Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1876

Huihara grabbed the curious Ayumi, and protected her from seeing the misery inside.

Seeing that the murder happened suddenly, Fusha narrowed her eyes and temporarily postponed her plan to talk to Kogoro Mouri.

She backed away quietly, standing behind Dr. A Li, pretending to be afraid, and stopped going forward.

"Dr. A Li, call the police, they burned to death."

At the order of Kogoro Mouri, Dr. Aka, who had recovered, immediately called the police.

It didn't take long for the people from the Metropolitan Police Department to lead the team.

Because it was an arson case, it was the Fire Criminal Investigation Department of the First Division, and the Bow Chief Police Department led the team.

"The Bow Chief Police Department, we haven't seen each other for a long time."

The police chief, who was rubbing his beard, laughed: "You haven't seen me for a long time, but I always see you on the news. What's the situation in this case today?"

Conan, the little devil on the side, interrupted quickly: "I know, it is a member of the basketball club of Baiwang University who died, Uzbara Shizhao."

"Just now he had a fight with his friends in the club, so he went back to the tent to rest by himself."

"Then almost when we were eating, the tent suddenly burned up and he was burned to death inside."

Junru Ashawa, a pocky-faced man, couldn't help but argue: "You can't talk nonsense, kids, we didn't quarrel."

"Qi has a bad temper from the beginning, and it makes such troubles from time to time. Everyone is used to it."

Upon hearing this, the other two also nodded again and again.

The Bow Chief Police Department ignored them and instead surveyed the scene.

"If it is a normal fire, the burned person will definitely wake up and save himself, so why didn't he escape?"

Conan pointed to the canned wine bottle in the tent: "It should be the reason why I was drunk, so I couldn't escape in time."

"As for the source of the fire, it should be the candle. There is still wax that has melted and solidified!"

The Bow Chief Police Department asked: "Then why does he light candles in the tent during the day?"

The curly-haired girl Miori Furuoka wiped away her tears, and said, “Because Urushihara likes the smell of scented candles, she often lights up the aromatherapy herself and then does exercises in the room.”

"It was the same just now. When I went to call him, the silhouette reflected through the candles, and I saw him doing squats inside!"

"But he didn't seem to hear what I said, maybe he was listening to the song with headphones!"

Hearing this, everyone's lips couldn't help but twitch.

It's really a weird hobby to burn incense sticks for fitness!

Junto Ashazawa, a pocky-faced man, also nodded: "I can also prove that when I went to send curry rice to Uljibara later, I also saw the silhouette on the tent, he was still doing squats!"

Mouri Kogoro asked, "So, you two have both been looking for him? Who else has been looking for him? Let's talk about the order."

Duan Ye, the long-haired man, said: "Actually, I was the first to find him. I just had a dispute with him, and I wanted to apologize to him."

"But he ignored me. There were no candles in the tent at that time, so I didn't see anything."

The curly-haired woman Guoka said, "I have cooked the curry and asked him to come to eat, but he also ignored me."

The pocky-faced man Ashizawa said, "I was after everyone had finished eating, and brought the curry rice specially reserved for him to look for him, but he didn't respond to what I said. In the end I had to put down the curry rice and left."

At this time, Kogoro Mouri keenly observed some abnormalities, and couldn't help asking: "Miss Furuoka, can you let us look at the back of your right hand that you have been holding."

"I seem to see round burn marks, maybe it has something to do with the candle."

Mitoro Kooka panicked immediately and waved her hand quickly: "Why, it's not like this."

The Bow Chief Police Department straightened his face: "Please cooperate with our police investigation."

Seeing this, Kurioka could only turn the back of his hand away: "This is the one I accidentally burned when I was making curry. It has nothing to do with the candle."

The long-haired man Duan Ye hurriedly said: "I can testify that the beautiful bird was burned by me and I helped to deal with it. There was also a scald medicine on it. The smell of the medicine can be smelled."

