Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1842

But short legs are short legs. Wherever he can run three adults, he will soon fall to the end, his face is blue.

The wolf dog behind got closer and closer, and the bad wind hit, and it was extravagant.

Damn, I'm so frustrated, why run away with them!

Immediately afterwards, a black car drove from a distance, and the driver was the dimension Daisuke who came to meet him.

Dimension Daisuke's car skills are still good, a U-shaped big drift, the car door turned to face the three people.

"Get in the car!"

Kyokushin, Lupin, and Kuaidou rushed into the car one by one, but in the end the door was taken by someone's feet.

Conan's face suddenly turned from blue to purple. He squatted down and adjusted his booster shoes. He jumped up, and he got in through the car window.But this squat gave the wolf dog behind him a chance.

Ever since, Conan who got into the car still bit a big-tailed wolfhound on his ass, and he refused to let go.

It was Jing Jizhen who stunned the dog and pulled the dog out.

Then the black car staggered into the distance.

The main road from the Lyon mansion was blocked by the fire engine, and there was no way to pursue it.

On the second floor, the moustache stared at the passing vehicle with gloomy eyes, and angrily overturned the table completely.

"Lupin, Kidd, I want you to die!"

"You wait for me, wait for me!"

Item 0047

"It hurts, it hurts!"

In the car, the little ghost kept crying, his eyes full of tears.

He felt a piece of flesh being ripped off his butt.

Lupin patted his head indifferently: "Boy, thank you for helping me out this time. Leon is too insidious, and he has hidden so many machines."

"Big guy, you can be considered as lost, thanks a lot this time."

Jing Jizhen shook his head, "Stealing things is always wrong. I just help to protect the treasures. Naturally, I can't just watch you get killed."

"It's just that, I can't participate in this karate match."

Kyogoku was really sorry for not being able to compete with martial arts masters.

At this time, Kuaidou on the side spoke: "It's unlucky to be with you."

After all, he was worried that his identity would be exposed, picked up the head of the bloody butt, kicked the car door open, and then jumped.

The two jumped down from the bridge across the river.

The cloak behind Kuaidou rolled up and instantly turned into a hang gliding wing, and the latter booster appeared underneath, and the hang gliding wing flew higher and higher."It's a silly kid, I will get a paraglider next time."

On the other side, Fujiko, who was not lucky enough, rode a motorcycle into a dead end and was blocked by the four masters and apprentices.

Seeing four women in various tights gathered around, Fujiko twitched.

She looked at the fireworks in the sky, and chuckled softly: "It's not fun, forget it. I won't play hide and seek with you. I'm going back to watch the fireworks with Kogoro."

Upon hearing this, the eyes of the three sisters in the next life turned bad.

Qianying immediately said lightly: "Hand in the fist of Cyan Blue."

"Hey, don't bring it like this, it's something I stole from Lyon's house with great pains, and finally picking the fruit is not compliant."

"We are compared to stealing art. If you are not as skilled as people, you should recognize it."

"And I haven't said about you yet, looking for so many helpers, lady thief, cut!"

Qianying took off the mask, her small face was a little reddish, this was so embarrassing that she lost her face to her grandma's house before he could steal it.

However, his mouth did not lose the battle: "You are allowed to call Lupin and the others, and I am not allowed to ask the disciples for help. I can't compare to you. Even the military personnel have invited them."

"Don't talk nonsense, I and Lupin have made a clean break a long time ago. I stole it myself and it doesn't matter to them."

"If this gets to Kogoro's ears, the bad guy will be jealous again, then I will be unlucky again. The last time I caused me to lie down for a whole day and night, it was really unbearable."

Fujiko was bold and unrestrained, and the three sisters in the next life wearing masks all had dark faces.

"Shameless!" Xiao Ai couldn't help cursing.

"Little girl film, I'm talking to your master, is it your turn to interrupt?"

