle, you certainly can't guess, this time we cooperated with a senior agent in the FBI and pierced a nail deeply into the organization." Speaking of this, Conan the devil is still a cocky and complacent.

Xiu Akai broke contact with him one by one. This little devil did not know the other agents in the FBI, and naturally became blind. Without the source of information, he did not know the changes behind.

However, he was very confident in himself, Akai, and the whole plan, and he took credit for the success of the plan.

Kogoro Mouri paid no attention to what he said. Hearing the sound of the car's engine just outside, and the familiar footsteps from the stairwell, he got up and went to the door.

As soon as there was a knock on the door, he opened the door.

Seeing Kogoro, Judy, with a haggard face, couldn't help it anymore and plunged into his arms, looking exhausted.

James is dead, Akai Hideyoshi disappeared, and the Beihu Central Hospital was exposed. She is now the highest position, and naturally everything is up to her.The accountability from Shangfeng, the man who dealt with the death, the logistics staff of Settlement Hospital, kept Judy busy until now, exhausted.But she was still thinking about James' death, and drove to ask when she was free.

Seeing Judy from the FBI appeared, both pissed and shut up.

Kogoro Mouri embraced Judy and came to the sofa. Before sitting down, Judy asked, "Kogoro, what happened to James' death?"

Hearing this, Conan couldn't help but said, "Didn't he be killed by Ishikawa Goemon? The bullet that was cut above was obviously Iwai Slash of Ishikawa Goemon!"

The three tactics bursting chestnut hammer directly hit Conan's forehead, and three big red envelopes were bulged.

Conan hugged his head again and sprang up.

Item 0250

Judy only noticed Conan and Hattori Heiji, and wanted to drag Kogoro Moori away, not wanting to reveal these things to them.

Mouri Kogoro immediately held it down and said: "It's okay, they are not outsiders. Besides, the two of them are on the scene today. It doesn't hurt to tell them!"

Judy recalled the scene of these two little ones running after Xiuyi.

However, the two juniors are very complacent, and it is worthy of credit for grabbing an organization killer today.

"Kogoro, do you send them as spies to find out information?"

Hearing this, the two Xiaoxiao immediately became unstable.

Hey, what a spy, we caught an organization member, how can you talk!

Conan immediately said: "Teacher Judy, we are not spies, we are cooperating with Mr. Akai. Today's plans are all planned by us."

Hearing this, Judy raised her brows and sneered at the corners of her mouth.

His little hand directly squeezed his fist and hammered the red envelope on Conan's head: "It turns out that it was you guys!"

The big red envelope on his head shattered immediately, and the little devil screamed and fled everywhere.

"I said why Xiuyi suddenly wanted to feign death, it turned out to be the bad idea of ​​the two of you!"

Hey, how did she know?

The two kids were a little dumbfounded right away, this should be an extremely secretive thing.

Mouri Kogoro immediately said, "Your plan is a failure. Wislin is dead and killed by the gin."

Ended up the same end as the original!

Hearing this, the two boys became more and more shocked, and Conan couldn't help but said: "Impossible, is it because the acting is not enough, and the identity is exposed? How can gin kill people?"

Conan has never experienced the Tumen Kanghui incident, so naturally he doesn't know the inside story of Gin's defect, and thinks Gin is a member of the organization.

"Gin is a traitor to the organization and will fight against the people in the organization. Killing Wislin is also a coincidence."

"But as soon as Wislin dies, Akai Hideichi's suspended animation is meaningless. It doesn't matter whether he shows up or not."

Seeing that their ears were red and they looked like they couldn't digest it, Kogoro Mouri didn't want to wait for them, and continued to speak.

"As for the director of the hospital, Takahashi, a senior FBI agent, he was killed by Silver Rum, that is, James."

When these words came out, it was as if a depth-water bomb was dropped into a lake, and the three of them were shocked instantly.

Judy even grabbed Moori Kogoro's placket with one hand, and stared at Moori Kogoro with bloodshot eyes: "Kogoro, what did you say? Say it again!"

Judy has always respected James. He had just joined the FBI. He instinctively couldn't accept the news, as if the worldview collapsed.She came to Moori Kogoro, also wanting to ask the murderer who killed James, wanting to avenge him.

Kogoro Mori knows that Judy is unacceptable and betrayed by someone he trusts. It feels absolutely uncomfortable.

His big hand stroked Judy's blonde hair, soothing the frizzy Judy.

"Although I know the facts are a bit difficult to accept, Judy, it's all true. I didn't deceive you. James is the undercover agent of the FBI. His real identity is Silver Rum."

"Recall carefully, every time when you confronted the organization, did James make a decision that hindered action!"

"In the full moon event, why was your identity revealed so early, why everyone was so easily evacuated by Belmod."

"Obviously James is the commander, but he didn't know why the residences of FBI agents were exposed one by one after the end, and they were counterattacked!"

"In the Tumen Kanghui incident, the place was Peihu Park. Did James lead to other places at the beginning? Did he add chaos to our cooperation in the middle and cause constant friction."

"And in today's Beihu Hospital, the combat meeting, did he prevent you from arresting Nantian Ludao, and he almost escaped."

"Sometimes emotions will cover people's eyes, so you didn't notice Judy!"

"Maybe Hideichi Akai noticed something was wrong, so he wanted to get out of suspended animation, so I want to investigate it secretly!"

Hearing this, Conan and Hattori Heiji's eyes were surprised. Uncle Maori really said it!

Indeed, on the day when they planned with Shuichi Akai, they heard Xiu's concerns within the FBI.

