Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1833

"Huh, there is nothing I can't say, I'm Maorilan acting all my life, and I can't speak to others." Xiaolan was stubborn and stiff.

"Really? Tell me, Xiaolan. I will call sister Yingli and let her listen to your sincere speech?"

"Sorry, I was wrong." Xiao Lan immediately apologized to Mira with her hands folded, but her heart was full of bitterness.

Why can anyone threaten themselves now? It used to be the garden, but now even Mira is like this. Don't do this!The heart-stucked Xiao Lan has become an emotionally stunned machine.

In the suite next door, the witch Hongzi vividly staged a picture of a villain's ambition.

She waved the black whip in her hand and screamed, screaming at the little god Fusang who wriggled like a caterpillar on the bed."Little ghost, do you know how good I am now?"

"Do you really want to eat it, want to lick it, don't think about it, this ice cream is mine."

After that, Hongzi licked the ice cream, the white cream and the pink tongue complemented each other, making his small face even more gorgeous.Immediately afterwards, she put the whole ice cream out of her mouth, her eyes looking at Fusang were full of smiles and provocations.

But Fusang, who was cursed, banned, and unable to move under the control of the Wu Gu doll, had no ability to backhand at all.His scarlet eyes were sobbing, as if they were crying!

The body can only be squirming and leaning over, the blue long hair is a little messy, and there is an indescribable noise in his mouth and nose.

It seems to be something like'Give me back, bad woman, witch'.

No wonder Fusang for such an abnormal behavior, it is naturally uncomfortable to be ripped off halfway through the meal.

Especially the ice cream was full of spiritual power, Fusang was instinctively attracted, and naturally refused to give it to the witch.Hongzi laughed again and kicked Fusang lightly with his long legs.

After finally getting closer, Fusang rolled away again.

"Sure enough, it is an evil shikigami, do you really like the spiritual power above? Oh, I let you see it but can't eat it."

Hongzi stood up, smiled evilly, and his long legs against the sky became more and more spectacular from the bottom up.

Scarlet light flashed in his eyes, and his own magic power was guided out and fell on the black whip in his hand.

The black whip extended like a life, hovering on Fusang's delicate body like a long snake, binding it up.

Hey, it seems like this is a tortoiseshell binding!

Little Shiki God’s overbearing figure became more and more perfect. Then, the black whip continued to extend, tied up to the chandelier on the ceiling, and the Fusang was hung up, with his hands and feet behind his back, face down, floating in mid-air. .

In this way, she would have no choice but to climb like a caterpillar.

Why is this?This witch is too bad, deliberately calculated me, I want to absorb spiritual power!

The little god Fusang's big eyes are full of mist, and his face is pitiful, and it makes people feel pity for it.

It's a pity that the evil witch is even better in this contest.

Koizumi Hongzi began to enjoy the fruits of victory, but she was so proud that she was killed soon!

As the saying goes, prosperity must decline!

When the mind was lost, Hongzi could not stabilize the control of the Witch Gu doll and the magic whip.

She was just in a trance, and the offensive and defensive situation was immediately reversed.

When Hongzi recovered, he heard the sound of the whip of magic power.

She turned her head and saw that Fusang was floating in the void, her long blue hair dancing without wind, her body emitting white light, and her aura was extremely shocking.But the face of Porcelain White was red, but it was a little more cute.

Hongzi secretly said that it was not good, he was about to drive Witch Gu doll.

But obviously Fusang was faster this time. She didn't recite a lengthy spell. With a wave of her small hand, eight blue touches of spiritual power pulled all of Hongzi's hands and feet, and hung it up in a large font.

This picture is almost like a tentacle monster!

Just as Hongzi was about to speak, a piece of cloth was pulled into his mouth by the touch of spiritual power.

Immediately after Fusang stood back to the ground, Xiaobai stomped the Witch Gu doll that controlled him with one foot, and he was relieved.

Xiao Shishen stood in front of Hongzi, squeezed Xiao Bai's fist and hammered her chest twice, and then triumphantly went to find the source of the aura he wanted to ingest.

Now it was Hongzi's turn to just watch.

Item 0031

The ruby-like eyes of the little god Fusang are filled with mist, which is extremely beautiful.

The porcelain white face was soft and cute, so Kogoro couldn't help but squeeze it slightly.

