Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1846

At this time, Xiao Ai in front of the screen spoke: "Eldest sister, second sister, I have found out." The two bickering sisters immediately got up, and both came to Xiao Ai's side and watched the screen.

This is Xiao Ai's own design, remote drone monitoring.

After returning to the hotel, she has been operating the drone and secretly monitoring Leon.

After the theft occurred, Leon himself and Jamaldine drove to the port.

Such a weird whereabouts caught Xiao Ai's attention, and she kept monitoring with the drone.

The picture on the screen is Leon talking with several gunmen on the speedboat.

Xiao Lei couldn't help but frowned: "Such a vague picture, you can't see the shape of your mouth, Xiao Ai, can you eavesdrop on what they are saying?"

"No way, you will be found if you get too close, but I'm a bit familiar with the few people on this speedboat."

Hearing this, Xiaotong turned on the laptop, took a picture from the screen, and uploaded it to the laptop's matching system to start matching.This is a matching system for global criminals, which is also developed by Xiao Ai.

Soon, the result came out.

"Lin Eugene, the boss of the Diamondback Pirates, a militant active in Southeast Asia, earns a living by robbing cargo ships and blackmailing cargo owners. He has more than three or four hundred men."

Xiao Lei immediately put her hands around her chest, and started thinking with her fingers pointing her temples.

"Lyon is the president of a security company. Why do you collude with pirates?"

"I don't know, nothing good will happen anyway."

Xiao Ai immediately exclaimed: "Why are they fighting again?"

On the screen, Jamaldin and Lin Yujin's subordinates fought, and several lashes kicked the pirates into the water. It seemed that the two sides were quite at odds.

This picture made the three sisters confused.

Then the two groups of people on the screen reconciled, and they dispersed after talking.

Xiaotong speculated: "Do you think it was for the Fist of Cyan Blue? In the last century, wasn't the Fist of Cyan Blue a symbol of the pirate king?"

"Perhaps Lin Eugene wanted to get the Fist of Cyan Blue to be the Pirate King, and then Lyon wanted to get the Fist of Cyan Blue, and Leon wanted to win the Fist of Cyan Blue and hire him for help!"

I have to say that Xiaotong is extremely intelligent, and this speculation is not far from reality.

Then Xiaocai nodded: "Hey, why do you think so much? When Kogoro comes over, ask him not to be clear?"

At this time, the door was pushed open, and Qianying Kuan entered the room with a smile on his face: "Why will Kogoro come over?"

Hearing this, the three sisters were all stunned.

Xiao Ai repeatedly argued: "It's nothing, it's nothing, but we found out that Lyon was in collusion with the pirate Lin Eugene. We want to see what the Maori detective thinks of him!"

The new information diverted Qianying's attention, and she followed the replayed picture on the screen.

"Things are getting more and more complicated. There are still pirates coming in. Everyone wants to grab the Fist of Cyan Blue?"

"Well, don't worry too much, Kogoro said that everything will be settled tomorrow, he must know."

"Now let's rest first, recharge our energy, and steal the gems tomorrow."

"Hey!" X3

The three sisters all looked wrong.

"Don't you tell Kogoro?"

"And Master, your room is not here, right?"

Qianying shot the small heads of the three sisters in succession, and hummed, "Can't the master sleep with you tonight? I'm protecting you. The woman of Fujiko is very curious, this is to avoid being hit by her. "That's how it is said, but no one can guess Qianying's mind.

Moreover, the Fujiko in the next room is simply overwhelmed, how can he have the mind to play and defeat each!

Hearing that Master had made up his mind to rest with him, Xiao Lei and Xiao Tong suddenly felt down.

Xiao Lei was even more flustered. He picked up the phone and wanted to send a text message to Kogoro so that he would not come over.

But as soon as the phone was lifted, Qianying snatched it away: "I'm going to rest. What kind of phone I am playing with, I will confiscated it first.

Xiaocai immediately wanted to cry without tears, so she could only pray in her heart that Kogoro Maori would not come over tonight, otherwise she would definitely die miserably.Qianying drove the three sisters full of remnants to bed and rested.

