Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1856

"Why do you disguise yourself into Kogoro like this? Make me happy!"

Xiaotong rolled her eyes speechlessly, then pushed up with tears, and patted her pants.

"Whoever makes you happy, I feel that Kogoro's words just now are not true, so I pretended to be him to find out some information."

"What's not true." The tears of the next life collapsed on the bed like a puddle of mud. She was disappointed as if she had been pumped up, she had no thoughts to listen, her face was full of resentment. , Seems to be asking: Why doesn't Kogoro come to me?Why didn't Kogoro come to see me?

"It's the Fist of Cyan Blue. Kogoro said that he has never seen Leon and didn't get the Fist of Cyan Blue. I don't think it makes sense."

"It's impossible for Kogoro to miss a gem that both Master and Fujiko care about, so I ran to ask Richey."

"Guess what, when Richie saw the appearance of my disguise, he was shocked and trembling. I didn't ask much, but the information came out. The Cyan Blue Fist is really in the hands of Kogoro!"

"So!" Tears in the next life can't lift the energy at all: "Sister, that gem doesn't matter in anyone's hands, and it's not what we want. Master and Fujiko have nothing to do with us."

"What I want is Kogoro, not gems!"

The next life Hitomi couldn't help but patted the next life's tears on the head.

"Stupid eldest sister, it's just that the master cares so much about the match with Fujiko, and cares about this gem, this has become a weakness."

"As long as we get the gems, won't we be able to trade with Master? You don't want to be so sneaky in the future, right!"

"Well, it's interesting!" The tears of the next life finally raised a little interest.

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"However, even if you really get the gems, do you think Master will really agree to our request?" Xiao Lei seemed to be a little bit distressed, her fingers entwined with curly hair in thought.

Xiaotong is somewhat confident: "I think it's possible. Master has always been very keen. Maybe she has discovered our affairs a long time ago, just holding back the bad."

"Let's get the gems and save her face, maybe she will agree."

"But no matter what, I'd better get the gem before talking."

At this time, the door of the room was pushed open, and the afterlife love came in quietly.

Seeing the two sisters lying on the bed, she came forward and patted the two girls' hips.

"Eldest sister and second sister, what are you two discussing again? Wouldn't it be that you want to leave me behind and steal something?"

"I'm scared to death, Xiao Ai, why don't you make a sound when you come in, quickly shut the door."

Hearing this, Xiao Ai showed more excitement on her face, and trot to close the door: "You really want to steal something, take me, take me."

"I have just completed the research on the Kun-style fighter. We will launch this stealth fighter later, and we will be able to sneak in and evacuate unconsciously."

Before the love of the next life was finished, his little head was knocked by the second sister.

"It's not going out to steal things, it's taking the blue fist with Kogoro."

Xiao Ai chuckled lightly: "It's easy, I can take it with Xiaogolang acting like a baby, hey, is the fist of Cyan Qing with him? I'll go back!"

After talking about the next life, Ai went out in a rush, and ran towards Kogoro's room, but Xiaotiao and Xiaotong couldn't stop it.

"This girl, reckless, doesn't listen to everything."

The two sisters waited patiently in the room.

However, after waiting for a long time, the love in the next life still did not come back.

Xiaotong and Xiaocai looked at each other, their cheeks flushed slightly, they seemed to have thought of the same thing.

Little Hitomi immediately got up and changed clothes, took off the suit that had just been dressed as Kogoro Moori, and found a light white dress in the suitcase, which made her graceful figure more and more embarrassing.

As she changed her clothes, she said, "Eldest sister, I'm going to find a little girl. Please stay and watch Master, we will be back soon."

"Haha!" Xiaolei sneered twice, with her bare hands already on the doorknob, and she opened the door first and walked towards Xiaogoro's room.

Xiaotong couldn't help tying her waist, and hurried to catch up.

The two women pushed around in the corridor, rushing to the door of Xiaogoro's room.

The door was still locked, but it didn't stop the two female snitches.

