Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1831

Several people walked out of the hotel along with Conan the little devil who followed sneakily, got into Richie's car, and went far away.

Although a group of young girls were a little upset, they were still very playful. Soon, under the greeting of Yuanzi Xiaolan, they went to the top floor of the Sands Hotel.

Kuaidou couldn't help asking in the car: "Officer Richey, who told you to come to Uncle Maori to handle the case?"

Richie took out his mobile phone while driving and found an anonymous text message with Moori Kogoro's itinerary written on it.

"I don't know who sent me a text message to remind me. To be honest, I have been a little bit burnt during my investigations these days. When I see the name of a Maori detective, I want to cheek for help. After all, you are the best detective in the world. ."

"The Maori detective, I'm really sorry for ruining your holiday."

Kogoro Mouri didn't care about these little things. He embraced the slender waists of the two women on the left and right, with a cozy expression on his face: "It's okay, I'm just idle, I have the right to be some flavoring agent."

During the conversation, the car stopped in front of a luxurious villa.

It’s not far from the Sands Hotel. It’s more than ten minutes’ drive. From a distance, you can see the Singapore Stadium, where the Karate competition will be held tonight.

After passing the iron gate and the vestibule, the group soon arrived in the villa hall.

What catches the eye is a Roman knight's artwork, holding a spear, about three to four meters long, and majestic.

Richie also introduced in a low voice: "This is the place where the Blue Fist is stored. It is the home of Mr. Leon, the president of the security company, and the security equipment is the world's top."

"Teacher?" Conan couldn't help asking.

"Yes, he is my teacher, and Mrs. Lyon is an expert in criminal psychology. I used to study under him. Later, he started a company that was booming, and I became a reserve police officer."

"Speaking of which, the teacher is very similar to a Maori detective. He also worked with the police and solved many cases."

At this moment, a long black woman in a white short skirt walked in. She was quite gorgeous. This was Lyon's secretary Zhang Ruiqiu."Everyone, please follow me into the reception room, Mr. Lyon is waiting for you."

Everyone followed Zhang Ruiqiu to the direction of the living room.

Soon, a mustache wearing yellow glasses greeted him, an elite style.

"You are a Maori detective, you have long admired your name."

As soon as Leon grasped Kogoro Mouri's hand, he watched carefully.

Kogoro Mouri said, "I didn't expect someone from a foreign country to know me. I heard that Mr. Lyon is proficient in criminal psychology and mind reading. I don't know what I can read from me..."

Leon chuckled slightly: "Rumors, rumors, if you insist on reading, then only the word'unfathomable' can describe Maori." This commercial tout is pretty good.

However, Leon did not read much information from Kogoro Moori, but he thought it was normal.

After all, he is a well-known detective all over the world, so it's not right to be easily seen through.

He turned his head and looked at Conan and Kuaidou who were following him, but his eyes flashed with surprise.

The child looked at his eyes just now, as if he were an adult. It's impossible, right?

Leon took another look, and saw that the kid had an innocent smile. He relaxed immediately, turned his head and looked at Kuaito, and he said: "This is the high school detective Shinichi Kudo, but compared to the detective, You are more like a magician, your fingers look extremely thin."

Quick to laugh twice: "No, no, no, I am not a force-type detective, I rely on wisdom, my fingers are thin, why don't you say that I am a pianist or a magician?"

Leon, who was choked, was speechless.

At this time, the secretary Rachel came in in a panic voice: "Mr. Chen, don't break in, the boss is talking about something."

A thin, gray-haired old man who did not listen to dissuasion at all, rushed into the meeting room and immediately asked: "Lyon, how about my gems, why haven't they been sent to the gymnasium for exhibition?"

Lyon motioned to the secretary without saying more, and greeted him with an explanation: "Mr. Chen, today is just the preliminaries. Before the awards are given, Kidd has already sent you a notice of theft. I think the Fist of Cyan Green is the first It’s safer to keep my vault here."

"Waiting for tomorrow, how about I personally escort to the gym?"

The old man Chen Zhonghan sneered: "Kid, where is the little thief who popped up, do you need to pay attention to him? No one in this land dares to fight me."

