Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1871

It’s a pity that Yumu’s head doesn’t make sense if it’s not two sons: "You are the person of this bad guy, so naturally help him speak, I don’t believe you." "The stock I just picked is so good that I will definitely make a lot of money in exchange of."

"What's so good about ranking 21st? Is it possible to reach the first place? It's impossible to double the assets, and it is impossible for money to make money.

It's silly, she really has some economic theory.

Arguing with her on investment, it is very likely to be pulled to the same IQ level and then hanged.

Mary felt that way now, her mouth twitching silently.

This high-quality asset pays dividends every year, is it not fragrant?Want to double your assets?Flip you big head ghost!

Kogoro Mouri easily saw through his careful thoughts.

"Fujiko, don't you just want to try the taste of investment success?"

"You can pick any unicorn company under my name and give you one!"

The eyes of Fujiko who was sitting on his left leg lit up, and the little bird embraced him immediately, his arms full of tenderness.His pink lips were printed on Moori Kogoro's cheeks, and his voice was full of joy: "Kogoro, I love you to death."

After that, she proudly raised her eyebrows at Mary!

Mary was speechless right away, shit, was calculated, dare to feel that this woman was just pretending to be stupid, what a scheming!

Sure enough, the more you work, the better the life, and there will be a company at once, so angry!

Remembering that she was stupidly explaining to Fujiko, Mary couldn't help but pinch Fujiko's big ass!

"Oh, why are you pinching me, it hurts, it's all swollen."

Mary ignored her, looked at Moori Kogoro with watery blue eyes, and did not speak, but her expression was exceptionally pitiful.Don't suffer from disparity but suffer from unevenness!

Kogoro Mouri slapped his soft back with a chuckle: "You have it too, you can pick it if you want!"

Mary showed a smile, swiped over gently, and kissed Kogoro Mouri.

She turned her head and looked at Fujiko. Fujiko completely ignored her and was trying the art of war intently!

"Hey, the people inside, are you all right?"

At this time, Yingli's voice came from the door.

Mary was a little flustered right away, she was taking the medicine now, but she couldn't show it to outsiders.

Maori Kogoro chuckled softly: "Don't panic, I'm here!" A small hidden barrier condensed and enveloped the three of them.

The touch of spiritual power moved slightly, and the doorknob was unscrewed immediately, creating the illusion that the door was hidden.

Yingli pushed the door suspiciously and walked in, only to find that there was no one inside, and all his voice was gone.

She couldn't help but frowned: "Strange, I clearly heard the bad guy's voice. Could it be that I could not hear the hallucinations?"

Marie and Fujiko watched this scene with incredible faces, their mouths were so big that they couldn't help but whispered inquiries."Why can't Yingli see us?" X2

Kogoro smirked: "Little spells, it's nothing!" After that, the wind and forest fires were used again.

The two women both hid their mouths. In front of Yingli, they were so nervous that they did not dare to speak!

Seeing Yingli turning around here, then Xizi walked in and pulled him away, the two women breathed a sigh of relief.

Immediately afterwards, they forced to ask what Moori Kogoro's spell was.Kogoro Mouri answered all the questions, and all of them recommended the Fuso of Yunjinja Shrine.

But soon, the two women didn't bother to listen to Kogoro Mouri's answer.

About an hour later, Mouri Kogoro, who was full of Shutai, walked out of the third-floor suite openly.

He lifted the hidden barrier on himself in the empty stairwell.

Fujiko is really investing in a causal weapon!

It was only an hour later, and just after it became popular, it was reported that the two companies that Fujiko was optimistic about, the Indian Breeding Group and the Hybrid Vehicle Company, all had various crises.

The stock price fell again and again, and it was about to go bankrupt. With Fujiko's vision, there is no sei!

It seems that the unicorn company she picked up is more than good.

Kogoro Mori doesn’t care much about it. It’s a business, there are gains and losses, and not all unicorn companies can grow into giants.

, It doesn't matter.

Immediately after his thoughts turned, Suzuki's monitoring appeared in his mind.

Tomoko in the living room is waving his mace toward the sandbag. It's not easy to mess with, it's not easy to mess with!

But the garden in the room looked a little sad, and she couldn't ignore her like this, it would be too scumbag!

The big shift talisman in the system space was taken in the hand, the mind determined the location, and then the shift talisman was pressed.

Marks of formations appeared around him, and then Mouri Kogoro disappeared into the stairwell.

The place where his body reappeared was in the heavily guarded Suzuki's home, which was in the boudoir of Miss Suzuki.

It seems that the time is right to steal incense in the moonlight night.

The Tomoko in the living room did not expect that the person she was waiting for had already broken through and ran into her daughter's room.

At the moment, the garden is wearing a white nightdress, and the veil can reach his thigh.

The handsome figure was lying on the dressing table, playing with the tears of the mermaid sullenly, and muttering the name of Kogoro Mori from time to time.Girly feelings are always poetry!

Mouri Kogoro smiled, and walked forward lightly.

Item 0019

"Who is calling me?" As soon as Kogoro Moori's gentle voice appeared, Yuanzi turned around immediately.

Its amber eyes are full of surprises: "Uncle!"

She screamed and jumped into Maori Kogoro's arms, her long legs were hung around her waist, her hands were wrapped around her neck, and she spoke with joy.

"Why did you come in without a sound? It scared me!"

Excited, the little girl didn't suppress her voice.

Maori Kogoro supported his delicate body and whispered: "Shanren has his own tricks. Your uncle is very familiar with it. Hush, keep it quiet, don't disturb your mother!"

The little girl was also afraid of alarming her mother, and quickly lowered the volume.

But looking at Maori Kogoro's face, she couldn't help but smirk again, sweeping away the depressed look just now.

