Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1844

Seeing that the two women still didn't deal with each other like this, Mouri Kogoro looked like a headache.

It seems that they still have to find opportunities to get them close.

"Both of you give me some relief, enough things have happened today."

He pushed Fujiko to the front and physically separated the two women.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he pushed a few women out.

Looking at Kuaidou's room, Qianying's eyes were a little more worried. Lyon's mansion can be regarded as a dragon's lair, Kuaidou will not be planted in it!

She couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, have they come back quickly?"

"This is not clear, don't you know if you go to his room and have a look?"

At most, Kogoro Mori pays attention to his own women, so there is no leisure to pay attention to these two little ghosts.

Is it really pure and not fun, or the red wine in the garden is not fragrant!

The group of people came to Kuaidou's room, knocked on the door and then pushed in.

What catches your eyes is a spectacular scene.

Conan's trousers fell off, pouting his bloody buttocks, and Kuaidou made an indescribable movement behind him.

Obviously Kuaidou was helping Conan deal with the dog bite wound, but under the cover of his body shape, this picture is especially misleading, especially with the blood-stained tissue next to it.

Xiao Ai couldn't help but exclaimed: "Wow, Kuaidou is a pervert, and he did such a thing to the kids."

"Hey, hey, why did you come in, don't get me wrong, Arthur and I are nothing."

Kuaidou was startled by the person who broke in suddenly, jumped up from the bed, waved his hands and explained.

Conan was extremely embarrassed and quickly pulled the quilt to cover himself, and now he couldn't see what he was doing.

Qianying's face turned black all of a sudden, but there were outsiders, so she couldn't say much.

But seeing that she had returned, she hurriedly drove everyone out, and then closed the door.

Kuaidou in the room was crying, listening to the voice of his mother outside.

"Don't do messy things for me, tidy it up, and I need a reasonable explanation later when I come over."

Hearing these words, Kuadou became more depressed.

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Xiao Ai, who was completely misunderstood, was still screaming: "I didn't expect Kuaidou to be a gay guy with such a heavy taste. I like the little nigger in Singapore. I can't figure it out!"

Hearing this, Qianying rolled her eyes silently, and couldn't help pinching Xiao Ai's round buttocks.

Xiaolei and Xiaotong quickly pulled away the little sister, and the three sisters walked towards the room.

Because Chikage kept staring at them, they didn't dare to give any hint to Kogoro Mouri.

And Kogoro Mori sent the female secretary Rachel to the newly opened suite.

"Rachel, you can rest here, after tomorrow, everything will be settled, and there will be no danger then."

Hearing this, the long black secretary couldn't help but look surprised.

Mao Lijun clearly knew what he said, and she couldn't help asking: "Mao Lijun, what will happen tomorrow?"

"When the time comes, you will know, peace of mind, no one can hurt you here, I will rush over as soon as there is a movement, so you can rest well."

Seeing that Kogoro Moori didn't want to say much, Rachel didn't ask any more questions, nodded silently, and then turned to enter the room.

But when the door was closed, he was still a little reluctant, and looked back at Kogoro in the corridor from time to time.

Fujiko, who was carrying a sack of treasures, couldn't help but glanced at the closed door, as keenly as she was aware of it again: "It's really amazing. With this little effort, I hooked up with a new girl."

Kogoro Mouri rolled his eyes and couldn't help but patted Fujiko's buttocks: "Nonsense, I don't have the intention to hook others."

"It's you, you have formed such a big battle today, and even the military tanks have been borrowed. The movement is too loud!"

Fujiko looked surprised: "Hey, how did you know?"

"Of course I know, you all ran to the vault to steal, how can I feel at ease, naturally I have to look after it in secret."

"I was thinking about whether there was any female thief who could rescue me, but I didn't expect that there was no room to play."

Hearing this, Fujiko's eyes softened suddenly, and his body couldn't help but leaned over: "Smelly guy, it's hidden so well, I didn't even notice it."

But Fujiko didn't expect it at all. What Kogoro Mori said about the sweeping formation was in the rooftop swimming pool of the Golden Sands Hotel, which was thousands of meters away.

If you really want to know that this is the case, she might bite off a piece of blood from Kogoro.

"Hey, you two, public places, pay attention to me."

Qianying, who was depressed, waited to teach her son, and she became more upset when she saw the two close together.

At this time, the voice of Tsukumi Tsukamoto in the corridor sounded: "Mrs. Chikage, Miss Fujiko, you are back!"

Sumi in a karate suit and Fusang in a white dress also returned.

Shumei was so calm and breezy, not even a drop of sweat was shed.

Kogoro Mouri asked, "How's the performance?"

Xiaoshumei clenched a fist confidently: "Of course it was easy to win, but tonight's game is really meaningless. I won't meet any opponent I want to fight."

"Kyogoku Jin, Jamaldin, these people don't know where they went, so they didn't participate in the trials, and they would go directly to tomorrow's finals. It was really speechless."

Fujiko chuckled slightly: "If Sumi is with me tonight, maybe I can meet the opponent I want."

"What do you mean?"

"It doesn't mean anything!" Fujiko didn't intend to elaborate, and instead took out a red crystal ring from the sack and placed it in Sumei's hand.

"Come on, this is my sister's gift for you to win the preliminaries. After Sumei wins the championship, my sister has a bigger gift for you."

"My sister is not like some stingy guys, who didn't prepare anything, Shumei, remember to sell the Fist of Cyan Blue to my sister after winning the championship!" Qianying, who was holding his chest, sneered lightly and turned his head. Opened the door and went to the room of Kuaidou.

