Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1866

Yumi frowned and said, "Could it be that the ramen in this ramen restaurant is so delicious? Hey, no, Kogoro, you know who the murderer is!"

"Who is who, tell me!"

Yumi immediately grabbed Mouri Kogoro from behind, the proud chest was completely pressed up, and he locked his throat to force him.Even Xiao Lan couldn't stand it anymore, and could not help but quietly pinched her hip.

Yumi exclaimed and got up, rubbing her ass and looking suspiciously at the four girls behind her.

Kogoro Mouri coughed lightly, looked at the puzzled eyes of everyone around him, and then prompted."Do you still remember what condiments the three customers used in the store?" I also complained about the flavors of them!"

"If it's jewelry, it should be a small object!" Hearing this, the pure blue eyes lit up, and he suddenly realized it.

Soon after, Xiaolan also reacted, and followed Zhenchun to search.

The two women were churning around at the bar, and the others looked dumbfounded.

But soon, Zhenchun took a glass bottle of soy sauce and asked for credit: "Uncle, look, I found it."

Zhenchun shook the glass bottle vigorously, and there was a crashing sound in the bottle!

Apparently the stolen item was hidden in this little spice bottle.

Zhenchun opened the soy sauce bottle and picked out the contents with chopsticks.

It was a pair of earrings with emeralds inlaid on them.

Maori Kogoro smiled, as if he hid his merit and fame!

Upon seeing this, Yumi rushed forward again, with a fragrant kiss printed directly on her cheek.

"Kogoro, you are so awesome, I found the key physical evidence so quickly, I love you to death!"

Yuanzi recalled: "I remember the man with curly hair who used a lot of soy sauce."

The waitress added: "That should be Mr. Shui Ke. Oh, he uses so much soy sauce every time he comes to the store. It turns out that he wants to recycle the earrings. It's really cunning."

Then Miaozi asked, "Xiaogoro, why would he turn the soft hose without running away after killing someone?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled again: "Do you remember the belongings of Shui Ke Zong Fu?"

"Changes, mobile phones, masks, keys, and glasses cases. This glasses case is very important."

"Even a person who wears glasses will not carry the glasses case with him. It is too bulky."

"And there is a glasses case. The high probability is that you bought new glasses and the store delivered them together. So the Shui Ke Zongfu should have two pairs of glasses."

"But your physical evidence search didn't indicate this. Obviously, there was only one pair of glasses on his eyes. Where did the other pair go?"

"This, in all likelihood, it is trampled to pieces in the fight with the dead."

"In this case, the glass fragments must be cleaned up, otherwise the degree is calculated based on the curvature of the glass, and then compared with the data of the nearby optical shop, it is easy to reveal the identity."

"So Shui Ke Zongfu used a trick of life, using a mask to seal one side of the soft water pipe with tape, and then rotating it desperately, using centrifugal force to make a simple vacuum cleaner."

"This kind of trick has been shown on TV. He should have thought of it before using a pipe to recover the glass shards on the ground."

"After that, he was chased by Yumi-chan and couldn't throw it away, so he could only hide in the ramen restaurant."

"Zhenchun, where do you think it will be?" Zhenchun's blue eyes lit up again, exclaiming, "In the toilet tank!"

She immediately ran to the toilet, followed by Xiaolan Yuanzi, and Mouri Kogoro still sat calmly, and had some free time to drink barley tea.

Soon, a pure and pleasant voice came from inside: "Uncle, I found the glasses glass."

This time it was not only Yumi, but even Miaozi couldn't help it, and took the opportunity to kiss Kogoro Mori on the cheek.

"Kogoro, you really have you."

Seeing that the two policewomen took the initiative to give kisses, the owner and the waitress in the shop were a little dumbfounded.

After a long time, the fat boss came back to his senses and exclaimed: "Maori Detective, you are so amazing. For the first time I saw someone who can solve the case by listening to the case and eating ramen. I admire it! Admire it!"

