Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1864

Mary had been fooled, but little Lori Huihara had been looking at her uncle suspiciously.

After all, I have been together for too long day and night, and Xiao Ai knows him too well, and only thinks that his words are not true!

However, it is always important. Hui Yuan put down the flower branch in his hand and said softly: "Uncle, you are not at home these days. I have worked out a permanent cure based on the information I found at the old house of my father."

Having said this, Little Lori took out a bottle of antidote from her pocket.

Mouri Kogoro's heartbeat slowed again, and when he was about to grab the medicine bottle, he asked quickly, "You two didn't eat it?"

"I haven't tried it yet!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro sighed with relief, and then said solemnly: "You two are not allowed to take this antidote without my permission, you know?"

As soon as these words came out, the faces of Mary and Xiao Ai turned red.

Xiao Ai couldn't help but whispered softly: "Perverted!"

But Mingmei, who was originally gentle and abnormal, snorted softly: "Humph, Kogoro is really a pervert of Lolicon."

"Sister, give me APTX, I have to take medicine to get smaller!"

"Sister, are you crazy? That's poison. It's very likely to die after taking it. Besides, Kogoro likes you very much."


The three girls are obviously misunderstood. They all think that Kogoro Mouri liked the little girl's body to prevent them from recovering!

But Kogoro Mouri smiled bitterly. Part of the information left by Miyano Elena, plus part of the information that Miyano Atsushi entrusted to Yasharu Haneda, the two together are complete.

In order to prevent the organization, they can be regarded as lonely!

Only by finding the recorded information at Miyano's house and then obtaining the information from Haneda Yasuharu can the complete information be obtained.

Only in order to make real APTX (non-toxic A drug), APTX antidote, and silver bullet [SilveBullet] (B drug), even specially prepared for the boss (C drug)!

And another piece of information obtained from Haneda Yasuharu, Kogoro Mouri hasn't shown it to Haibara.

This antidote is also missing the most critical part, which is definitely useless!

"Uncle, there is actually one reason why I didn't take this antidote. I always felt that my mother left me a little less information, but I couldn't figure out what was missing."

Xiao Ai is as thin as a silk, and she also noticed the abnormality in the tape information.

Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Even if the antidote is really made, it is still risky without human experimentation. After all, the body shrinks and grows, this matter is very serious."

"I'll keep the antidote first. You two can take it after it's confirmed that the human experiment is safe. During this time, Xiao Ai, don't make a permanent antidote."

Hearing Moori Kogoro's serious and unusual tone, the three girls also understood that this matter is not that simple.

Mary couldn't help asking: "Then who do you want to do human experiments? APTX is originally a poison. Many people die if they eat it. There is no way to survive. How to experiment without samples?"

In an instant, Mary's blue eyes became a little complicated.

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Isn't there another Conan? This kid has a very good physical fitness. You can use him to test the medicine for a while."

When she heard this, Mary rolled her eyes silently, and her little hand couldn't help but patted his chest: "Our life is life, so isn't that kid's life?"

Mouri Kogoro rubbed her head against Mary's fragrant neck: "I don't care. You are very important to me anyway. I will never allow you to have an accident. This matter is up to me."

"If it doesn't help, I will find people in the organization who have not died after taking the medicine, and let them get them to test the medicine. Anyway, I will arrange it."

Seeing this look of Kogoro Mori, Mary and Xiao Ai were helpless.

However, the corners of the two little loli's mouths were full of smiles. Seeing Kogoro so nervous about themselves, they were still very satisfied.

Mingmei, who was sitting on the side, felt like she had eaten a lemon. Her whole body was sour.But they couldn't see the eyes of Mouri Kogoro who bowed their heads, they seemed to be a bit deep!

Human experiments have been going on all the time, even if the real antidote is researched out, he will never rest assured that the two women will take it without a few human experiments.

But these dark things do not need to be known to the two women.

Item 0006

In the afternoon, Maori Kogoro accompanied Xiao Ai and the others in the living room on the second floor.

