Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1862

If it was discovered that the mysterious V was played by him, it would be a bit bad!

Kogoro Mouri replied: "That's true, it's really amazing, but it should have something to do with pirates blowing up the dam!"

Fushahui chuckled lightly: "Really? I can still see the photos. Someone took the heavy snow."

"It's really amazing that it will snow in the tropics. It seems that Singapore is a strange place. I have to go there if I have a chance." Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but glance at the red child beside her. It was all her trouble. The disaster that came out.

Hongzi sticks his tongue out, with a smug expression on his face!

It seems that I want to be spanked again.

Hum, this big ass just swelled down today, now you want to die again?

"Oh, yes, Maori Detective, we will take the children to camp tomorrow. If you are free, then go together. There will be more crowds. Over the years, I also want to thank you for taking care of A Li. !"

Speaking of this, Fu Sha-e put on a gentle expression.

The old virgin Dr. A Li was very useful, his old face flushed again.

Mouri Kogoro chuckles and said, "I must go if I have time."

"Well, cough!" Yukiko coughed extremely loudly, for fear that Kogoro Mouri would not hear it.

The sensible and well-behaved Yu Kiko was waiting next to him, but when he heard that Kogoro was planning to go out again when he came back, she couldn't bear it!

Kogoro Mori understood the meaning of Kiko, so he stopped talking to Fusha and said, "Let’s talk about camping, Dr. Akasa, let’s go first, Conan!"

The little devil looked worriedly and quickly fought, and quickly followed.

The group of people walked out mightily and hurried home, leaving Kuaidou alone with Fu Shae and Dr. A Li.

Data 0002

Dr. Ari has received a text message from Conan, knowing what is going on, and is planning to create an opportunity for Kuaidou to leave!

But before he could speak, Fu Sha Hui invited: "Shinichi, don't mind if I call you like this."

"Anyway, we all want to go home, and we are neighbors. Let's drop you off. You can take your Dr. Ari's car!"

There is really no way to refuse!

Kuadou reluctantly sat on Dr. Aka's armor and headed towards Kudo's house.

Throughout the journey, Fusha painted various attacks from the side and inquired about all kinds of information, and Kuaidou was sweating in response. I really don't know the situation. I said so much wrong, so I just shut up behind!

On the other side, Conan got into the car and didn't wait for others. He just urged the driver to speed up to Kudo's house.

At this moment, he remembered what he was thinking before being knocked out by Kidd's sap, that is to look for Akai Hideichi to investigate Fushae's identity!!!

Kidd is all to blame, that sap knocked him out of everything.

He was kidnapped to Singapore again, and a series of incidents happened, which made him never remember this terrible event!

Fusha painted the rosy-faced woman who was in trouble between Dr. Akasa and Kogoro Mouri, and fascinated them.This matter cannot be easily revealed to them both!

Conan's face became more ugly as he thought, his brows furrowed, and he kept thinking about ways to break the game.

But Kogoro Mori didn't care about the troubles Conan and the others encountered.

In his opinion, even if Conan Shuichi's identity was exposed, Fu Shae did not dare to act rashly, anyway, it was safe now.Now he has some headaches but Yingli, really a posture of sharpening the knife to the pig and sheep!

Soon, a few taxis returned to the bottom of the detective office.

Qingzi, Lianhua, Hongzi and Shumei left together.

The little god Fuso also waved goodbye to Kogoro Mouri and walked towards the shrine.The garden was still cheeky, and followed Xiaolan and Zhenchun upstairs.

Only succeeded last night, she didn't want to leave her uncle so easily!

Anyway, when I go home and meet my mother, I will always quarrel, so it's better to hide here.

Yingri smiled very softly, her little hand tightly clasping Kogoro Mouri's arm, and she spoke softly.

"Kogoro, there is something I want to tell you. Come with me."

Yingli was extremely gentle in disguise, while Xizi behind him looked like she was gloating for a good show.

Mouri Kogoro was dragged to the suite on the third floor. As soon as he entered the suite, he heard the voices of the two women who were wronged.

"Kogoro, you are back!" X2

In front of the sofa in the living room, the two women are making a standard ground seat. This is the most advanced gift in Japan and intends to apologize.

The two girls are Kuriyama Green and Suisui Ritsuko.

Yingli and Yukiko entered the door, and then closed the door.

Yingli stood on high heels, clasped his chest, and the queen's aura broke out completely.

A glimmer of cold light flashed in her eyes, and she smiled lightly: "Explain it!"

"Explanation, why are you two here, why are you doing such a big gift?"

Having said this, Kogoro Moori stepped forward, pulled Xiaolu and Ritsuko up, and patted their knees to make them sit on the sofa.

The two women both glanced at Yingli, looking like they wanted to sit but didn't dare to sit. They wanted to come here last night and were so hard to be taught.

The corners of Yingli's mouth twitched, and he immediately stepped forward to pinch Kogoro's ears, and asked, "You still want to pretend to be stupid, don't you explain the relationship with my apprentice and my colleague?"

"I caught them sending warm and ignorant text messages with you. There are only three women in my office, all of them were served by you." "Kogoro, you really belong to you!"

At this moment, Yingli was very crazy: The woman under her nose had concealed himself with Kogoro for so long, which is totally unforgivable!Yukiko couldn't help but chuckled behind him, but wanted to see how Kogoro responded.

I saw Kogoro Mouri lifted Hideri's little hand, grabbed his collar, pulled him over, and said, "It's not because of you!"

Hideri's eyes widened in an instant, and Suzhi pointed at himself: "I, Kogoro, are you drunk?"

