Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1867

Although the first time she encountered this kind of thing, the chain was green, her heart was very angry, but she didn't plan to quit, let alone give up.widow???

Miwako, Yumi, and Miaozi looked at Moori Kogoro with shocked faces, but then the three girls gasped at the same time.The boss and waiter in the bar also covered their mouths for fear of shouting.

I saw Moori Kogoro pressing forward, holding Yui's wrist and pressing it against the wall, and then kissed directly.

He has always believed that actions are more powerful than words!

And this kind of picture, if you speak soft words and are seen by outsiders as a joke, it is better not to say it.

Meihezi and the third daughter watched as she was green.

Hey, it's not right. He watched Mouri Kogoro open the harem, and he couldn't help but pull out his eyes.

Yui still wanted to fight back, but with her strength, to Kogoro, it was completely worthless.

As the intense kiss continued, his struggle and resistance gradually weakened, and his body became a little weaker.

"Is this explanation enough?" Then he threatened in a low voice: "Or, you want to try the art of war I taught you now."

Yui's cheeks immediately blushed, recalling the previous scenes, she dared not speak again!

Yumi-chan's eyes were almost upturned, and the yin and yang said strangely: "So, do we have another sister?"

Miaozi was also a little dissatisfied, and pouted, "Mao Lijun, how can you do this?"

Mouri Kogoro pulled the soothed Yui and walked over, pecked the three women's cheeks very quickly, and sophistry.

"I didn't think that Yumi had Miaozi as a partner, it would be too dangerous for Miwako to handle the case alone, find her a partner!"

Upon hearing these brazen words, Miwako had no appetite to eat noodles: "Thank you so much!"

Immediately afterwards, Mouri Kogoro's ear was picked up by his Suzhi.

"You big scumbag, don't think I don't know, you still have a leg with Chief Yazi, and who else is there, tell me honestly."

Upon hearing this, the other three women were shocked, and there was more gossip in their eyes: "Chief Yazi?"

The three women admired the silver fox of the Metropolitan Police Department very much, and it was unexpected that she was also Kogoro's woman.

The fat boss in the bar is almost dizzy, the Maori detective is really a god, this kind of scene can be solved with this kind of tricks, I learned!learned!

Moreover, in addition to these four female police officers, they also provoke senior police officers. This is too powerful!Is it so attractive to be smart?

The fat boss was a little unstable, and he stepped on the iron plate to make a noise.

Miwako caught a glimpse and felt that these words could not be said in front of outsiders, and the four dragged Moori Kogoro out.

Before leaving the house, she patted a pistol and threatened: "Boss, you have never heard of today's matter. If it spreads out, you know the consequences."

The fat boss immediately covered his mouth and nodded his head again and again, with a gesture of 0K with his right hand.

Mouri Kogoro was dragged out by four female hooligans and escorted into Miwako's car.

After the little rich woman Meihezi got money, she bought the Land Rover off-road vehicle she wanted for a long time. The chassis of this car is extremely high, and the space inside the car is also great.She has always liked this kind of car because of the boyishness. It's even more enjoyable to chase criminals in such a car!

At this moment, Kogoro Mori was like a prisoner, with handcuffs on his hands, and was detained in the back seat by two female detectives, Miwako and Yui.

You Mei Jiang, the Jiao Che drove, took out a special alarm bell for doctors and installed it on the roof of the car.

The Land Rover ran all the way and no vehicle dared to stop it.

Yumi-chan looked at the rear-view mirror, the seedling in the co-driver turned his head, and the four women stared at Kogoro Mouri, looking like a three-counsel."Say, scumbag, how many girlfriends do you have?"

"Eh? I'm counting? I really can't remember!"

Meihezi didn't believe it at all: "Frankly explain, who is fooling you, you are the smartest in the world, and you can't even remember how many women you have." Frank is lenient, and resists strict!"

"Haha, about four, five, six, seven," the four women's eyes widened as each number appeared."Ten!"

I thought it was in single digits, but I didn't expect to hit the tens of digits directly, and the four girls would run away!

"Kogoro, I'm going to kill you!" Miwako directly punched Moori Kogoro's abdomen.

Yumi-chan couldn't hold the steering wheel and hit the guardrail on the bridge.

Impulsively, she took off her seat belt directly and rushed over from the front.

Fortunately, Miaozi's little hand is holding the steering wheel, and the car has not fallen into the river!

by!It turned the sky up to you!

As soon as his mind changed, the Ant-Man robot took over the off-road vehicle and drove it back on track.

The handcuffs broke apart as soon as Mouri Kogoro urged him to send it out.

The touch of spiritual force spurred the four women to be imprisoned instantly.

Anyway, the space behind the car was large enough, so Kogoro Mori lined up the immobile three women in the back seat side by side, kneeling and leaning toward the back of the car."It seems that if you don't give you anything powerful, you are going to shake the sky."

The three women were a little flustered, and couldn't help but say: "Kogoro, what have you done? Why can't we move?"

"Guess it, I won't tell you if you guess it right!"

Immediately after he waved his big hand down, a crisp slap sounded, and the Maori family method was reproduced in this Land Rover car.

"Although Miaozi's performance is okay, I have to treat you equally." With these words, his big hand was also fattened down, but soon, it turned into the punishment of God's hand.

Chapter 0012 - The Way To The West

The Pentium Land Rover is accelerating like a beast.

The speed of the car is getting faster and faster, and all others see is an afterimage passing by, and it is impossible to see the scene inside the car.

The magnificent music sounded continuously in the car, and Kogoro Moori's big hands clapped down like percussion.

