Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1807

Among them, Heibei Kuroda was talking: "...that is to say, with the Ryuo Ayaka who died today, three people died in the Torada family and the Ryuo family."

"A tornado, a burial, a hanging in the woods, the murderer was based on Takeda Shingen's "Fenglinshanhuo" to kill people, black boy, these are all you came up with!"

Pingci shook his head and said, "My uncle Maori came up with this. My uncle knew about it when the first two dead appeared."

"And you see, under the feet of the deceased, there is a dead centipede's corpse. The two deceased in front have both. This is undoubtedly a serial murder case. Centipede can also think of Xinxuan's centipede flag. Damn it, my uncle also specially reminded me. , But let Sister Linghua be killed by the murderer!"

Maori Kogoro was rather calm, but everyone beside him couldn't help but stare at him in surprise.

Heibei Kuroda continued to speak: "The murderer should be the same person. Both the Ryutai family and the Torada family here are suspected."

Xiaolan immediately said: "Mrs. Yui has no time to commit the crime. In fact, she has been entertaining us since ten o'clock in the morning and has never left. We can testify about this."

And Weishi Longwei, the owner of Longwei Patriarch with glasses, also said: "My mother is not suspicious, she is 70 years old, how could she be able to subdue Ayaka, and then hang her from a tree."

At this time, Yamato dared to help him and said: "Now is not the time to listen to your side words, sir, I kind of discovered that there are no footprints under this ancient tree, how did the murderer hang the dead without leaving any traces."

Hearing this, Kuroda squinted and frowned slightly.

And Zhu Fu Gaoming, the policeman with the eight-character Hu beside him, turned to ask: "Compared to this, I am very curious about what Mrs. Ayahua had heard before she acted so abnormally. She locked herself in the toilet afterwards. It is even more missing."

Zhufu Gaoming looked at Hattori Heiji and Ryumei Kei with electric eyes, as if he were awe-inspiring.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help feeling that these two guys are really competitors, and it is difficult to solve the case, and they have to fight each other.

Ryuomi Kei immediately said, "I just said that after Yoshiro died, Yasuji shut himself in the room and muttered to himself,'The next one is me.' Then Ayaka changed when she heard it. It’s very strange, I never thought that she would be killed like this, ooh!"

When Longweijing finished speaking, she cried again.

But Kuroda turned his head and asked, "Detective Maori, I don't know what your opinion is?"

"I'm afraid I have to ask Torada Shiruji and Ryuwei Kei about this matter. As far as I know, they still have the dead Yoshiro, Yasuji, and Ayaka. These five people actually played together in private. Assemble a treasure hunting team, looking for the treasure of the'One Hundred Thousand Golds of Jiazhou' buried by Shingen."

"I'm afraid this matter has something to do with the treasure hunt!"

Hearing this, the wretched male Hu Tian Fanji's face changed drastically, and sweat oozes out of his forehead.

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Fujiko couldn't help but said, "It shouldn't be that you have found the treasure. Someone wants to divide more, so they will attack the others in the treasure hunting team."

"In this case, the remaining Longwei Kei and Torada Shiruji are suspicious."

"After all, such things are very common in TV dramas."

The head of Dragon Tail wearing glasses said for Shi: "Stop talking nonsense, Ayaka is Ajing's wife. How could they kill their own wife because they are so affectionate? They are the prodigal son of the Hutian family. ."

Hearing these words, the wretched-faced Torada Fanci hurriedly waved his hand and said, "I didn't do it, you believe me!"

The sweat on his forehead slipped down, looking extremely suspicious!

The bald head of Torada Naotobu Ichitorada also opened his mouth: "The so-called treasure is simply nonsense. It's all such grown-ups. He travels in the mountains and forests all day, not doing business, and has not found the shadow of the treasure. How could he kill people because of it. ."

"Useless things, what they are like when people are scared."

The head of Hutian was extremely disgusted with his son, and under scolding, Hutian Fanci couldn't help but tremble, and he dared not say anything.

Seeing the conflicting appearances of these two families, Kuroda Hebei shouted: "There have been homicides, this is not the place where you are making trouble. Now everyone should go back to my house and wait. I have called someone. When I will go to your house for investigation, no one is allowed to leave without authorization."