Nothing happened all night, and the things that the next life worried about did not happen, and Kogoro did not come over.

Only when she woke up the next day, she saw Master's faint dark circles under her eyes, and secretly said that last night was really dangerous.

The women went out after washing one after another and gathered in the restaurant on the 36th floor with Kogoro and his party.

Today they are going to the National Gymnasium to cheer for Shumei who participated in the Zhonghan Cup, and Rachel is among the others.The Zhonghan Cup this time is a big event, and there are a lot of people going to watch the game.

In addition, Chen Zhonghan has an extremely right to speak in this one-third of Singapore’s acre, and many senior politicians have given him face, and they have rushed to support him.

For the vast.

When Qianying's four daughters came over, she didn't see Fujiko. She committed a big case last night. She woke up early in the morning and used various materials to make up. She didn't know who she was dressed up as.

I don't know where I went now, and I didn't appear in the restaurant.

However, the atmosphere on the dining table where Kogoro was sitting was a bit weird, and the garden looked at Mouri Kogoro with a grimace.

At the side of Maori Kogoro, Zhenchun kept his head buried, with a blushing face, and kept handling the ingredients for Kogoro.

Caviar, crabmeat, and juice were not enough for Kogoro Maori to do it. They were all arranged by Zhenchun, and all the daughters of Xiaolan were shocked.

No one spoke, looking at this scene strangely, and the air became a little sticky for a while.

The Mouri Kogoro sitting in it was a bit like sitting on pins and needles, like a mans back.

Fortunately, Qianying showed up with the three sisters in the next life, breaking the atmosphere.

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly got up and introduced the identities of Xiaolei, Xiaotong, and Xiaoai to the girls. This was the answer.

Item 0055

Xiao Ai saw Conan and Kuai fighting feasting on the table and couldn't help but say: "Little devil, the big brother by your side was so perverted to you last night, why are you still following him?"

Yuanzi Xiaolan looked over in surprise one by one, and immediately asked: "What kind of abnormality?"

"Don't you know? It's just that the two of them are in bed, this black kid doesn't even wear pants!"

Hearing such a strong taste, the girls couldn't help but gasped.

Yuanzi immediately concealed his small mouth in astonishment: "Xinyi, you haven't seen you for so long, why have you become this way?"

Kuaidou stared at the afterlife with a speechless expression. He didn't know how many swear words he cursed in his heart. After finally swallowing the food in his mouth, he wanted to explain.

But seeing Conan on the side looked like he was watching a good show, his eyes turned, and he turned to speak: "Tsk tsk, yes, such a black kid is very fun."

Anyway, he was holding the identity of Shinichi Kudo, and it didn't matter what to say.

As soon as these words were spoken, the women all looked at Kuaidou with a look of beasts.

When Conan heard this, he squirted a sip of juice, and quickly stood up and argued: "It's not like that. I was bitten by a wild dog last night. Brother Xinyi is helping me deal with the injury. Sister Xiaoai misunderstood."

It's just that the child didn't speak much convincingly, Qingzi on the side touched his little head and spoke gently.

"Arthur, don't be afraid. Did this guy teach you these words? Don't worry, it's okay now. You can tell the truth."

"If he really does anything excessive to you, we will call the police to catch him now."

Conan was so anxious that his mouth bubbling: "It's really nothing. Brother Xinyi is a good guy. I still have a dog bite wound on my ass."

The little devil wished to take off his pants to prove his innocence, and his reputation as a big size couldn't be ruined just like that.

Seeing Conan's anxious appearance, a smirking smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Based on the suffering of others, sometimes happiness is as simple as that.

At this time, Qianying's eyes swept across the crowd, and the coldness was intimidating: "Well, stop joking, and Xiao Ai, don't make a fool of yourself. It's not like that."

In the next life, Ai stuck out her tongue, and then sat down to enjoy breakfast.

Although this topic stopped abruptly, the women were a little confused because of Conan's disagreement with Kuaidou.

For a while, the women looked at Kuai Dou with a little more disgust, and silently alienated him.

