Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1884

The tools on the table made people feel terrified.

Whip, clip, handcuffs, tow rope, everything.

Yuanzi shook the whip and couldn't help asking: "Sister, when did you buy these? Isn't it too violent?"

"Where it is violent, the instructions are written. As long as the method of use is correct, it will not be uncomfortable."

"The last time the website was opened, I jumped out by myself. I just bought it. Look at the box over there. There is a tricycle in it that hasn't been assembled. I wanted to give Kogoro a surprise. I didn't expect to use it today. On it."

Yuanzi couldn't help but shook his head: "It's terrible. At most, I just buy some ecstasy online. Sister, you even bought this kind of thing and secretly converted the wine cellar into this."

Upon hearing this, Ayako laughed, her eyes squinted slightly, as if flashing with cold light, Yuanzi jumped a little long immediately.

Ayako turned to ask: "Which one shall we use first when mom wakes up?"

The little girl flipped through the printed book: "Start simple, drop the wax."

"The book says that the whole process takes three days, and then I can transform my mother to be particularly obedient."

Three days?

Tomoko's liver aches when she hears this, but when she sees Ayako about to turn her head, she immediately tilts her head, pretending to be asleep.

However, Ayako nodded: "For three days, it is okay for mom to not go to the company for three days. I can deal with anything anyway. But the butler is a hidden danger. It is possible that he will call the police if he does not see his mother for three days. , That would be bad."

"What about then?"

"Wait, I'll make a call and let my subordinates find an opportunity to tie up the housekeeper, so he won't be able to make any big waves."

"Sister, you really have you, just do that, wow, you are now super like the big villain boss on TV."

Ayako smiled complacently: "Silly girl, learn more. Being a woman from the Suzuki family is not that simple!"

At this moment, the door of the basement was pushed open.

Kogoro Mouri walked in with a speechless expression: "It's really not easy. You two are now drugged, kidnapped, imprisoned, and trained. It's really getting better and better."

Hearing Kogoro's voice, Tomoko immediately yelled: "Woohoo, Kogoro, save me!"

Chapter 0042 Ayako's Calculation

Seeing this scene, Mouri Kogoro was still shocked. This is exactly a scene in the movie!

At this time, Ayako suddenly opened her hands to stop her and said, "Kogoro, you can't go there!"

"It was hard for me to wait for this opportunity to fight back, and finally transferred all the people in the family away, and finally got her up with the garden."

"As long as she disagrees with us one day, I will never let her down!"

Ayako who said this had a firm face and a strong aura, and she actually had the queen aura of her mother!

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but wondered: "Now you don't even listen to me?"

"It's not that I don't listen, but I want to work hard for my own happiness."

"What you are going to do now, just open one eye and close one eye, pretend you don't know anything, and just go out."

"After three days, everything will be settled."

Wow!I didn't expect Ayako to have such a powerful side.

But the strategies you found online are not reliable at all.

How could you really do this?

Behind the garden, who was busy lighting the candles, couldn't help asking: "Hey, by the way, how do you know what's going on here, uncle?"

Ayako immediately said, "Idiot, butler Sato must have leaked it, otherwise how could Kogoro know?"

"It's a miscalculation after all. See if I don't find someone to tie up butler Sato and give him a taste."

Having said this, Ayako actually made a gesture to pick up the phone to make a call.

This is completely rascal, I didn't expect the eldest lady of the Suzuki family to be such a person.

But at this time, Ayako's wrist was grabbed by Mouri Kogoro.

"That's it, Ayako, let me handle it next!"

Ayako opened her squinted eyes slightly, and glanced at the friend on the wall: "Then do you think that woman would give in easily?"

That woman?That woman?Call yourself that!

The imprisoned Tomoko made his chest rise and fall, and his body trembled slightly.

"Don't be delusional, Ayako, you disappoint me so much."

Sure enough, Tomoko reacted this way, and she was also extremely tough in the battle for Shang Hai, she was completely soft and not hard!

Kogoro Mori has fully grasped his temperament, so there is no problem with his response.

Just wait for Tomoko's anger to dissipate, and then use gentle means to comfort her.

It's done, Tomoko will eventually agree.

But if Ayako and Yuanzi do so, it will be counterproductive and add fuel to the fire!

Mouri Kogoro was about to say something, but suddenly felt something was wrong.

My blood runs faster, and my heartbeat speeds up.

Something's wrong!!!

But the garden behind Ayako chuckled lightly: "Uncle, you've been recruited!"

After that, Yuanzi shook the candle in his hand and took it to Tomoko to smoke it.

Tomoko's eyes were immediately filled with stunned colors, and then a slight mist of water appeared in his purple eyes.

Yuanzi's face flushed and said: "Actually, Butler Sato specially let go out to inform you, even if you come to stop, my sister also told me how to deal with it."

"Unexpectedly, the dignified detective was hit by two little girls so easily, are we very smart?"

Speaking of this, Yuanzi went up and poked Mori Kogoro's chest muscles.

What a trick!

Obviously because it is her own woman, she will not deliberately guard against it!

But even so, a single treatment can be done.

But at this moment, Ayako pressed the button, and the door of the electronic mechanism in the basement was closed.

"This door has been set up by me. From now on, it will only open in seventy-two hours."

"And on the shelf, there is food and water for us for the past three days, so there will be no problems."