Watching them arranging flowers, teasing two little loli from time to time, and then taking advantage of the big hands, they are extremely happy and time flies!Xiao Ai and Marie were very satisfied with Kogoro Mori's performance. They spent time and energy with them when they came back, which shows that they valued them.It's that Mingmei's expression is a little bit resentful, and the other two women can pretend to be a child in his arms, but she can't.

And if it wasn't for the auntie here, it would definitely be another scene!

Thinking of it, Mingmei couldn't help pouting her mouth, so she could hang the oil bottle.

Sitting on the carpet, Kogoro Mouri rubbed his feet under the table, asking her not to care.

Mingmei was docile, and her little temper was soon soothed.

Immediately afterwards, a call called Kogoro Mouri out.

Mouri Kogoro walked up the stairs to call, and Xiao Ai couldn't help but speak.

"Auntie, Zhenchun and Yuanzi are studying breast enhancement in the room. How did Uncle know?"

Mary frowned, but she didn't doubt, but helped Kogoro Mouri to excuse it.

"Jinchun said that the massage technique was taught by Kogoro, so maybe I also told him about these things."

"What's wrong, Xiao Ai, did you think of something?"

Huihara held his chin in a contemplative expression: "I always feel that Uncle is not telling the truth."

"I saw Yuanzi and Zhenchun just now. Their condition is completely different from before I went to Singapore. I always feel that something has happened." Mingmei couldn't help but interject: "Could it be that Kogoro helped them massage these days? Breast enhancement?"

Hearing this, the two little loli's minds rummaged through a series of 18-forbidden images, and her face changed wildly.

Mary was even more speechless: "No way, it's really pure!" Her small fist clenched tightly.

And in the stairwell, Kogoro Mouri didn't know how the three women in the room talked about themselves.

He answered the phone with a smile on his face: "Yui, how is it? Is everything going well? Are you in Tokyo now?"

Yui Uehara on the other end of the phone responded in a low voice, seeming to have taken time to call herself during work.

"Everything is going well. Chief Kuroda and I joined the Metropolitan Police Department yesterday. Kogoro, I am very satisfied with the house you arranged, and I have already started handling the case."

"Above assigned me to the youngest policewoman in the Metropolitan Police Department. I tell you, my chief is very beautiful. My name is Mikako Sato. You should know him!"

"Knowing, not only knowing, but also very familiar, I have the opportunity to introduce you to in-depth understanding." Mouri Kogoro replied meaningfully.

This silly girl, don't you know that I arranged all this!

"And I didn't expect that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department still has such a young female police officer looking straight ahead. Sure enough, big cities are different, and the opportunities are different." This is naturally a sprout!

"Okay, okay, Kogoro, don't say anything, I have to call out the police!"

"You have just returned to Tokyo, so take a good rest. When you get off work tonight, I will go to you again."

On the other end of the phone, Yui Uehara reluctantly hung up the phone, but a person appeared behind him, Mikako Sato.

Miwako put her hands on her shoulders, and she was shocked: "What's the matter? Is it powering up with her boyfriend? Next, she must act, but she is not allowed to leak the information."

Yui became nervous in an instant, stood up straight and replied, "No, police department, absolutely no leaks!"

The careless Miwako patted her shoulder: "Hey, don't be so cautious, you will be my own from now on, just call me Miwako."

"Let's go Yui, you have to change clothes for this operation, let's go to the office to change clothes."

The two women walked towards the office!

Mouri Kogoro put away the phone, but fell into deep thought.

Hebei Kuroda has come to the Metropolitan Police Department as a police officer, and it seems that it won't take long to confront the people in the organization.Maybe the camping tomorrow will be very exciting!

In the house on the third floor, Zhenchun turned his fingers tangledly, a little tangled about how to ask Xiaolan for advice.You know that Xiaolan doesn't know her own business, and she doesn't hesitate to blew herself up.

But if I don’t say it, I don’t know how to deal with my mother.

On the sofa, Xiaolan and Yuanzi were holding snacks while watching TV. The God Ramen contest was being replayed on TV.The two women looked attentively and didn't care about the pure expressions at all.

The garden was gnawing on potato chips, but watching the picture on the high-definition TV, I suddenly felt that the potato chips in his hand were not fragrant.