Hearing this, the Chief Bowman police department also approached and sniffed, and then turned his head and nodded at Kogoro Mouri, indicating that he was right.

Then the Bowman Police Department rubbed his cheeks and said, "If two people have seen the possibility of him still doing squats and sending out a confession, if it is deliberate arson, then only the one behind is possible."

"So Mr. Aizawa, you are suspected."

Hearing this, Mazi's face instantly paled in shock.

At this time, the forensic personnel took a bag with the unburned zipper tail inside.

This kind of zipper is specially made, and the inside can be locked specially.

In the bag brought by the forensic personnel, the lock was still well locked.

The police chief bowed his cheeks and said, "You can't get in if you lock it. In other words, it's a secret room. It looks like an accident."

Hearing this, the three people were obviously relieved.

It would be too miserable if he became a suspect because of a small dispute.

At this time, the little devil head Conan picked up a burned book and couldn't help but speak: "But it's so strange, why is this book burning like this."

"Look, the triangle in the middle is burned, but the two sides are not burned. I don't understand!"

The little devil again pretended to be a serious tone, and Moori Kogoro, who couldn't stand it, hit his forehead with a punch.

Teacher Wakasa couldn't help but exclaimed, "Maori-kun!"

"This kid is too skinny. You can take anything from the murder scene and you have to be disciplined."

Wakasa Rumi obviously disagrees with Kogoro Moori's violent behavior, and hastened back Conan the little devil to prevent him from messing up.

Conan immediately looked depressed, apparently he found a very important evidence, but received a punch.

But he didn't want to understand what the book was about.

Item 0028

At this moment, Kuroda Hebei, who had arranged all his men, hurried back.

Upon seeing this, the Bowman Police Department couldn't help asking: "Sir Kuroda, why are you here?"

Hebei Kuroda had already participated in the induction meeting, and most people in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department knew this new boss.

"I was under a bit of pressure just now, so I found a campsite to relax. Hey, Maori, are you there?"

"Yes, I just came to this newly opened campsite to relax, I didn't expect to encounter such a thing!"

And Wakasa Rumi narrowed her left eye slightly, flashing a dangerous light, and she felt that Kuroda's eyes were very familiar.

Ayumi hid behind Huihara, seemingly afraid of this disfigured uncle.

But when she saw Fusha-e reacted with herself, she was not afraid anymore.

Little Lori turned to pull on the hem of Fusha painted, and whispered: "Aunt Fusha painted, are you afraid too?"

Fusha stunned, and immediately said: "Yes, the first time Auntie saw the corpse, she was a little uncomfortable. Bu Mei was so courageous."

Little Lori started to fart: "That is, our juvenile detective team has solved many big cases."

Hearing this, Fu Sha-e hugged Bu Mei: "The auntie is holding Bu Mei, but Bu Mei needs some courage to give her aunt!"

"Yeah!" Xiao Bumei nodded and smiled happily.

When the little ghost head Conan saw this scene, his face instantly turned ugly.

It's broken, Bumei is in danger, you have to tell uncle quickly!

He immediately ran to the front, grabbed the hem of Kogoro Mouri, and wanted to talk to him.

Kogoro Mouri naturally knew Fusha-e's intention to embrace Bumei, but with him in control, there was naturally no danger, so he ignored this little devil.

Kuroda Hebei also approached Kogoro and said softly, "Mori-kun, it is not convenient to take a step to speak."

Here's another one!This is about asking Wakasa Rumi!

This individual is looking for himself, and he should solve one thing by himself.

Kogoro Mori chuckled lightly: "Let's solve the murder case first!"

The Chief Bow Police Department was puzzled: "Brother Maori, isn't this an accident? The zippers inside are all locked, isn't it a secret room?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Of course it's not a secret room, this is a tent."

"The prisoner took a knife from the back and cut the tent in, and then set it on fire. There is no need to break the zipper and lock."

The Bow Chief Police Department asked, "That means someone deliberately set fire!"