Xiaotong was about to take down the card, broke it open and pierced it into the key's eye, smashed it twice at random, and the door was opened by him.

But the scene before them made the two women shocked again, and they could not help but step back a few steps, almost screaming.

The naked girl was suspended in mid-air, like prey falling into a spider web.

Before Xiaotong and Xiaocai could react, the sisters felt that something seemed to be wrapped around their ankles, and they flew in uncontrollably."Ya Chu!"

Before the scream was made, the two disappeared and were pulled into the room, disappearing into the corridor.

Then the door closed, everything returned to calm, as if nothing happened.

And in Yuanzi and Zhenchun's room, Yuanzi sitting on the sofa has been observing Zhenchun.

No matter where she went, the garden kept looking at her.

Xiao Zhenchun was so guilty that she couldn't help asking: "Yuanzi, why are you weird, why are you looking at me?"

"It's you who are weird. Your walking posture today is very strange, like something happened!"

"How is it possible? Isn't it normal?"

Xiao Zhenchun's heartbeat speeded up immediately, and she was a little flustered, and her voice increased inadvertently.

When she said this, she kicked it on the side, holding the kicked right foot in both hands, showing her stance.

Seeing this scene, Yuanzi was slightly relieved.

It seems that it doesn’t match the knowledge I know. Based on the experience exchanged with Xiaolan, if something really happens, it’s impossible to be abnormal.

Thinking of this, Yuanzi showed a smile, and instead waved to invite Zhenzhen, and showed her the necklace she hung on her neck.

Zhenchun leaned over curiously, picked up the pink merlion-shaped stone, and couldn't help asking, "What is this?"

So Yuanzi laughed, showing off her face: "Uncle gave me a token of love today. According to legend, as long as lovers give me Merlion tears to each other, they will be blessed by heaven, and this relationship can grow. It’s been sweet for a long time."

Zhenchun didn't believe in these legends, but when he saw Yuanzi's happy smile, he was inexplicably envious.

Obviously it's just rough pebble, but I want it so much!

"True pure, I am going to succeed, uncle is about to be taken by me."

"Don't you know, he came out to look for me in the morning. Not only did he give me gifts, some people molested me, but he beat them all." "And the two of us had kisses at the beach, so many People are watching!"

Having said this, Yuanzi's little hand couldn't help but push down Zhenchun's chest, and her pretty face was full of shy smiles.

The corners of Zhenchun's mouth twitched crazily, but her little hand couldn't help holding the sofa and piercing it through several small holes.

Seeing the garden's continuous sprinkling of poisonous dog food, she felt a little urge to hammer her head.

It can't be like this, it can't be like this, you have to restrain yourself, restrain yourself, you have been very loyal last night, you have to be patient, you have to be patient!

Abruptly, a question rang: "True pure, you also like uncle, don't you, do you want to snatch uncle from me?"

Turning his head to see, there is still a hiccup in the garden's expression.

The delicate little face is full of seriousness and seriousness, and his eyes are tightly looking at the pure little hands.

Obviously everything just now was Yuanzi's performance and temptation, she wanted to see how Zhenchun reacted.

But the momentary innocence is still exposed.

Looking at Yuanzi's staring eyes, Zhenchun couldn't convince herself to deceive her.

His little head faintly nodded, and then he laughed subconsciously.

"What nonsense, how can it be regarded as robbing? Are we not good sisters? Uncle belongs to everyone, who is yours and mine!" Xiao Zhenchun took the right shoulder of the garden, and made a boyish gang. Sons and daughters, the appearance of loyalty.

Yuanzi was speechless in an instant, and she finally experienced the same feeling as Xiaolan.

My girlfriend also likes the man she likes, which is too uncomfortable!

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"So, you also like Uncle, I will say why you are so strange today, behave so obviously!"

"Obvious?" Zhenchun thought she was disguised very well, but she didn't know that her eyebrows had been exposed long ago, and people with discerning eyes could see through.