It feels great, almost like a real person, and it can bounce back when picked up.

The sculpted little shikigami is like an ordinary girl, has body temperature, can breathe, and cry, which is great!

Before Maori Kogoro pulled the Fuso with his big hand, Xiao Shijin took the initiative to sit in his arms.

With a soft cry, Q's pink lips were printed on Moori Kogoro's lips.

Mori Kogoro's spiritual power was involuntarily poured into this little shikigami, and there were invisible fluctuations, causing Fusang's long sky-blue hair to dance spontaneously.

This was something that Fusang couldn't control herself. For a thousand years, Bound Earth Spirit, her desire for spiritual power was engraved into her soul.

The spiritual power in Mouri Kogoro is like a poppy chestnut, which has a fatal attraction to him.

Otherwise, she wouldn't lose her attitude just now, just like a kid who had been robbed of a lollipop.

Fortunately, Maori Kogoro's body is as powerful as a sea of ​​smoke, and it can bear Fusang's smoking, but it can't let Fusang make waves like this.Fenglinshan fire warfare was directly sacrificed, and various attribute energies took over and Moori Kogoro began to seal the small shikigami.

Just now, Hongzi suffered a sudden wind and fire attack. He was defeated all of a sudden, and now he is hung up.

Motion is like thunder, its Xu is like forest, aggression is like fire...

Among them, the thunder method is the most stimulating to Fusang, and the thunder method is the most evil. After all, Fusang is an earth-bound spirit, and it is reasonable to be restrained by the thunder method.A stream of alien energy was tormenting Fusang's body. The little god Fusang's small hand grasped Maori Kogoro's arm and couldn't help but raise his head and scream.The snow-white jade neck is as graceful as a white swan, making people look at it.

good chance!

The eyes of Hongzi, who was tied in midair by Wuhuada, flashed light, and took the opportunity to break free.

But this is purely because she has thought too much. Although the spiritual power in Fusao, who has been practicing for a thousand years, is not as good as that of Kogoro Moori, it is not something that Hongzi can shake.

The touch of spiritual power that was displayed casually was even more solid, Hongzi couldn't break free at all, so he could only continue to be imprisoned in mid-air in a very shameful posture.

So angry!Fusang, wait for me. When I go back and accept the inheritance of the red magic and become a real witch, I must teach my lesson.

Ah, Kogoro, come and save me!

Hong Zikou, whose mouth was gagged by the rags, couldn't speak, but kept winking at Kogoro.

It's a pity that Kogoro Mouri, who was immersed in sealing Fuso, didn't notice this scene at all, but Fusang saw her expression.His small face was flushed, and the evil smile appeared on the face of the almost succubus-like little Shijin, which was intriguing.

Fusang Xiaofen licked her lower lip with her tongue.

Then she kissed Kogoro again and began to absorb spiritual power again.

On the other side, at the Singapore International Airport, Kuroba Chikage was leaning against the fence and waiting.

Holding the ipad in his hand, he was observing the defense of Lyon's house through the satellite, and his eyebrows frowned.This security president named Lyon really has some skills, he is heavily guarded, and he is invincible.

The bodyguards holding the big black-backed wolfhound are patrolling seamlessly. It is really difficult to get in without knowing it.

"Master, what are you looking at, Master?" A voice full of vitality came out, and three young and beautiful girls appeared beside Qianying.

Afterlife Love also snatched the ipad in Qianying's hand, and then looked through it.

The elder sister's tears in the future also followed her left and right eyes. She felt a little disappointed when she didn't see Kogoro, and couldn't help complaining.

"Really, Master, you are too unreasonable. I ran to take a private jet by myself, and let us take a business jet. It was a waste of hours."

Qian Ying stretched out his hand and patted the tears of the next life, raised his eyebrows and said, "Why, do you have any opinions?"

"No no!" X3

"Stop your skin, you are Master's secret weapon. Of course, you can't take the same plane and be found out by Fujiko."

And the next life Hitomi couldn't help rolling his eyes: "Master, would you bully people too much like this? There is still a quick fight. With so many of us, will we be defeated?"

Qianying instantly exploded his hair: "What is bullying? The master has something to do, and the disciple is obliged to do it. How can it be that victory is not martial."

"Fujiko guy, he wants to hook up your master to the toilet on a private jet and do some shameful things. I won’t teach her a lesson this time.