Kogoro Mouri said to himself: "It's okay. After this kind of missed murder was discovered, the flustered handling of evidence, there are actually many flaws that can be grasped and it is easy to see through."

Yumi on the right faintly said, "Kogoro, are you talking about me stupid?"

"It's pretty stupid, stupid, and reckless."

"Hmph, stupid is stupid, anyway, you are there, mua!" She couldn't help kissing again.

The waitress couldn't help but whispered: "Maori detectives are obviously better at picking up girls!"

Item 0010

Yumi collected the material evidence and called Miwako to talk about Kogoro's reasoning.

Because the emeralds on the earrings have obvious fingerprints, which are very conclusive evidence, an arrest warrant can be issued after submitting them.

After receiving the arrest warrant, Miwako, who was stalking in groups, launched an operation in the same block.

She and Uehara Yui broke into the door together and controlled Mizuko Zongsuke.

Everything went smoothly, and Shui Ke Zongfu gave up resistance when he saw the police appear.

Then Miwako asked his men to escort the prisoner back for interrogation.

During the whole process, Maori and his party could see clearly at the gate of the ramen restaurant!

Soon after, Sato Miwako took Uehara Yui to the ramen restaurant.

When Uehara Yui saw Moori Kogoro with a surprise on his face, he greeted very gently: "Kogoro, why are you here?"

She smiled very sweetly, thinking that he had come here specially for herself.

Miwako chuckled lightly, and so-finger poked Kogoro's chest muscles: "It was this great detective who gave me information that this time the case was resolved so smoothly."

"After staring for several days, my skin has become a little bad."

Yui looked at Miwako's fingers very carefully.

When Xiaolan saw Yui Uehara from Nagano Prefecture in Tokyo, she was even more surprised.

His suspicious eyes patrolled Mouri Kogoro and Uehara Yui back and forth.

After finishing the case, Miwako was obviously relaxed, greeted everyone to enter the ramen restaurant.

"Boss, come here with Yan Mo Ramen King, you guys can eat too, I'll treat you!"

Yumi grabbed Miwako's sleeves and whispered, "Don't eat too much, maybe there will be vigorous exercise later!" With this, Yumi-chan also glanced at Kogoro who was beside her, completely here. Three hundred taels without silver!

Miwako also smirked: "That's what I said, I have to save some physical strength to teach the devil!"

But Michi Miaozi's face turned red all of a sudden, and she sat down obediently, she still couldn't keep up with Lao Siji's rhythm.

And Yui Uehara, who happened to overhear these, opened her apricot eyes and looked at the three beautiful policewomen in disbelief.

What's happening here?No way?

Immediately after, Yumi-chan approached Miwako's ear and started a small report with her.

Mainly speaking of Sonoko, Maazumi also said that Kogoro was their boyfriend.

After listening, Meihezi's purple eyes narrowed slightly.

Mouri Kogoro was a little bit dumbfounded, his mouth twitching constantly, trying to endure the pinch of his daughter.

You know, the five senses of their father and daughter are far beyond ordinary people!

The so-called whispers are undefended to them and can be easily heard.

After listening to Yumi-chan's short report, Xiaolan quickly learned how they were related to their father, and the jealousy fell out again.

It is really not suitable to stay here for a long time, as Shura Field may break out at any time!

Mouri Kogoro immediately got up and said: "Mikako, you eat first, I have something to work on, and I will look for you later."

"Kogoro, why are you leaving in such a hurry? You finally came back from Singapore. We want to pick you up!"

Meihezi spoke immediately, her eyes narrowed slightly, full of shocking meaning.

When Xiao Lan saw this, she glared at Mi Kazuko, her little hand firmly wrapped her father's arm, and a gentle smile said: "Dad, we have to go home. Mom is still waiting at home!"

Mei Hezi laughed lightly: "Xiao Lan, men need to have their own careers and socialize outside. If you go back too early, your mother will look down upon him."