"But since it was your idea, I'll give you face, but you have to remember that if the gem is stolen, you will have to pay me a sky-high insurance premium, you know?"

A gloom flashed in Leon's eyes, but he nodded respectfully.

Item 0027

This old guy should be an overseas Chinese, his names are all Chinese.

Chen Zhonghan soon saw Maori Kogoro next to him, his muddy old eyes lit up, and he immediately greeted him with surprise.

"Are you a Maori detective? My wife and I like you very much. We like your reasoning so much."

"She told me that you are the smartest person in the world. Unexpectedly, you have also come to Singapore, but you want me to entertain you!"

Such a powerful old guy turned out to be a fan of his own, and it was very nonsense at first, and it was very fake!

Mouri Kogoro knew that he might have seen his identity as the richest man, otherwise this old guy would not be so eager.

Worthy of being a big man in power in Singapore, he is really an old fox!

He then said coldly: "I just came to visit because I was a little curious about the Fist of Cyan Blue."

Chen Zhonghan didn't care, but looked pleased: "You are interested in that gem, hurry up, Lyon, quickly lead the way and show us." Hearing this, Leon could only lead the way obediently.

"Oh, Maori detective, you didn't say it earlier. If you said it earlier, I wouldn't treat it as a karate contest prize. It's okay to give it to you as a gift."

Chen Zhonghan looked annoyed, while Bu Erzi and Chikage both looked at Kogoro in surprise.

I wanted to steal it, but they wanted to give it away.

Why is the gap between this person and person so big!

Maori Kogoro smiled, but didn't say anything. After all, this is a hot potato, so I don't want it for myself.

Both girls, Fujiko and Chikage, wanted to use this gem to test their stealing skills, and there was no reason to spoil their rivalry.

On the side, the secretary of the black straight secretary, Rachel, looked at Mouri Kogoro in astonishment. She has always known Chen Zhonghan’s strong dominance. In Singapore, this one-third of acres is almost like a landlord. Even her boss, Lyon, has to avoid Three points, very respectful.

How can you see this old guy kneeling and licking so flatteringly, can this Maori detective be so smart that he can be so respected?I think I must be very capable.

Rachel squinted her eyes slightly and began to care about herself. She couldn't help but look at Mouri Kogoro a few more times.

And this villa building is in the shape of a back, with the left and right corridors at the atrium.

There were black-clothed bodyguards leading the large black-backed wolfhounds, their waists bulged, and they were armed with guns, and they were very guarded.

Fujiko and Chikage watched everything around them silently, but Chikage had more hands and feet.

When she passed the atrium, she dropped the sticky lumps of chewing gum on the lawn, and no one observed it.

Soon, everyone came to a vault made of alloy.

Lyon proudly showed off: "This vault, only I can open it. It is made of special alloys. It cannot be blasted and cuts off all electric waves. It can be said to be the safest vault in the world."

Having said this, he first got the palm prints and then the fingerprints.

The iron pillars on the top of the vault shrank back, and the door turned over for a while, revealing a passage.

Once inside, you can see the whole body like a cylinder, all over the black and white grid, full of high-tech sense!

Jamaldin, the brawny bodyguard of the tower, came to the console, pressed the upper keyboard, and began to enter the key on the phone.

"This key is changed every six seconds. It uses a nuclear bomb key. No one can easily get it."

After Jamaldin finished his input, the black grid on the top moved, sliding down from a height of more than ten meters.

The black cabinet popped out, and the azure sapphire embedded in the gold belt appeared in front of everyone.

"Look at everyone, this is the symbol of the Pirate King, the largest sapphire in the world, the Fist of Cyan Blue."

Fujiko and Chikage immediately exclaimed, their eyes full of light, and they wanted to come to love this gem.

Kogoro Mouri glanced at it, then turned his gaze, turned his head and praised the vault: "It's pretty good. In this way, Kidd really can't start."

"This is not necessarily true. In the final tomorrow, we will send the gems to the stadium for exhibition."

"Although we are responsible for the security measures at the gymnasium, they are not as good as this one. If Kidd is a smart person, I'm afraid he would choose to start there."

Chen Zhonghan chuckled lightly and patted Leon on the cheek.