Just giggling was not enough, and he pouted his mouth, holding Kogoro's head and pecking lightly, like a woodpecker!

Mouri Kogoro pursed his pink lips, and the master-level kissing skills were immediately displayed. The little girl immediately closed her eyes and responded.

He held the girl, walked slowly, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

After a strong kiss, the little head of the garden like a koala rested on his right shoulder, whispering his tragic experience.

Talking about how her mother bullied herself, she refused to eat or drink, and closed the room without giving it away. The phone was confiscated, and she asked her to reflect on it.

Yuanzi keeps selling pitifully, but Kogoro Moori eats this set, rubbing his cheeks with his short brown hair: "The uncle will go find you something to eat!" "No!" Yuanzi hugged Kogoro and whispered softly: "I see When I get to my uncle, I won’t be hungry, nor thirsty."

"Oh, I still have this effect, really a silly girl!" Yuanzi pecked his cheek, and became silly again.

"Relax, with me here, your mother can't bully you."

"Yeah! I believe Uncle!" Yuanzi nodded, but believed Kogoro very much.

The little girl hugged Mouri Kogoro tightly with her hands, and couldn't bear to separate for a moment.

Talking on twitter, I really don’t know why there is so much to say.

First, she asked about Zhenchun's situation, then asked if Xiaolan had told her, and then about Zhenchun's mother who had never been masked.

Then he said that he had thrown away all the headbands, and said that the name of Kogoro Mouri was engraved on the dressing table.

Even the school classmates, sister's preferences, and the gossip of the old housekeeper at home were all told.

This is how the girl’s love is, and I can’t wait to share the whole world with Kogoro Mouri.

Maori Kogoro gently rubbed Baijie's calf with his big hand, holding his jade feet, with a smile on his face, listening carefully, and remembering carefully, even the names of the dogs raised in the garden when he was young.

In fact, he enjoyed this moment very much, as if he was fully involved in this little girl's life.

It's really weird. The little kid who used to follow Xiaolan's buttocks on the tree and climbed the mountain, now has changed, and turned into this situation.The scene in front of him collided with the picture of the garden boy in his memory. Kogoro Moori felt inexplicably that he was too inhuman.

Hey, in the end, I was taken down by this little girl!

But as long as the smile on Yuanzi's face is real, it doesn't matter if he is a human being!

Smelling Maori Kogoro's masculine breath, the blush on the little girl's face has not faded.

His fingers rolled around Moori Kogoro, his amber eyes stared straight at him, his lips pressed lightly, and he asked in a low voice."Uncle, you came to me, do you want to drink red wine?"

After that, the girl turned her head to the side.

Maori Kogoro laughed dumbfounded, and for so long, he couldn't help it in the end.He smirked and held his small face: "No!" Yuanzi was full of puzzled expressions, and couldn't help pouting.

"I'm here to teach you the art of war!"

The little girl hammered Maori Kogoro a few times in embarrassment: "Uncle I hate it! I hate it!" She chased Kogoro and played, playing and playing.

Finally, Kogoro Mori grabbed his plain wrist and joked, "Does the garden learn?"

The little girl pretended to be vicious and vicious: "Learn!"

And in the magnificent living room of Suzuki's family, Tomoko Suzuki sitting on the sofa is holding tea and drinking tea elegantly.However, the gleaming mace beside him was not in line with his temperament!

Kneeling in front of him, Ayako, the eldest daughter who performed the tea ceremony, couldn't help but speak: "After Yuanzi came back, she didn't eat dinner for her. I wonder if it will turn over?"

Tomoko snorted, "This girl has been out in the wild for so many days, and she has forgotten her family. It won't be any good for her to be hungry? How can I discipline her without giving her a prestige!"

It's a pity that Tomoko didn't expect her little daughter to be swimming in the ocean of knowledge.

"I still think of a good way to deal with me, Ayako, say, your sister is like this now, how should I discipline it?"


Ayako was speechless, unable to answer.

In fact, she also has her share of dealing with my mother, but she dare not say anything.

After being silent for a while, Ayako changed the subject and said: "Mom, the little girl has only been away from home for a few days. Using meteor hammers and mace is too much, too ridiculous."

"How about changing to a rattan, it's not dangerous!" With these words, Ayako leaned her hand in the direction of the mace, trying to put it away.

But halfway through, I was beaten by Tomoko's hand.

"Don't worry, I prepared this for Kogoro. I don't want to kill him this time. My Tomoko's name is written upside down." At this point, Tomoko sneered. Behind him seemed fierce and completely blackened.

Seeing this kind of mother, Ayako was a little bit afraid, so she got up and quit.

She can only pray for Kogoro Mouri to escape this disaster.

After closing the living room door, Ayako ordered the two maids in the corridor: "Take care of your mother." Then she went to the kitchen, and the old housekeeper listened to Ayako's instructions and prepared a dinner.Ayako always loves her sister, so she quietly walked towards the garden room with the dinner on the plate.There are two maids guarding the door.

"You two, step back first!"


Seeing the two maids retreat, neither of them can see their backs.

Ayako pushed open her sister's room laboriously, but her expression was dull in a moment..

Item 0020

When the garden saw the gate pushed open, the sister who was carrying the food at the door, her eyes widened immediately.

She was so panicked that she was shaking with fright!

"Hey, sister, why did you come in?"

These words are all faint, and the body is completely trembling, which is very interesting!

Ayako ignored her sister at all, turned her head and looked at the corridor behind her. Fortunately, there was no one.

She walked into the room quickly, kicked the door closed with high heels, and put the food down quickly, and couldn't help but question.

"Kogoro, why are you here?"

"Mom is guarding in the living room, why do you dare to come?"