"And what we have to do is to resolve the matter within three days and let the disobedient be obedient!" Ayako said this with excitement in her eyes and a smug smile on her mouth.

She stepped on black high-heeled shoes and walked aside two steps, then showed the corresponding things on the table, which made Moori Kogoro brows!Immediately afterwards, Ayako took the pointer and the downloaded strategy materials, and pressed it on Moori Kogoro's hand.

He grabbed the whip and pointed it at the friend on the wall.

His lips were very close to Kogoro Moori's ears, and he whispered softly: "This matter is actually the most suitable thing for you to do it from beginning to end. Go ahead and train her!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro's pupils trembled slightly, and his heart moved.

"Hey~~~" Hearing this, the garden next to him couldn't help but tremble slightly: "Sister, you're so perverted! Great pervert!"

And Tomoko, who was imprisoned on the wall, looked at Ayako with eyes full of disbelief, as if she only knew her true face today.

Looking at this look of Kogoro, he is very likely to be bewitched by Ayako to do that, then I am afraid that he is in danger today!

At this moment, the purification witchcraft was urged, and a warm energy filled himself, expelling all the medicinal properties of the candle.Mouri Kogoro's eyes instantly regained their clarity, and the big hand immediately patted Ayako again.

"You really have you, you can tell you all such rebellious things. It seems that you won't be able to teach you this time."

Ayako, who jumped forward clutching her ass, immediately looked incredulous.

how is this possible?How come the plot is not unfolding according to your own imagination?

Isn't it drugged?There should be no judgment at this time. How can you not act when I say this?

Could it be that Yuanzi bought fake medicine?

Kogoro Mori slapped Yuanzi again: "And you, I said that these psychedelic drugs affect the body, why do you still use it? Want to be a Breaking Bad in the future?"

Yuanzi also took a step forward in pain, but immediately afterwards, she leaned over with her big watery eyes and rubbed Kogoro's body like a coquettish little cat.

"Uncle, don't be angry. This was planned by my sister alone, so I'll just help a little."

Yuanzi rebelled in an instant, and the pot was shaken!

When Ayako heard it, her chest was tight and her milk hurts, her squinted eyes opened instantly, staring at her sister, her aura was extremely terrifying.

But his little head was quickly slapped by Kogoro again!

call out!!!

The sound of the black pointer twitching sounded immediately.

Mouri Kogoro's dark eyes flashed with evil colors: "I think it is the two of you who really should fix it."

"Tomoko, don't worry, I will help you out now!"

Hearing this, Tomoko still couldn't react.

But soon, her expression was filled with stunned, and her purple eyes trembled slightly, completely unacceptable.

Chapter 0043 Tomoko, I'll Heal You

In the dim basement, the smell of the previous wine cellar has not disappeared.

The gorgeous movement stopped for a while, and even after a long time, Mouri Kogoro slowly walked to Tomoko.

Looking at this blushing pretty face, there are still tears on his face, tears are still glowing in his eyes, and his eyes are very complicated.

Maori Kogoro gently stroked his big hand, rubbed it lightly, and said softly, "Tomoko, I'll help you out."

Hearing this, Tomoko couldn't help but clenched!

If it hadn't been for her wrists and ankles to be locked, she would definitely beat it hard.

In the scene just now, no one else knows what kind of suffering she has endured.

But Kogoro Moori didn't seem to see his expression. He clasped his head with his big hand, kissed him instead, and said while kissing softly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Tomoko, I'm late, you are suffering! Are your hands and feet strangled?"

Tomoko still stared at Mouri Kogoro fiercely, and kept opening her mouth to bite him.

But in front of Kogoro, who has far more reflexes than ordinary people, he couldn't bite at all.

I was bitten and bleeds last night, it was Moori Kogoro deliberately, but now it is unnecessary.

"Don't worry, I will heal you!"

As soon as the voice fell, Tomoko's head fell back instantly, his eyes rounded, and the purple pupils kept trembling.

She felt a refreshing mint-like vegetation energy pouring into her body.

The vegetation energy continued to spread, reciprocating around the limbs.

The places where the wrists and ankles were strangled red, or even bleeding, healed and recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon returned to a jade color.But Kogoro Mori was blocking Tomoko's pink lips again, and Tomoko didn't want to bite anymore this time!

I don't know how long it took, Tomoko opened his eyes when he recovered, but was shocked by Yuanzi and Ayako standing next to him, and almost lost his soul.

Naturally, Yuanzi said: "Cut, I thought my mother was so good!"

And Ayako, who had been severely taught, now hides the other side of S that burst, with a harmless smile on her face, and took out the key to unlock the lock that confines her limbs.

Kogoro Moori wrapped Tomoko's thighs with both hands, picked her up, and saved her after being imprisoned for an unknown period of time!In this way, he hugged Tomoko like a koala and walked towards the sofa in the basement.

The two sisters behind are keeping up!

At Maori's home, Xiaolan was talking on the phone worryingly, but the phone could not get through: Dad is gone, there should be nothing wrong with it!

The old butler Sato has been talking to himself, saying sorry to my wife, saying that he shouldn't do that, and worrying about his twilight lover.Xiaolan persuaded her to go away.

After the old housekeeper left, little Lori Bumei rubbed her eyes and came down from the third floor, still yawning constantly.