"You have to raise your spirits there. I spend so much money for you to help, not for plain rice."

Hearing this, Leon lowered his head and nodded respectfully: "Definitely, definitely!" His eyes were full of coldness.

Kogoro Mouri didn't bother to care about these two people's pickles.

He followed Richie this time, mainly to create opportunities for Fujiko and Chikage, let them visit this vault, and watch them perform tonight.

Now that the goal was achieved, he ignored the handshake and near-quick fight between Leon and Leon, and he left.

But the old guy Chen Zhonghan got stuck again, and wanted to entertain Kogoro Mouri.

Mouri Kogoro didn't care about him, his mind had already returned to the hotel's infinity pool.

How could such a stupid thing be possible to leave behind a bunch of beautiful girls like flowers and jade to accompany this bad old man!After the Maori group left, they returned to the hotel.

In Yuanzi's room, Yuanzi and Zhenchun were worrying about which swimsuit to choose.

Yuanzi was holding two bikinis, one red and one yellow, and couldn't help asking: "True pure, which one do you think uncle would like me to wear?"

"Will the red look better, look a bit more enthusiastic, and the yellow one will be more sporty, or is this black with a little black gauze, will it be very attractive? Will uncle beastly hairy?"

"Ah, so shy!"

"Uncle likes my long legs very much, do you think I should wear high heels? What an annoyance!"

Zhenchun has a black line on her face, and she doesn't bother to take care of the garden.

This dead woman is chattering as soon as she comes back. It's great to be molested by foreigners, and to be rescued by heroes and exposed to beauty?Is it necessary?Zhenchun wore the blue bikini she brought with herself, with the button in the middle of her chest, but she couldn't button it after several attempts.The little girl realized something instantly, ran to the floor mirror and couldn't help but scream.

"Ahhhhh!!! The garden, I am bigger, bigger, I can't put on my swimsuit."

"I knew that, like my mother, I must also be a girl with big breasts. You see, there is a gratifying progress in one go." The re-development of Zhenchun immediately showed off with excitement.

Item 0028

Then the girl threw the blue cloth on the ground heavily, stepped on it, and said domineeringly: "You have followed me since elementary school, but now you can get out of my world."

Then she ran to the bed, jumping and jumping excitedly. Such a bold scene was really interesting.

Yuanzi chuckled lightly, her eyes dizzy: "Okay, I knew it, I have changed, too. The method my uncle taught us really works."

Xiao Zhenchun finally stopped, sat next to the garden, opened her chest and said: "Am I very good, I tell you, one day, I will become better than my mother, no, better than Mary ."

"That's not so tired. Compared with your sister, it is completely abnormal, and it will be more terrifying when you grow up."

Yuanzi shook her head speechlessly. She felt that she was almost catching up with Mira.

Soon after, Yuanzi smirked, and directly screwed Zhenchun with his hands.

"I really have to compare with your sister, you can practice a lot, let me help you, wow, kawaii!"

"Da bah, don't."

Zhenchun was pushed onto the bed instantly, blushing, and couldn't help screaming: "Yuanzi, you are a pervert."

"How can I scold people, I'm helping you."

The pure backhand that broke free suppressed the garden: "I will help you."

The two women immediately became a group, rolling around, screaming from time to time, full of youthful air.

After a long tumult, the two women stopped.

Immediately afterwards, the sisters changed their clothes, obviously going to the mall downstairs to go shopping again!

Mouri Kogoro and his party returned to the Sands Hotel under Richie's pick up.

Richie said goodbye soon, and he will continue to work on the defense of Lyon's home and the gym.

"No matter what happens, contact me as soon as possible. I passed from the hotel very quickly, and I can still help." Mouri Kogoro said casually, and Richy nodded with a serious face.

Looking at his distant figure, Mouri Kogoro's eyes narrowed slightly.

After Richie left, Kuaidou picked up Conan the little devil and ran outside.

"Uncle, the kid said he would take me to the nearby specialty store for shopping, so I don't have to wait for me for dinner."

Then Fujiko and Chikage also made excuses and left.

These thieves, snitches, if you want to investigate, why do you talk so much?

Soon, only Kogoro Mouri was left in the hotel lobby.