Kogoro Mori nodded: "Yes, it's still a delayed ignition device, which can be made with these incense candles."

"These incense dipping candles are about thirty or forty centimeters each. You only need to use combustibles such as toothpicks to make them into a shelf, and you can hang a horizontal candle in the middle."

"Then the candle was lit at the front and back ends, and the candle continued to melt and drip."

"If the weight changes, it will move up and down like a seesaw, and the candlelight will move up and down."

"After that, use the original comic books in the tent and stand them up to cover the candlelight on one side."

"Only a single candlelight that shifts up and down will appear in the tent."

"At that time, Ukihara Fumiaki, who was already in a coma, was fixed in a sitting position with his head in his hands. Under the illumination of the offset candlelight, he would appear as if he was doing a squat."

"As for the prisoner, I left early after setting up everything."

"Am I right? The first Mr. Duan Ye to go to the tent!"

Hearing this, the long-haired male Duan Ye Bangdian couldn't help taking a few steps back, his face turned pale.

"Mao Lijun, are you kidding me, how could I be able to do this kind of magic!"

At this time, Xiao Ai introduced: "In front of you is the famous Tokyo detective Kogoro Mori, can his judgment be wrong?"

Hearing this, the three of them only recognized Moori Kogoro and couldn't help but look shocked.

Duan Ye Bangdian's face became paler.

However, his girlfriend Kurooka Meiniao had a face full of disbelief. She covered her mouth and shouted: "Duan Ye, did you really do this?"

Kogoro Mouri ignored them and continued reasoning.

"Beer cans are no more than three or four bottles. This alcohol content is not enough to make people fall into a deep drunk state."

"So it must be a sleeping pill or other drug that causes a coma. Dissecting the stomach organ will be able to find out what the medicine is."

"Eight times out of ten, the medicine bottle is still on you. In addition, the alcohol needed to start a fire, the knife to open the tent, and the fiber on the knife."

"So much evidence still exists, and this is just a charred corpse on the surface, and there are still many remaining physical evidences. Do you have anything to defend?"

Hearing this, Duan Ye Bangdian collapsed and knelt down, shaking his head, unable to say anything.

No, it should be said that he started to fall apart when he knew the identity of Kogoro Mouri!

Beautiful bird with curly hair exclaimed: "Impossible, Duan Ye, you really did it, no, no." She cried and slapped her boyfriend on the shoulder: "Why are you doing this? You are so stupid. It's so stupid!" The police officers stepped forward to comfort Guoka Meiniao.

Immediately afterwards, the Chief Bow Police Department spoke: "Mr. Duan Ye, you can go back with us for investigation."

The long-haired male Duan Ye Bangdian didn't resist either, and followed him away in despair, saying nothing.

Once Kogoro Moori's reasoning was over, the case was concluded.No one would question his reasoning anymore, and his reasoning was not wrong.The bow chief police department smiled and came to thank you.

But before he could speak, someone squeezed to Mouri Kogoro's side first.

This is Fusha painting!

Fu Sha-e was still holding Bu Mei, her beautiful eyes staring over.

"Mao Lijun, do you have time, I want to talk to you alone."

Hearing this and seeing the eagerness in Fusha-e's eyes, Mouri Kogoro could only speak apologetically to Kuroda Hebei: "Sir Kuroda, there is no way, madam first."

Having said this, he took the small step beauty in Fusha-e's arms, put it down gently, and led Fusha-e to the direction of the tent that was just set up by Dr. A Li.

Kuroda and Conan frowned when they saw this scene.

However, the two of them were too close, they both observed each other's expressions, couldn't help but glance at each other, and turned sideways at the same time.

Heibei Kuroda stared at Wakasa Rumi, who was looking after the children, and squinted once again.

And in the murmur of Dr. A Li's gaze, Fu Sha Hui closed the zipper of the tent.

The woman then leaned against Kogoro Mori, pressed her body tightly, and whispered to his ears.