Hearing this, the scolding war between the two masters stopped a bit, and they walked towards the village together.

The Maori group followed Mrs. Yui to the direction of Hutian's house.

Seeing Moori Kogoro leading the horse away from the back, Kuroda's eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes were quiet.

He raised his hand and looked at his palm, and the bruises on it were very obvious.

The big detective's eyes were too small, but he scared the girl behind him and retaliated like this when shaking hands.

"Gao Ming, this Maori detective, what do you think?"

The fugitives on the side looked cool and cold, and immediately said: "If you want to see a wise man without using his way, you still want to enter and close the door."

"Haha!" Hearing this, Kuroda sneered twice, raised his hand and patted Zhufu's Gaoming shoulder, then turned and walked towards the corpse.To be honest, he didn't understand it at all.

But in front of the subordinates, if you don't know how to pretend to understand, you can only react like this.

But Yamato, who had been investigating the scene, suddenly called out: "I found it again. There are no footprints under the tree, but there are traces of horseshoes behind the tree."

The two immediately turned and leaned toward the Yamato position.

In the team returning to the village, Uehara Yui led the horse to the end, walking side by side with Kogoro Mouri.

"Maori detective, there have been three Fenglinshan fires, and there is only one fire left. Where do you think the murderer will be, and who will he do it with?" "I don't know!"

After clarifying all the events, Mouri Kogoro knew that the few people who died this time deserved the crime, so naturally he just sat and watched what happened."How is it possible? You are a great Maori detective, how can it be unclear?"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro rolled his eyes.

"Unclear or unclear, the detective is not a god."

Uehara Yui didn’t believe it at all. This guy had just been investigating at Jaffe’s house, but when a phone came over, he didn’t even go to investigate in person.

He grasped the situation of Longwei's house, said that the person was killed, and accurately pointed out that the body would appear in the woods.

Now he must have known it too, just holding back the bad and refused to say.

"Then you talked about the relationship between Senior Jaffe and today's case, can you tell me this."

Mouri Kogoro shook his head: "I still can't say it!"

Hearing this, Uehara Yui immediately became angry. She remembered what Mouri Kogoro had said with a smirk.

[Madam, what you just said, as long as you can solve the case, are you willing to cooperate with everything?

Wouldn't it really be that way?

Thinking of this, the young woman gritted her teeth and grabbed Moori Kogoro's wrist with a small hand and drew it toward the woods.

Eh!Eh!What are you doing? It’s the first time I was dragged into a small forest by someone, and I was a little excited!

The team returning to the village didn't realize that the last two were missing.

And in the line of the line, with a white headscarf on his head and a nervous look on his face, Shigeji Torada looked around, as if worried about where the wrong souls would jump out to claim his life.

At this time, the phone in his trouser pocket shook, and Tiger Tian had a few drops of sweat on his forehead.

He quietly took out the phone, glanced at the text message above, and his face instantly turned pale.

But then, he pretended that nothing happened, and slowly walked from the middle to the side. Under the cover of the horse, he walked into the woods and disappeared.

No one saw this scene, and everyone continued to rush to the village.

On the other side, Moori Kogoro was pulled into the depths of the woods and was pushed directly by a small hand against the towering tree.

He glanced at Yui Uehara, who was wearing a beige shirt and a white dress, and couldn't help but said, "Madam, please take care of yourself!"

Hearing this, Uehara Yuimoto's blushing face blushed again, and he gave him an angry look.

How can you make yourself like a coercion?

"How can you tell me the relationship between Senior Jaffe and this incident?"

It's the same question. This woman really cares about love and righteousness. She has been investigating for six years, and she still doesn't give up.

It's just that Kogoro Moori really didn't intend to tell her about the contact. After all, he planned to take this treasure of the'Kashu Hundred Thousand Gold'.Although he is already a rich and adversary country, who would think he has a lot of money.

The main reason is to come to Nagano Prefecture once. It's not good to go back empty-handed. It's almost the same if you bring some local specialties.

Take back the Koshu gold in the treasure and give it to your own woman as a souvenir, it will be more face-to-face!

Mouri Kogoro laughed bitterly: "Madam, what I said before was just a slanderous statement, I really don't know the relationship between the two!" He didn't believe this, let alone Uehara Yui.

