Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1858

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori went to Chikage, and he said that he would be responsible for Chikage and Xiaolei's affairs, so naturally he couldn't leave the stall!At this moment, Qianying was reprimanding for a quick fight in the room again, and Qianying, who was full of aura, was so powerful that he almost had a pointer in his hand.

Quietly, Kuaidou knelt and sat on the floor thinking.

"What's the matter, Kuaidou made you angry again?" As soon as Kogoro Mouri entered the room, he stretched out his hand to embrace Chikage's thin waist.

He didn't bother to deal with the disguise of the quick fight, and directly called his name.

"It's not that you taught well, and they all started to commit crimes. Say, did you get those pirates down?"

Qianying happened to see him when Kuaidou was dealing with the pirates. Seeing that his son was killing people, Qianying was naturally unacceptable.

Kuaidou, who was sitting on his knees by the wall, immediately looked at Mouri Kogoro with a bitter expression.

I was brainwashed on a helicopter and just did it somehow.

But Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I think it's something big, Chikage, you are too kind, right? You are dealing with pirates." "Besides, Kuaidou is also a defensive counterattack, and the other party uses hot weapons. , He only has a card pistol. It's normal if he can't hold his hand. Isn't that?"

Hearing this, Kuadou nodded his head wildly in agreement.

"You dare to nod your head!"

With a kick of Qianying Xing's eyes, a roll of hotel introduction on the table was thrown over and hit Kuaidou's forehead.

"Uh!" But then his movements froze, turning his head and looking at Mouri Kogoro in shame.

There was a smirk at the corner of Maori Kogoro's mouth, and then he said: "Quick fight, you go out first, your mother is too stubborn, let your uncle come and have a chat with her."

Hearing this, the little bastard got up in a hurry, then opened the window and jumped out.

"Uncle Maori, thank you very much this time, Daeen says no thanks!"

As soon as her son left, Qianying's whole body became gentle, and she gave him a white eye: "If you teach this way, Kuaidou will learn badly."

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly and said, "How is it possible, this world is like this, advocating innocence and kindness does not mean blindly being innocent and kind."

"Children like Kuaidou have a common problem. They act less boldly and a little more indecisive."

"Now that he is still young, it doesn't matter. When he is old, you can't take care of him. You will definitely suffer a lot!"

Qianying snorted softly: "I can't tell you, I won't tell you, why are you looking for me, won't you go to accompany you?"

Kogoro Mouri embraced her slender waist again, embracing her cheeky, and cuddling it onto the sofa: "Look at what you said, can't I come to you if it's okay?" As soon as she heard this, Chikage became angry and immediately jealous. Hengsheng.

"You are the emperor. How can you spare time, don't you go to accompany Mira and Qingzi?"

"Oh, by the way, the little girl who was eaten by you last night, don't you want to be gentle, there is still a little secretary waiting for you to pamper you?"

"Those little girls, all the water spirits, I'm a pretty old lady!"

Who said no, I thought I was traveling abroad alone, but I didn't expect to bring so many women around.

When I went to steal the Fist of Cyan Blue, I didn't come to help.

Mouri Kogoro immediately hugged her, and said sweetly, "Who dare to say that you are old and blind?"

"This is called Fenghuazhengmao, when the women are the most beautiful, those little girls, how can they compare to you, this is the beauty of a big woman, and it is beautiful!" It is a basic skill to meet people and talk nonsense. Up.

"We big women are magnificent, don't get angry with those young people, don't you say it!"

Chikage still looked like he was still irritated, twisting Moori Kogoro's ears with his fingers, narrowing his eyes, and continuing to question.

"Okay, don't talk about it, let me talk about my apprentice, what's the matter with Xiao Ai?"

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"Xiao Ai, what's the matter with Xiao Ai?" Mouri Kogoro began to pretend to be stupid again.

This big man's innocent expression is really familiar, and all his performance talents are used here.

It's a pity that Qianying is not a little girl, and she is not so easy to be fooled, so she twisted her fingers lightly.