There is evil in your heart, hit your son and vent!

Kuaidou's door closed immediately, and if there were screams that seemed like nothing, people panicked!

Furious to Qianying, Fujiko snickered like a little fox.

"Well, Sumei just finished the competition, it's time to go back and take a good rest. Kogoro and I won't bother you."

"Kogoro, let's go and count the harvest tonight!"

Having said this, Fujiko dragged Mouri Kogoro towards his room.

"Uh? Uh!"

Originally, Sumi wanted to ask Kogoro Mouri about Xiaolan, but seeing this posture, he didn't say anything.

Looking at the ins activity of the garden on the phone, Shumei took Fusang to her room.

"Let's go, let's change into our swimsuits and find Xiaolan and the others for a swim."

The curtains were opened, and the fireworks show was still in full bloom, beautifully dazzling.

Obviously Yuanzi's ability to wield banknotes allowed this fleeting beauty to continue.

On the bed in Jihua's suite, Fujiko poured all kinds of treasures in the sack on the bed, his eyes were full of light, and he was counting the treasures excitedly.She was lying on the bed, biting her pen, holding the ipad to estimate the value of various things, and then drew on the notebook to calculate the total amount.The eyes of Fujiko, who is completely wealthy, are full of $ signs.

After doing the calculations, Fujiko got up from the bed, and in a flash, he jumped onto Kogoro Mori by the window and hung his long legs around his waist.

Kogoro Mouri was hit and sat on the bay window.

"Kogoro, let's post it again this time, 160 billion yen, at least it's worth so much money, wow haha, I have money again."

Mouri Kogoro put his arms around Fujiko's plump thighs and couldn't help but roll his eyes and said, "It's only 160 billion. Didn't you have three or four hundred billion in your BRIC last time? It's less than half this time! "

Fujiko raised his head proudly: "This is different. I got this by myself today. It feels completely different."

"Well, it's because you helped me to scavenge the battle, this eldest lady has shown kindness to you. Let's divide the money in half!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro immediately looked at Fujiko in astonishment.

This woman has always loved money like her life, and the cooperation with Lupin is usually her own. Today, she will divide her into half, and the sun has come out.

A woman can change her habits, except for love, I am afraid there is no reason!

"Hmph, I'm very loyal. You divided me for not helping me last time. This time I divided you. It's reasonable and normal!"

After saying this, Fujiko patted his chest, pretending to be justified.

But Kogoro Mori kept staring at her with amazed eyes, and Fujiko couldn't pretend after all.

For her, nothing in the world is more important to her than money!

Today, Kogoro Moori's weight in his heart far exceeds money.

The words just now did not hesitate to express their own minds, although they were clumsy but also very touching.

She was naturally shy when Maori Kogoro saw through. She couldn't help but blush, and couldn't help avoiding her sight: "What are you doing?"


"Hey, what are you talking about!"

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The gorgeous music sounded, and under the moonlight, under the bright fireworks of this golden city, the suites became more and more shining.

The sound waves of the music festival on the Merlion Square continue to beat, and even in the high-altitude rooms of the Golden Sands Hotel, you can experience the heart-shattering music rhythm.

Looking at this Fujiko who was completely enamored of him, his cheeks were still blushing inexplicably, and Maori Kogoro's eyes were full of doting.

Without hesitation, he kissed Fujiko's red lips, wrapped his arms around his back, and hugged him tighter, and then tighter.

Fujiko did not drink, but his beautiful eyes were full of intoxicating looks.

In her eyes, there was only Kogoro Mouri under the fireworks, and all the treasures spreading next to her were left behind!

When she had just obtained a sack of treasures, the first thought that came to her mind was that it would be nice if Kogoro was around.

She knew from that moment that she couldn't escape from this man's arms in her life.

In fact, she didn't want to run away anymore!

After a passionate kiss, Fujiko kissed his teeth, bit Mouri Kogoro's shoulder directly, and bit out a tooth mark.

"Hey, you are a dog? Why do you bite me!"

"Asshole, just bite you, can't you?"

Looking at Fujiko's scattered curly hair and his pretentious look, Kogoro Mouri verbally admitted:

"Okay, okay, of course no problem."

Men don’t look at what he says, but what he does. The response in action is always greater than the bluff!

"Huh, huh, Kogoro, I will give you half of the harvest tonight, tomorrow you have to help me get the Fist of Cyan Blue, or I will kill you."

With Fujiko's slender waist, Mouri Kogoro was a little troubled: "Hey, it's not necessary, are you not Xiaosheng Qianying today? What's the contend for the first place in the female pirate world? It’s my own."

Hearing this, Fujiko immediately crossed his eyebrows to Kogoro and hummed softly, "Can you help me?"

Fujiko wouldn't tell Kogoro that he was blocked by Qiankage and spanked by the pants.

Such a shame and shame, if you don't take revenge, you are not the best!

"No help." Mouri Kogoro also took the opportunity to pat Fujiko's buttocks.


Following Fujiko's scream, Mouri Kogoro seemed to have noticed something, and a strange look appeared on his face.

The embarrassed Fujiko was a little flustered, and immediately bit Mouri Kogoro with another bite, and then said in a loud voice, "Can you help me?"

Kogoro Mori took a breath, but shook his head firmly: "Hey! No help, how can a notary help out."


"Fujiko, wouldn't you be bullied by Qianying?"