Immediately afterwards, Yuanzi pressed Zhenchun on the sofa and asked, "Say, did you deliberately take uncle away last night and deliberately destroy our good deeds?"

When I heard this, Zhenchun was still a little confused.

She and Kogoro were always on the rooftop last night, but Yuanzi didn't come back by himself!

But she never lost her mind, remembering the good talk with her uncle, she said: "Where is there, there is an emergency, we are going to save people!"

"Yuanzi, don't worry, I will definitely help in the matter between you and uncle."

When Yuanzi heard this, he rolled his eyes silently: "Where I can use your help, I can handle it myself."

"But, you like uncle too, so we can join forces in the future."

At this moment Yuanzi had already subconsciously started to win over his teammates, wanting to fight against the mature group on the mother side.

Yuanzi continued to speak: "You know, on the road to Raider Uncle, there is a big mountain blocking the way!"

Hearing this, Zhenchun was a little curious. With a little effort, he lifted the garden and asked: "What is blocking the road?"

"Tsk, you don't know this, don't you live in your uncle's house? I didn't find this, tusk, it seems that your EQ is too low."

The garden then folded up its long legs and made a strategizing look that pointed the country.

"Who the hell is it?"

"Who else can, of course it is Xiao Lan."

"If it hadn't been for her to make trouble, I would have climbed into my uncle's bed because of my uncle's affection for me." Yuanzi squeezed her small fist and looked indignant.

"Don't be fooled by Xiao Lan's gentle appearance, cut her open, all of them are black."

"If it weren't for me to be too naive and trust her too much, and want her to help, my love wouldn't be so hard!"

Thinking of the entire process of the strategy, Yuanzi really wanted to shed a handful of bitter tears!

Zhenchun's mouth twitched and couldn't help but give a thumbs up.

High, it is really high. Asking someone's daughter to ask her father for help can only be done by Yuanzi.

"You don't take it seriously, sister, I'm teaching your experience."

"Because we and Xiaolan are best friends, she will guard us strictly, fire and burglary, and be besties. I don't understand this truth."

"Look at others, that big-chested mathematics sister, who just leaned on to apprentice, climbed up after worshipping, oh oh oh, mad at me." With these words, Yuanzi's little hand was still pulling hard. The tablecloth of the table, can't wait to tear the tablecloth apart.

When Zhenchun saw this scene, Yuanzi suddenly felt a little pitiful, and the corners of her mouth showed a caring and weak smile.

There was a little smug in his eyebrows, but the garden didn't notice it.

The emotions in the garden came and went quickly, and soon calmed down, and turned to embrace Zhenchun's left shoulder and looked around.

"I promised Xiaolan not to say something, but since the two of us are in an alliance today, I will reluctantly tell you about it!" Speaking of this, the garden's eyes were full of excitement.

She kept this secret for Xiaolan for a long time, and she held it in her heart for a long time, really panicking.

Now sharing it, there is an inexplicable perverted pleasure!

She was also afraid that the wall might have ears, so she leaned to Zhenchun's ear and started to speak softly.

The pure blue eyes instantly rounded, and could not help but exclaimed: "Really? How is it possible?"

Inexplicably, she felt a little hot and slapped her hot cheeks with her little hands, trying to calm her down, but she still felt shocked.

"Of course it is true, would I still lie to you? That's why I said you have low EQ!"

"I still have evidence here, with photos and videos!"

Having said this, the garden was buried with small steps, ran to the suitcase, turned over a hidden mobile phone, then jumped to the sofa, hugged the two women, and watched.

First, she played the game before, and then she clicked on the surveillance video in the gym.

Scenes of shocking people's eyes appeared before Zhenchun's eyes. Although there was no sound, Zhenchun's little face turned red with a single brush."This, this, how can this be done?"

However, Yuanzi pretended to be a face of the world: "It's rare and weird. How long have you known Xiao Lan? I have known Xiao Lan in the nursery school. There are too many things you don't know."

"But we both have formed an alliance. As long as you are obedient, I will naturally share information with you."