"You still pretend to be stupid to me, I tell you, she told me everything about you."

"Now tell me honestly, be lenient in confession, strict in resistance!"

Lie me!!!

That girl had just thrown herself into a snare, and she was sleeping peacefully in her room at the moment, how could she blew herself up!

Qianying, Qianying, you are so naive!

Mouri Kogoro continued to pretend to be stupid: "What's the matter? Chikage, what are you trying to say!"

A ray of cold light flashed in Qianying's eyes, and then she chuckled lightly: "I'm afraid you don't know, I slept with Xiaolei and Xiaoai last night."

"Xiao Ai always likes to talk in sleep, and it was your name that was called last night."

"There are, um, there are many modal particles with a lot of punctuation, this. You still want to deny it!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro drew a drop of cold sweat behind his ear.

Damn, I was cautious enough last night. I didn't even go to Xiao Ai and the others. I didn't expect that she was exposed in her sleep, and she overturned like this!

Kogoro Moori chuckled and explained with a guilty conscience: "This, this, Chikage, I didn't deliberately hide this from you, I just don't know how to tell you."

Qianying's purple eyes instantly rounded up, and immediately pushed him away and stood up.

"Okay, really, you admit it, you two really have a leg!"

"Kogoro, you bastard, that's still a kid!"

"It's not young, not young, adult, and ass can be nurtured, hey, that's not right, Qianying, you cheated me."

Even if Kogoro Moori was unwise, he knew that he had been tricked, and he accidentally missed it.

At this moment, Qianying ran away in an instant, grabbing his hands back, and the kunai of the two open fronts was revealed.

Mouri Kogoro's voice was a little faint: "Chikage, what do you want to do?"

"I didn't care about Qingzi the last time. That child was also something I had taken care of since I was a child, and it was a disaster for you."

"It's the same with Xiao Ai now, Kogoro, you will kill me."

"Murder your husband!"

Mouri Kogoro immediately dodged, moving around in this Jihua suite, Qiankage chasing after him.

The two people's footprints are on the sofa, wall, window edge, bed, and everywhere.

The frustrated Chikage yelled angrily behind him: "Kogoro, you stop it!"

Seeing Chikage's red eyes, Mouri Kogoro naturally did not dare to stop.

The expression of being chased on his face is still in place, and he controls the speed of escape from time to time, so that Qianying can just draw a few clothes, so as to vent his anger!

"Qianying, listen to my explanation, I don't want it either. It's a mistake."

"The last time we were in Fuguiwan, we met a very cunning criminal. In order to haunt me, she lit a cigarette of infatuation. Xiaolei, Xiaotong, and Xiaoai broke in accidentally and inhaled the smoke and poisoned by mistake. It's also a matter of fact, and this made a big mistake."

Since all of them have exploded, just explode them all!

Yuanzi, I'm sorry, I'll take the blame for the time being, and wait for my uncle to compensate you at night, love you!

And Qianying instantly exploded when she heard this, her face flushed: "What, Xiaolei and Xiaotong also have a share, Xiao~wu~lang~, stop for me."

Inexplicably, Chikage's speed surged again, and Kuwu immediately slashed Mouri Kogoro's back, smashing a blood mark.

She also deliberately released the water just now, pretending to be chasing fiercely, but in fact she just wanted to scare people, she didn't even want to hurt Kogoro at all.But I can hear that Xiaolei and Xiaotong are doing the same, then I can't bear it. This is a complete runaway mode!

"Damn, you are really playing!"

"I'm going to kill you bastard, and save you to harm others."

His right hand drew behind him, and several poisoned ninja darts were shot out immediately.

Chikage's throwing skills are top-notch, and the darts dart across arcs, blocking Mouri Kogoro's retreat.

But Kogoro Mori can dodge in all kinds of incredible positions, and his darts are firmly embedded in the wall.

The entire suite is like a ninja war.