How does it work?"

Hearing Fujiko seduce Kogoro, the three sisters in the next life exploded in an instant, and immediately filled with outrage: "Wow, how can this be done? Sure enough, the rumors are true. Fujiko was stealing by beauty."

"It's unreasonable, Master, don't worry, we will do our best to help you, and we will definitely win the Fist of Cyan Blue."

Seeing the dynamic appearance of the three sisters, Qianying also pretended to be pleased and nodded.

It's just that his purple eyes squinted slightly, patrolling the three sisters left and right, his eyes full of contemplation.

"Let's go, I booked a room for you, at the Sands Hotel, take a break and start the action tonight."

Xiaotong couldn't help asking: "Then fight, do you want to act with us?"

Qianying chuckled lightly: "I don't care about him. Kuaidou is still hanging out with a little kid. He will probably be flat tonight, so it would be nice to explore the way for us."

Xiao Ai couldn't help but whispered: "My son is using it, too cruel."


Qianying's ears didn't escape the spit, Xiao Ai's ears were twisted by Qianying, and she immediately acknowledged it.

"Ouch, Master, I was wrong, please let me go!"

On the other hand, after finishing exercising in the gym of the Golden Sands Hotel, Sumei returned to the room with a sweat.

Fusang was not here. Sumei was only bored, so she turned and went to Kogoro's room.

But after knocking on the door, there was no answer inside.

She turned to Mira's room, and when she opened the door, she immediately became dumbfounded, closed the door quickly, her face flushed."Xiao Lan, you, what are you doing?"

At the mahjong table, four similar girls are playing mahjong, but among them, Mira and Lianhua are topless, holding their chests and playing cards, all with a look of reluctance.

The chair next to Xiaolan was full of clothes, which were removed from the other three women.

Seeing Shumei, Xiaolan proudly flaunted her mouth: "I have exhausted all the money from them, and now I am going to win them all."

"Hmph, I just arranged it so well, I will let you lose until you don't even have one panties."

Item 0032

Mila looked like she was angry, slapped the east wind in her hand, and said with red eyes:

"I don't believe I'm so unlucky, Xiao Lan, when I turn back, I want you to kneel down and apologize, come again!" The sound of shuffling the cards sounded again.

Xiao Lan put out her tongue, and kept provoking the three women: "You have no chance, you lose your sperm, you lose your sperm, just slightly!!!"

And Qingzi also spoke in an uncomfortable voice: "Sumei, you came just right, you stand behind Xiaolan and look at it. I always feel that she secretly moved her hands and feet, otherwise it would be impossible for us to have so many games."

Sumei took a closer look and found that Qingzi's experience was even worse, her lower body was stripped, her legs were slim and she was covered with a pillow.

Thanks to her pretending to be calm, it makes people think she is safe and sound. This is too good.

Shumei nodded, and stood behind Xiaolan to help observe.

After only a few hours in the hotel room, the mahjong skills of the four girls have advanced by leaps and bounds.

Shuffle cards, yard cards, draw cards, and move smoothly.

Soon all four of them got the cards, Xiao Lan raised her head triumphantly, and said in a foul voice:

"Cut, it's useless to let the senior sister watch, I can't cheat."

"You haven't seen me killing the Quartet on the Fugui Wan. Yuanzi and I made billions at the gambling table. I am a super gambler."

As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Lan turned over all the cards in her hand, and when she saw the cards, she immediately blew a whistle with joy.

Shumei doesn't know how to play cards, but seeing that the cards in Xiaolan's hand are all of the same suit, she knows that her cards are excellent.

Although this hand does not have a Tianhu, all the cards he grabbed have already been drawn, and there are still three to six to ninety thousand.

Xiao Lan smiled triumphantly, picked up the remote control of the air conditioner on the side, and turned on the heating.

"Tsk tsk, we're drawing again, you have to get naked if you lose again, don't catch a cold then."

The expression of the three girls became hard to look at, Mila immediately turned her head, winked at Qingzi, and leaned her little feet over Qingziyu's legs.

Qingzi reacted very quickly, and instantly understood Mira's intentions, and sneaked a card and passed it from below.

Unfortunately, the cheating was only halfway through. It was just when the two hands were changing cards that a pair of plain hands grabbed the two female wrists.