Even if it is joking, making such bad jokes, teasing a child whose parents are not around, this person is not a good person.

And Qingzi pulled Arthur away a bit, and when he returned to the dining table after a quick fight, he whispered a sentence: "Quick fight, I didn't expect you to be such a person."


She recognized it!

Kuaidou's face suddenly turned blue, he just wanted to pit Shinichi Kudo, but he didn't want to ruin his own image, especially in Qingzi's mind.

"Qingzi, it's not like that. Let me explain."

"Yeah!" Qianying's face had a little bit of anger, and the cannibal gaze gave Kuai Dou a quick glance, and Kuai Dou dared not say anything in an instant.Aoko didn't want to pay much attention to him, and turned to sit next to Kogoro Mouri.

In fact, she could recognize him as Kuaidou because she saw Aunt Qianying coming out of Kuaidou's room yesterday.

If it was Shinichi Kudo, Aunt Chikage would never be so close to Kuaito.

At this moment, Kuaidou really knew what it was like to lift a rock and hit his own foot. He looked aggrieved and couldn't eat, so he hurriedly left, planning to go on his own.

The farce of these two little ghosts pitting each other attracted the attention of the girls, and Kogoro Moori spent breakfast leisurely.

At the Singapore International Airport, Shinichi Kyogoku, who had already booked a flight back home for today, set foot at the airport, and was invited to the inspection room by the staff inside.

The examination room was empty, and the hanging pendulum was in disrepair for a long time, constantly making "creaking" and "creaking" sounds, and the listeners were upset.

Soon, the door was pushed open, and there was another toothy shaft, followed by the sound of leather shoes.

The person who came in was Leon in suit and leather shoes, wearing purple glasses.

Seeing that it was him, Kyogoku stood up immediately, with a vigilant look: "Mr. Lyon, what are you doing?"

"Don't be nervous, Mr. Kyogoku, I didn't mean to come to you."

"On the contrary, I would also like to thank you. If you hadn't tried your best to stop it last night, I almost committed a murderous mistake. I came here to thank you.


Upon hearing this, Kyogoku really relaxed his guard: "It's great that you can think like this."

Leon chuckled and slowly approached Kyogokushin: "My decision last night was not from my heart. As you know, all the treasures in my vault were stolen by thieves, so I will speak assholes in a hurry. I am not the kind of bad guy you think."

"Then you are here?"

"I'm here to invite Mr. Kyogoku to participate in today's Zhonghan Cup finals. Jamaldin is also looking forward to the match with him."

Having said this, Leon also stretched out his hand to hold down Kyogokuzhen's wrist, looking like a corporal ritual.

It seems to be extremely hard, so that Kyogoku Zhen couldn't get rid of it.

Jing Jizhen looked at Leon's purple spectacles, as if seeing layers of swirls, but he didn't notice the weird look of the triangular eyes behind the lenses.

Leon continued to speak, his voice had a unique rhythm.

"Mr. Kyogoku, what is your martial art, and what do you punch for?"

There was a little more trance in Kyogoku Ma's eyes.

Budo?Why did you punch?

The figure of a man appeared in his heart.

"To challenge, to defeat a man, Kogoro Mouri."

Upon hearing this, Leon's pupils shrank, and a sly smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Then you shouldn't leave. The Maori detective is in Singapore. He will appear in the Zhonghan Cup waiting for you. You will have the opportunity to challenge him." "Chance?"

"I used a lot of resources yesterday to transport you to today's game. As long as you listen to me and follow me, I will let you fulfill your long-cherished wish today."

With these words, Leon took out a pocket watch from his arms, and the pocket watch floated from side to side in the air.

"Let me see, it's still early, and I can still participate in the game if I rush over."

"As long as you listen to me and you want to fight, I can find it for you, as long as you listen to me."

This babble-like remark made Jing Jizhen's expression even more stunned.

An abrupt snap of his fingers came, and his eyes became dull as if out of focus.

Leon let out a long sigh of relief and took off his glasses, his eyes full of fatigue.

Although the process was a bit difficult, the hypnosis was ultimately successful.