Xiaolan's eyes also squinted: "Of course I won't stop my father's socializing, but I am fooling around with the vixen, so neither my mother nor I will allow it."

The two women stared at each other, with swords drawn, like lightning and flint colliding in the middle!

Mouri Kogoro felt a little panicked.

Yumi Naoko stood beside Miwako and Zhenchun Yuanzi stood beside Xiaolan, opening the battle to 3V3.

Yui Uehara, who was still not sure about the situation, swallowed and dared not speak.

When confronted by Kogoro's daughter, Miwako couldn't help feeling a little flustered.

The picture she imagined should be against her concubine Yingli, and now she has practiced on his daughter first.

After all, Meihezi's brain turned fast, and quickly changed her way of talking: "Of course there can be no vixen, let alone fooling around.

"Xiao Lan, catching the wind is just an excuse. In fact, there is a case where I want to ask him for help."

"You certainly don't want to let the murderer go unpunished."

Xiaolan, who had just overheard them talking, naturally wouldn't believe it. She turned to Xiaogolang and smiled sweetly: "I have another commission? Dad, let's go together!"

Zhenchun also said and quickly echoed: "Yes, let's go together, I just happened to help uncle."

Meihezi's face turned dark, and suddenly these little girls in front of him were extremely troubled!

At this time, Uehara Yui interrupted and said: "The crime scene was in a pornographic place, and the actress who died was an actress. Minors are not allowed to enter. You shouldn't be adults yet, so go home first!"

When Uehara Yui spoke, Xiao Lan was a little bit suspicious.

The Uehara police officer and Mikako had not discussed anything just now.

Could it be that a case really happened?

Zhenchun and Yuanzi also frowned slightly. Neither of them knew the new policewoman. They subconsciously thought that she would not lie, and they all believed this.

At this time, Kogoro Maori also spoke: "Xiaolan, then you should go home first, and wait for Dad to finish the case and go home!"

Hearing what Dad said, Xiao Lan had no opinion.

She stood on tiptoe and gently helped Kogoro tidy up her tie: "Dad, go home soon after investigating the case. I'll wait for you to have dinner." After all, she left here with Zhenchun and Yuanzi. Noodle House.

Seeing the three girls leaving, Yumi-chan couldn't help but slapped Yui: "Wow, Yui, there is a tacit understanding, how do you know we want to divert these girls?"

Yui laughed lightly, glanced at Kogoro inexplicably, and then asked, "Why are you trying to lead them away?"

Yumi-chan said without a word: "Of course I'm going to take Kogoro to fool around, haha, KTV walk away."

Meihezi couldn't help but knocked Meijiang on the head. This daredevil dared to say anything, this habit is too bad.

Uehara Yui put his hands on his chest, squinted at Kogoro Mouri with apricot eyes slightly: "Mori-kun, I think I need an explanation."


Meihezi and the third daughter looked at this scene with a dazed expression.

Chapter 0011 The Four Women On The Land Rover

[Wonderful, I didn't expect these four policewomen to like Maori detectives.

The charm of the Maori detective is too great, he is indeed a big celebrity with tens of millions of fans!

But it seems that the new policewoman doesn't know the existence of other people. Is this a quarrel?

Don't fight, they should have guns on them, don't shoot them!

The 0S in the boss's heart keeps passing by!

The atmosphere in the ramen restaurant is a bit stagnant, and the fat boss and waitress hiding at the bar are afraid to speak, watching the plot trend.Miwako quickly swallowed the noodles in her mouth and couldn't help but said, "No, Kogoro, do you know Yui?"

"She used to work in Nagano Prefecture. She was transferred here yesterday. You two know each other?"

Uehara Yui sneered: "I was a widow who lived in a small county. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have applied for a job in Tokyo from Nagano Prefecture!"

"I didn't expect to see such a wonderful picture on the second day, huh, scumbag!"

But even though Uehara Yui scolded Kogoro Mouri, she didn't turn around and leave.