Mouri Kogoro really didn't expect Chikage's reaction to be so violent.

But in fact, this is also normal. Qianying is stocking Kuaidou, but the three good disciples take care of them, take care of their daily lives, take them on tasks, experience dangers together, and naturally have strong feelings.

Although it didn't say anything, Qianying had already regarded the three sisters as daughters in her heart. Now that she knew it, she was naturally angry.

Since you have done something wrong, you have to admit it.

Mouri Kogoro did his duty as a fugitive, he kept selling miserables, pretending to be pitiful, and then from time to time he sacrificed his rough skin and hard spots, and gave Chikage a few strokes. The really bitter tricks were also used.

In this way, after running for nearly 30 minutes, Chikage really vented, and Mouri Kogoro also dragged him down.

Seeing Chikage leaning on her waist and panting, and seeing the room that had been abused by a storm, the ragged Mouri Kogoro stopped.

" give me...stop, I...I want to kill...kill you!"

Mouri Kogoro slowly moved forward and whispered, "Okay, I will kill you, I will kill you!"

Before he finished his words, his hands moved out like spirit snakes, grabbing Kuwu from Qianying's hands.

At this moment, Qianying didn't have any more weapons, dozens of darts were embedded on the wall, which was very infiltrating.

His big hand slowly caressed his back, warmly said: "You run so eagerly, let's get out of breath!"

Qian Ying glared with anger, and immediately raised her long legs, taking the crucial direction.

Mouri Kogoro clipped his legs and blocked his yin leg.

"Wow, Qianying, you are too insidious, I believe you so." Qianying's gasping sound became heavy again when he heard this.

"Well, I'm not angry with you, I'm not angry with you."

With these words, Mouri Kogoro took the sweaty Chikage onto the sofa.

Uh, all the sponges in the sofa flew out, and I couldn't sit on it anymore, I could only change to the bed.

"Seriously, the incident on Fugui Maru was a coincidence, but Xiaocai and the others didn't want it."

"Don't stare again, what I said is true, and I don't want to brag about it."

"It's Xiaolei who have been worried that you will be sad. They have been worried about how to explain to you. I want to discuss with me if I ran today."

Maori Kogoro grabbed Qiankage’s thin waist with a big hand: "Qiankage, all the mistakes are my fault. If you want to blame, blame me. Xiaolei and the others will come to Singapore to help you this time, so don’t Blame them."

Hearing this, Qianying gave a quiet hum.

Seeing his reaction and attitude, Kogoro Mouri knew that the wave was stable.

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"Besides, the children also respect you and are very filial!"

"They know that you have been thinking about gambling appointments, so they concentrated on investigating and finally got his cyanotic fist in Richie's hands. Look, what is this."

Mouri Kogoro turned his hand, and a blue diamond-shaped gem appeared in front of Chikage, exuding a dazzling brilliance.

Qianying's eyes lit up instantly, and she raised her hand to grab it.

When Mouri Kogoro raised his hand, the gem came to a height that Qiankage could not reach.

Qianying's beautiful body slammed into his arms, and the elasticity was great!

"Give it to me!"

Seeing Chikage's anxious look, Mouri Kogoro didn't want her to succeed so quickly, so he smirked and pecked his pink lips.

But he was sent to the door by himself, and he was directly bitten and bleeding, and the tigress was angry!

After finally struggling away, Mouri Kogoro covered his mouth and gasped.

Seeing his embarrassment, Qianying let out an evil spirit in his heart, and turned to smile.

His small hand pulled down Kogoro Mori's big hand, squinted his eyes and carefully observed and identified this cyan fist, and then nodded with satisfaction.Oh, the gem is in hand, how can the stinky woman pretend not to see the second son!

Chikage is already thinking about how to show off in front of Fujiko!

At this moment, she was called the Mastery of Mind. As for the three apprentices, it seemed that it became less unacceptable.

Seeing Maori Kogoro's pitiful and embarrassed appearance, Chikage felt a little distressed inexplicably.