"This reaction is so big, maybe you also like Kogoro, tusk!"

Fujiko looked strangely around the four masters and apprentices, making the three sisters nervous, but she didn't dare to speak any more.

Qianying couldn't help but glared at Xiao Ai, then turned his hand over Kunai, and slowly stepped forward.

"When we made an appointment for a trial, we didn't say that it was not allowed to grab. Kogoro was a notary. Whoever showed it to him first would be the winner, so..."

Fujiko looked sad and indignant: "Damn, female gangster, you are a lady of the gangster, not a female bandit!"

Qianying sneered, "I'm all on the left and right. If you snatch it, you can snatch it, how about? You go to Kogoro to file a complaint. If he believes you or you believe me."

The playfulness flashed in Fujiko's eyes, his arm rested on the frame, and he spoke softly.

"Kogoro, did you hear that? The lady thief didn't admit it when she lost, and she wanted to grab my gems!"

As soon as his mobile phone was turned over, Mouri Kogoro's cheek appeared in the video call, looking helpless.

These two women are really messing up!

It's okay to call, why is it disturbing people's rhythm!

Fujiko had already figured out how to respond in the blocked alley, and secretly called Kogoro Mouri.

Qianying's face turned black in an instant, looking at Fujiko who was laughing proudly, she cursed inwardly, but on the surface she didn't dare to make a mistake.

The face of Kogoro Mori in the lens was still swaying, and he said: "It's pure, hold the phone steady!"

"Hi~ ~"

"Qianying, there is no need to grab it. There is probably no Fist of Cyan Blue in the bag that Fujiko got."

"how is this possible?"

Fujiko threw the phone to Qianying bluntly, then opened the bag and started to confirm.

"I have always been concerned about the affairs in Lyon. After we visited, at the request of Chen Zhonghan, Lyon secretly sent someone to move the Fist of Cyan Blue to the International Stadium."

"He set up an empty city plan in the vault, and he led you all over."

"But this time his other things were stolen, which is considered to be bleeding."

As expected, Fujiko couldn't find the Fist of Cyan Blue, and couldn't help but said silently, "Why? Kogoro, you didn't say it earlier."

"Sorry, I thought you would find out!"

But Qian Ying burst into laughter with her chest folded, changing her depressed heart.

"What's the matter? It turned out that there was a big oolong, no two sons, no two sons, you are nothing but that."

"What are you laughing at, at least I still have something to gain today. You are so powerful, so don't you still have to follow me and eat farts."

Fujiko's taunting skills are full, and Chikage's face turns black again when he hears it.

She held up the phone and hung up the video call in front of Fujiko, with a sneer on her face.

"If you don't have a phone call, let's see what you have to rely on, apprentices, go together, and teach this woman a lesson."

"Hey, don't mess around, you are bullying, Kogoro will call the shots for me, dah!"

On the other hand, when the phone hung up, Zhenchun couldn't help asking: "Uncle, so Fujiko and Mrs. Qiankage are not in the hotel. Did they steal something?"

Kogoro Mouri took the phone away and turned it off.

Then, he hugged Zhenchun up: "Yes, but don't worry about them, they will take care of it, and no one will disturb you. Let's continue."

The little girl nodded obediently.

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Seeing the sky full of fireworks under the bright starry sky, Zhenchun's blue eyes were lost for a long time, and she couldn't stop being fascinated.

And Maori Kogoro said with a smile at the corner of his mouth: "It's so pure, it's great, you deserve to practice Jeet Kune Do!"

Hearing the voice, Xiao Zhenchun came back to his senses, her small face was full of shyness, and her little head turned to the side: "Uncle, don't say such things, it's too shameful."

Moori Kogoro took this Nizi into his arms, urged his art of war, and said with a chuckle: "It's shameful, the name of Zhenchun is really right."

The little girl clasped Moori Kogoro's neck tightly with her hands, and took a deep breath. The smell of Moori Kogoro made her feel extremely satisfied.