And Conan’s eyes were full of admiration: I didn’t expect my uncle to investigate so deeply alone, the Full Moon Incident, Tumen Kanghui Incident, these have never been heard!

Heiji couldn't help asking: "Uncle, how can you know so clearly, are you at the hospital scene today?"

"Nonsense, of course I am here. James killed Dean Takahashi and wanted to escape. I happened to hit him and I chased him to the rooftop."

Conan couldn't help but exclaimed: "So the person on the roof is you, and you cut the bullet in half. You killed James?" Judy's eyes shrank suddenly, and his heart was immediately raised. Unbelievable appearance.

How can this situation be admitted!

Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Of course not. I just want to catch him. He was injured by me but couldn't beat me. He couldn't escape, and he didn't want to disclose information. So he had to commit suicide by jumping off the building."

"I wanted to save him, but an organized member of the building opposite shot me. I avoided the bullet, but there was no way to save him, hey!" Kogoro Mouri sighed and looked regretful.

Upon hearing this, the three of them believed most of them when they recalled the place where the female wall was smashed to pieces on the rooftop.

"But, why, did you goug one of his eyes?"

Judy's voice was trembling, there seemed to be water mist in her blue eyes, and her body was trembling uncontrollably.

Mouri Kogoro was really distressed, and immediately grabbed his waist and hugged him tightly into his arms.

This scene of dog abuse made both Xiaoxiao feel a little embarrassed.

"It's a prosthetic eye, not a real eye, and it's connected with the other two rum's prosthetic eyes, and can share the pictures you see."

"By relying on this righteous eye, James can unknowingly pass on the intelligence god without any other means, and you have never discovered that he is a ghost."

The little devil asked immediately: "The other two rums? Uncle, what do you mean?"

"Rum is the number two person in the organization. This code name does not refer to one person, but three people, one silver rum, one golden rum, and one black rum."

"All three rums have undergone surgery, fitted with artificial eyes, and share the same sound on the screen. One person can exert the power of the three rums to conspire. This is the terrible thing about rums!"

"So if I don't dig out his prosthetic eye, then my identity will be exposed directly, maybe the bomb will be sent to the office today."

Item 0251

At this moment, the office door was pushed open, and Feng Fujiko, dressed in a burgundy leather jacket, leaned against the door and said softly:

"Xiaogoro, there is no underwear that suits me at home. The size Xiaolan gave me is too small. Go buy one for me!"

The words are full of familiarity and coquetry, and the tone of talking to the lover is entirely.

Judy, who was nestled in Kogoro Moori’s arms, raised her head and saw the Fujiko of the organization today appearing at Moori’s house, her blue eyes were full of fear.

She subconsciously took out the gun and pointed it at Feng Fujiko.

"What's the matter? Why is this woman here?"

Conan and Heping on the side were a bit unclear, so they were trapped in the hospital and failed to witness the incident on the viaduct.

Later, they were detained by the police for a long time without paying too much attention to the press conference. They never knew that Feng Fujiko was involved in today's affairs.

Judy recalled what Andre had said to herself, saying that Kogoro Moori and Belmod were in a group and could not be trusted.

Originally, Judy thought that Andrey had stunned his head and was talking nonsense, but now Fujiko Mine has appeared at Maori's house, and Kogoro just said that James died because of his suicide in pursuit.

And the inference that'James is Rum' was still made by Kogoro?

The combination of various events makes Judy not believe it!

Her eyes were full of pain, and she glared at Kogoro: "You lie to me!"


There was a loud gunfire, and Judy fired immediately, but the bullet shot in the direction of Mine Fujiko.

Even though Judy's heart was full of betrayal at the moment, she still couldn't bear to shoot Kogoro Mori, instead she wanted to break Mine Fujiko's leg first and don't let her escape.

Feng Fujiko, who was completely unprepared, would have thought that a woman would appear inexplicably and shoot at him, and Huarong immediately turned pale.

But soon, she couldn't help feeling her body, as if she hadn't been shot!

His gaze turned, and Kogoro Mouri raised his right hand high, blocking the muzzle.

Make a fist in your palm, and the scarlet blood slid down the solid right arm!!!

The two trembling children who hugged each other saw this scene, and they spit out frantically: What the hell?The bullet can't even hit the palm of your hand, uncle

Is this still a human?

Kogoro Mouri took a breath!

[Wow, it's really fucking pain, is this pistol with a large caliber?Why is it so powerful?

Feng Fujiko, this lady is a confidant, she just provoked Mary, and now she is provoking Judy again. No, it’s impossible to educate her afterwards!

The evil-fired Kogoro Mouri opened his right hand, and three orange bullets fell down, revealing the bloody right palm.

Judy was distressed seeing this scene, and her blue eyes were full of panic.

And seeing Kogoro who was injured for himself, Feng Fujiko reached into his leather jacket, took out two pistols, and said angrily: "The man who dares to hurt me, your little bitch is dead!"

The impulsive Fujiko also shot Judy.

Another round of gunfire!

Mouri Kogoro, who reacted quickly, swept Judy immediately and overwhelmed him under the sofa.

On the opposite sofa, Conan and Hattori Heiji kept jumping up and bubbling with anxious mouth: You shot her, why did you hit us?

The two little ghosts evaded desperately in the rain of bullets, and finally jumped behind the sofa to hide.

The domineering Feng Fujiko emptied the magazine directly, put his hand into his chest, and took out two pistols, moving his body constantly, trying to find the best shooting position.

"Kogoro, don't protect her, this woman just wanted to kill me!"

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!"