A firm color flashed in Uehara Yui's eyes, and he didn't speak again, but turned to hold the skirt with both hands.

Kogoro Mori took a defensive stance to prevent this guy from kicking.

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Soon, Kogoro Moori couldn't help but was dumbfounded, and the blood trough was half empty in an instant.

Looking directly at Yui Uehara, he only found this scene to be tempting and unusual.

Uehara Yui's face was flushed, and he turned his head to the side, afraid to look at him.

To act like this today was the only bold act in her life.

His light blue eyes turned around, for fear of being seen by others.

"Okay, can you tell me about Senior Jaffe now, right?"

When he said this, his hands were released.

It seems that this is an exchange condition, and if you meet Moori Kogoro's request, you can know what you want!This is really a hard-hearted woman who still refuses to give up.

There was a slight smile at the corner of Maori Kogoro's mouth, and his big hand directly wrapped his plain wrist and pulled him over.As soon as Uehara Yui turned over, he was slammed into the tree by his wall without resistance.

"Madam, there are some things you can't do in front of a man like me!"

Hearing this, he felt that his wrist was confined, and he couldn't get rid of it at all, Uehara Yunon immediately became nervous."Maori detective, what do you want to do?"

"You don't know how attractive you are!"

The grinning Mouri Kogoro didn't wait for her to speak again, he kissed Uehara Yui's pink lips.

Uehara Yui's pupils shrank sharply!!!

Immediately afterwards, the top of his knees hit Mouri Kogoro's crotch.

But Kogoro Mouri reacted too fast, twisting his body and pinching his legs, he clamped Yuyi's knees.His hands were captured by Kogoro Maori with one hand, and pressed on his head, the beautiful wife could not move.

Not far from here, Yamato dared to help squat on the ground with crutches to observe the corpse.

The breeze blows, and a few green leaves Yihao fall on his head, making his head green.

Zhu Fu Gaoming on the side came forward, Xiu patted the leaves on his head and asked: "Anything else to find?"

Wearing gloves, Yamato dared to help open the eyes of the deceased, and said: "There is no trace of resistance on the deceased. I think the possibility of acquaintances committing crimes is extremely high. It is very likely that they are from the Longwei family."

"In addition, the death of Ryuwei Yasuji is also full of doubts. On the contrary, Yoshiro Torada was blown to death by a tornado. This is force majeure and cannot be designed by humans. There should be a problem with the Ryuwei family."

Zhu Fu Gaoming shook his head: "My thoughts are the opposite of your Yiyi. I just need to use the fear in people's hearts to design a trap of straight death. The time left for the victim to react and resist is minimal, and there is no trace of resistance. To illustrate."

Yamato dared to stand up on crutches, and sneered: "Should I ask who are the people who have just been on horseback? Gaoming, you will have to guard the dead body here."

After that, he walked back on the road back to the village with crutches.

"This guy, again!"

The troubled Zhufu Gaoming knocked on his temple, leaning on a tree, and could only wait for reinforcements from the Nagano prefectural police alone.

As for Kuroda Hebei, the savage investigator, has long since left without whereabouts!

In the team returning to the village, someone finally noticed that a few people in the team had fallen behind.

His wife Hutian Darong couldn't help but said, "Where did he go? Why is he missing?"

Xiaolan was also asking: "Did anyone see my father?"

Little Lori Huibara followed: "The wife who was entangled with her uncle is gone."

Hattori Heiji immediately said with a serious face: "Could it be that the lady wanted to do something to Shiruji Torada, and then uncle saw it through, run to stop it!"

Hearing this, Mr. Torada also panicked: "Impossible, Yui is a very good wife, how could he start with complicated times?" The dragon tail on the side looked like Shi Ze gloating.

Conan hurriedly asked: "Old man, where is Brother Fanci most likely to go?"

"I see. His hut in the woods and his treasure hunting tools are all over there. I will take you there."

After that, the bald fat master turned and turned back, and ran in the direction of Sanchakou when he was passing, and everyone naturally followed behind.

A group of people passed the three forks mightily, and the sound of a tram came from a distance.



Suddenly, a scream came from the direction of the tram, and everyone was shocked.

Master Hutian opened his mouth repeatedly: "That's a lot of times."