"I'm not drunk because of you."

"If it wasn't because you were focused on the case and the three meals were not on time, I wouldn't let Xiaolu Luzi and the others prepare lunch for you!"

"If it wasn't for you that didn't let me worry, and worked overtime every day, I wouldn't call them and let them take care of you."

"If you never moved out of the house and disconnected from me before, I wouldn't have to worry about asking them about your news, and I wouldn't be familiar with Xiaolu and the others, let alone appear Such a thing now!"

"Should you not be blamed for everything? You woman who stole my heart!"

"Hiss!" Hearing these words, You Xizi couldn't help shaking.

This is too numb, it is really hard to teach!

However, this sophistry caused tons of damage to Yingli who was shrouded in the firepower range!

Looking at the face of Kogoro, who was very close in front of him, and listening to the words he said, Yingli's pretty face turned red inexplicably, and he was a little brainwashed, and he really suspected that it was his own cause.

"But, but I asked them, they all said they were with you after the trip to Karuizawa?"

Kogoro Moori held his cheek and asked loudly, "Is that important? Do you know what you mean to me!" After all, Kogoro Moori blocked Hideri's slightly opened pink lips. !

Yingli's Danfeng eyes rounded up again, and he snorted, "Um".

His hands clasped Moori Kogoro's waist unknowingly, and his right foot in high heels was lifted up, as if he had been taken down!And Mouri Kogoro, who was kissing, had free time to give a victory sign to Komori and Ritsuko.

The stunned two women breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave Moori Kogoro a thumbs up.

You Xizi on the side only felt that there was a black line, Yingli's combat effectiveness was really getting weaker and weaker, and he was taken directly by this escape!

Eh!Eh!What are you doing?Kiss, kiss, the influence of the public's attention!

Looking at the scene before her, You Xizi felt that something was wrong, but her feet seemed to be rooted, and she was reluctant to leave.

I didn't know whether it was Kogoro Mori or Hideri. With a turn, he lost his balance and fell to the sofa, knocking down Xiao Midi and Ritsuko, and the four immediately rolled into a ball!There seems to be something wrong with this expansion!

Nani, isn't it?

Data 0003

And in the living room on the second floor, Mary is arranging flowers with Mingmei.

The picture is quiet and the years are quiet.

At the side of the two, the little girl was really innocent but restless, she didn't know where to put her hands.

Zhenchun really doesn't know how to act, and there is a guilty conscience on his face.

Fortunately, Mary and Mingmei focused on floral art, but did not pay attention to the expression on their faces.

"Let's talk, what happened to Singapore this time?"

Every time Jinjun goes out with Kogoro Mouri, he will report to Mary what his uncle has done after returning.

Mary is also used to listening, and when she sees her in a daze, she reminds her.

The little girl was a little frightened instantly, thinking she was talking about herself and her uncle!

There was sweat on his forehead, and he subconsciously replied: "No, nothing happened."

Mary frowned immediately, somewhat dissatisfied: "Nothing happened? Didn't it mean investigating the case? Are there pirates? Why is it all right?"

She turned her head and took a look, and said softly: "True pure, why are you sweaty?"

"Is there? Haha, really, it's a bit hot at home, I'm really not used to it!"

With an awkward smile, Zhenchun wiped the sweat from his forehead, and didn't dare to look at his mother!

Mary felt a little weird for a moment, and Bi eyes stared at her daughter.

His eyes patrolled, always feeling her daughter weird.

Soon, she noticed the weirdness and smiled at the corner of her mouth: "You girl, you really have grown up!"

Hearing this, Zhenchun's heart was agitated, and her eyes widened: Mom knows???

At this moment, she wanted to kneel down and plead guilty to her mother. She really admired Xiaolan. She could endure it for so long. This kind of psychological pressure is too great!

"It's really a considerable improvement, don't wear a tube top in the future, you can put on a bra!"



Zhenchun breathed a sigh of relief and chuckled lightly: "It's all due to the massage manual that my uncle gave me!"

The pressure in my heart eased, and the pure thoughts surged, and he awkwardly changed the subject: "Uh, uh, mom, did you go to see the big brother? How is he?"

"I've seen it, your elder brother has no problem, he is not injured, everything is fine."

"I'm practicing disguise, that makeup is not as clever as Mingmei's makeup!"

"This way, it's fine, it's fine!"

Zhenchun didn't dare to stay here any longer, and quickly got up and said, "By the way, Xiao Lan just told me something, I'll go there first, and I'll tell you later."

After talking about Zhenchun, he ran upstairs quickly.

As soon as Zhenchun left, Mary stopped.

Knowing daughter Mo Ruomu, she knows her daughter too well.

"Something must have happened to this girl!" Ming Mei chuckled quietly, without much worry.

Zhenchun is going upstairs to learn from Xiaolan and learn how to hide her experience.

In the suite on the third floor, romantic music sounded, and Kogoro Moori kissed Xiaolu's cheek softly, with a smile on his mouth.

This girl is still a little shy in front of the teacher, and her red face is full of heat!

And Yingli, who was paralyzed on the sofa, felt that he was a little crazy, why was he lost just now.

In fact, what she didn't know was that it would be the same after another time!

During this trip to Singapore, Kogoro Mouri has seen Lyon’s physical hypnotism.

Combining the key points and melting into himself, his sleep technique that was originally half a bucket of water has greatly improved.

In the system rating, Moyo is at the perfect level!

Using some sound cues, language cues, and action cues can play a hypnotic effect without knowing it.

Just now, Yingli was brought by these little skills, and his attitude softened easily after being recruited.