But she always felt a little illusory at the moment, even if she held Mouri Kogoro tightly, she was afraid that his body would shatter away in the next second, and all of this would be as disillusioned as a dream.

The little girl had something in her heart and couldn't hide it, so Weng couldn't help but speak: "Uncle, let's be like this, what should I do with mom?"

"Oh, Mary, this is really a problem!"

Hearing this and seeing Moori Kogoro's frown, Zhenchun became nervous, and her body couldn't stop trembling.

"Speaking of which, Mary told me so much before that I must not bully you."

Zhenchun looked up slightly, full of confusion: "Then why don't you listen to her?"

Moori Kogoro picked up Zhenchun's little face, pecked his pink lips, and said with a spoiling tone: "Who makes Zhenchun so cute, he will show off in front of me if he grows a little bit."

"But don't worry about your mother's affairs, Xiao Ai Mingmei and Mary accepted it, which is nothing."

"She really wants to be angry. With her current small body, my uncle caught her to beat her!"

Hearing this, Zhenchun relaxed a little, and couldn't help but yelling: "Hate, how can my mother be as weak as you said."

Maori Kogoro smirked, "But my uncle is strong enough to suppress her, don't worry, Xiao Ai and Ming Mei can accept her, so she doesn't have any standpoint."

"But, this matter must be kept secret for the time being, and after returning to China, you will have to wait for a good time for the showdown."

Knowing that Kogoro Mouri had long been caressed, Zhenchun was relieved and nodded obediently.

The little girl relied solely on Moori Kogoro to take the initiative, relieved the pressure in her heart, and took the initiative to come over again.

Mouri Kogoro gave her a light bite, picked her up, and went down to the bottom of the pool again.

After all, this is on the rooftop, and the night breeze is a bit cool, but it's better to get warmer in the water.

"Lan, here!"

The garden sitting on the white beach chair waved to Xiaolan at the entrance.

Xiao Lan is wearing a white one-piece swimsuit with a hollow back.

This figure is not inferior to Yingli, only the childishness between her brows makes people think that she is still a little girl.

She patrolled the infinity swimming pool on the rooftop suspiciously. She really didn't find her father, so she couldn't help but said, "You really are alone!"

"It's said that my uncle went to handle the case, but why are you alone? Others, I managed to cover this swimming pool. It would be a shame not to come."

A ray of redness flashed across Xiaolan's face: "Everyone else is resting. I'll be content with you."

And Yuanzi obviously wanted to make a difference: "Oh, yes, isn't there a karate competition for Shoumeishu tonight? Did they cheer for the senior?"

"No wonder no one can be called, I forgot about it." Yuanzi laughed embarrassedly.

Xiao Lan rolled her eyes at her ecstatic girlfriend, but she immediately shifted her gaze to the empty swimming pool.

She vaguely felt that there was something wrong with the swimming pool, and the water waves were not in line with normal laws.

Across the barrier, Mouri Kogoro could see his daughter's gaze, and couldn't help but marvel at the sharpness of his five senses.

Xiaolan has come to accompany the garden, and it seems that the desire to drink red wine with the garden tonight is a bit slim.

But he didn't dare to go blind a few more times. If the barrier was really broken, the scene would be so beautiful, the garden might go violently.Mouri Kogoro moved under the water with Zhenchun, walked a little further, and then went to the locker room instead of going ashore.He was going to send Zhenchun back to the room to rest first.

By the side of the pool, Xiao Lan looked at the water, the strange feeling in her heart disappeared, and she relaxed and went swimming with the garden.The two women were playing in the water, really unhappy.

At nearly eight o'clock in the evening, the melodious music was drifting in the elegant and noble Raffles Winery.

At the bar, Rachel wearing a hat looked at the entrance of the winery from time to time, and looked at the time of his watch from time to time, with a little anxiety in his eyes.