Yui's face flushed on the far left, and the seedlings in the front seat squeezed over. The four women squeezed in the back seat at the same time, suffocating abnormally.But they can't move.

Uehara Yui threatened: "Kogoro, you are too courageous. Are you attacking a policeman or a group of policemen. Let me go, you are a very serious crime."

What she gave her back was the Maori family law, and her body was trembling because of the tiny electric current, and she couldn't say anything!

And Miwako on the far right is still entangled: "Kogoro, what have you done, why can't we move?"

"Let go of me first, let's talk about it!"

"You are not afraid of me, I will go and tell Chief Yazi, let her arrest you."

The answer to her is also the Maori family law!

Obviously Kogoro didn't plan to talk to them, he just wanted to punish the four girls.

But Yumi-chan, who has always been reckless, did not say a word, gritted her silver teeth, sweating, and silently endured.

She was almost crying, groaning constantly.

The most obedient seedling is fine!

But she looked at the receding scenery, but she was a little pale, and her voice was crying.

"Kogoro, don't be foolish, okay, no one is driving in front of you and something will happen."

"I forgive you, you let me go, I'll drive, OK, will you continue to talk to the three of them? Continue to convince them!"

Miaozi's temperament is docile, and she has succumbed before she becomes true!

Kogoro Moori grabbed Miaozi's ponytail lightly with his big hands, and pulled his head over, and then smirked: "No, if something happens, it will happen together. Anyway, I'm happy to die with you!"

There were tears in Miaozi's eyes, but before he could react, the pink lips were blocked by Kogoro.

A kiss confuses the seedlings!

I have to say, it’s really amazing to be able to distract and use more, multi-line operation, don’t panic at all!

After the intense kiss, Miaozi's consciousness returned to the car again, and he was extremely flustered, for fear that the car would overturn accidentally.But soon, she had no intention of worrying about it anymore.

Miwako was still a little uncomfortable: "Kogoro, just do this, don't want me to succumb? It's obviously you are wrong, and you have kept it from us." Oh, Miwako, the little pony, is still very unconvinced!

Mouri Kogoro couldn't bear this violent temper, and immediately turned around and hit Mikako.


"Didn't I admit it when I was wrong? But doesn't it mean that you can treat me as a criminal and handcuff me back. That's the opposite of you. Do you still think I'm wrong?"

"You are wrong!"

"wrong answer!"

Switching is thunderous!

"am I wrong?"


"It's still wrong!"

Switch aggression like fire!

Feng Lin Shan Huo Tactics was played out by him!

"am I wrong?"

"Woo, you're right! You're right!"

"This is good!"

Yui Uehara on the far left swallowed, and when he saw that his new boss was so confessed, he couldn't help but whisper."Kogoro, I'm not afraid of you, don't even try to beat me!"

The tearful apricot eyes are full of firmness, which is obviously a provocation!

In this case, Kogoro Mouri couldn't bear it again.

This Land Rover, which was taken over by the Ant-Man robot, went all the way to the west, further and further away, without knowing where it was going!

On the other side, on the way back to Maori's house, three young girls were very close, holding hands.

Yuanzi played with her short hair a little uncomfortably. After she didn't wear a headband, she always wanted to catch the hair that ran to the front."Xiao Lan, did you say that Uncle really went to investigate the case with the police? It always feels strange."

"Besides, the policeman who didn't know said that the actress was killed. It's not going to record the scene to investigate."

"You said that if your uncle provokes a few actresses there, what can you do?"

Upon hearing this, Xiaolan's eyes rounded immediately: "He dare, I dare to break his leg like this."

"It shouldn't be. Uncle likes at least beautiful girls like me, but it's not so easy to meet!" Yuanzi held his face again and boasted.

And Zhenchun on the side wanted to interrupt several times, but didn't know how to say it.

Until Xiaolan realized that Zhenchun's expression was a little weird, she couldn't help asking: "Zhenchun, do you have something to say?"

"Uh, that, is the Yan Mo ramen just delicious? Hey!"

Still embarrassed to ask straightforwardly, Zhenchun rubbed her short hair and asked this nonsense question.

But Xiaolan nodded: "It's delicious, and I don't lose my father's craftsmanship. I just forgot to pack a few for my family."

"But, Zhenchun, I have a question to ask!"

Xiao Lan's big eyes narrowed, gleaming with cold light.

"You ask."

"Just now in the ramen restaurant, you also grabbed my dad and said he was also your boyfriend. What's the matter?"


Xiao Zhenchun's pupils shrank instantly, her smile stiffened.

"Did I say it? I didn't say it, Xiaolan, did you hear me wrong?"

There was a polite smile on Xiaolan's face: "Yes, you heard it several times, especially when Yumi and the others rob my father!"


At this time, Yuanzi patted Xiaolan's shoulder heavily: "Hey, there is nothing wrong with this, I will help Zhenchun to speak up. This girl is also uncle in love with uncle, she also likes uncle, let's do Sisters, blessings and hardships..."

Before the garden hadn't finished speaking, Xiao Lan's head was knocked hard, and a big bag was picked up.

Zhenchun didn't dare to hold Xiaolan anymore, lowered his head, and pointed his index fingers together, with an extremely guilty conscience.

Xiaolan's voice gradually became colder, and she raised her brows and asked: "Really?" "Huh!"

This sound was said very quietly, but the head nod was so big, for fear that Xiao Lan hadn't seen it.

Xiaolan immediately covered her head speechlessly, not because of a headache, but a very headache.