"Wow, it looks delicious. When I was in Singapore, I always missed domestic ramen. I really want to try the salted ramen here!" Xiaolan retorted, "It's obviously that miso ramen is better. Correct."

"Jinchun, what kind of ramen do you like?"

"Hey!" Zhenchun who was distracted was taken aback, reacted and quickly touched his head: "It should be pork bone ramen!"

Upon hearing this answer, Yuanzi and Xiaolan agreed.

"The tonkotsu ramen seems to be good, and it's so delicious."

"Plus the Q-flavored barbecued pork, and the rich bone soup, it seems this is more delicious."

Speaking of this, Xiao Lan's belly screamed, and she couldn't help but flushed her face shyly.

Zhenchun's eyes lit up when he saw this, and he hurriedly said: "I happen to know a super delicious ramen shop. I will invite you to eat."

The little girl planned to bribe Xiaolan first, and then she was embarrassed to ask for advice.

Hearing this suggestion, Yuanzi was about to throw away the potato chips: "It just so happened that I was also hungry. It's wrong to go back to China and not eat ramen. Let's ask the uncle to go together."

With these words, the turbulent garden walked to the entrance and began to wear shoes.

The three girls opened the door, and Kogoro Mouri was about to open the door and enter.

Before he could react, he was dragged downstairs by the three girls.

Walking on the tidy street, Kogoro Mouri understood what the three girls were doing, and smiled speechlessly.

Is there any ramen restaurant that makes ramen better than your own craft?

However, this is the case with female high school students. They want to try everything, so they go with them.

The ramen restaurant that Zhenchun said is not far away, it's in Yonehua Town.

She continued to introduce: "That ramen restaurant has been around for decades, and it used to be in Mugido Town. Even if the decoration is in tatters, the business is still booming."

"Before, it seemed that the ramen restaurant was too delicious. Someone killed the developer who bought the land in order to maintain the ramen restaurant. There was a murder case. That's why the ramen restaurant moved to Mihuacho. The name is delicious. The dead ramen shop!"

"Hiss enough, that sounds great!"

These gimmicks are very useful to the garden, and the little girl is full of expectation.

Item 0007

Soon, the four of them walked to the Kokura ramen restaurant five blocks away.

The decoration here is quite old-fashioned, and it's pretty decent.

Zhenchun is obviously familiar with the boss, and as soon as he walked in, he said hello: "Boss, I brought a few friends here this time."

"Welcome, welcome!" The fat boss warmly entertained him immediately, but soon he recognized Kogoro Mouri.

"Mori Maori, are you a Maori detective? The pride of our Tokyo, haha, I didn't expect you to visit the shop too. Can you sign me?"

"The signature is no problem, but the premise is that the ramen is delicious."

The boss patted his chest and said, "Absolutely no problem. My Yan Mo Ramen King will never disappoint you."

After that, he immersed himself in the production, and the waitress led the four to the bar and sat beside the other three guests.

Soon, four hot tonkotsu ramen noodles were made and delivered.

The eyes of the three girls all lit up, took apart their chopsticks, and said one after another: "I'm going!"

Q's springy ramen entered his mouth, and Yuanzi and Xiaolan squinted with satisfaction.

Yuanzi even said in disbelief: "How could it be possible, this is super delicious!"

"Yes, it's so delicious!"

Zhenchun looked like You Rongyan, and chuckled lightly: "This is what I recommend, so it won't be bad!" She only felt that she was sure to ask for advice after a while!

Kogoro Mouri tried the ramen, and he gave the boss a thumbs up, and the boss smiled and touched his head.Just this hand-pulling noodles is still a master in the system judgment!

No matter it is noodles, soup, barbecued pork, eggs, they are all impeccable, and they have been exquisite to the extreme.

I heard Zhenchun said that this is an ingenious ramen master who treats every ramen as a handicraft.

At this time, the blonde woman on the side turned her head to look at the garden, and said: "Hello, I have used up the vinegar here, can you give me your vinegar." Only a glance, Mouri Kogoro knew it was in the hotel. The companion girl at work.

Inferior perfume, haggard face, evasive eyes, traces of finger smoking, and the feminine temperament that rushes towards the face, nothing