Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1885

"Sister Xiaolan, the big sister upstairs asked you to take me home."

Hearing this, Xiao Lan agreed with Shiho who was poking his head.

Holding Bumei's small hand, she walked down the stairwell step by step, just hitting Fushahui who came to the office.

After thinking about it, Fusha finally decided to cooperate with Kogoro Mouri.

Anyway, the price is the memory of an experiment 19 years ago, and the memory is a bit vague, so it doesn't matter if you tell this detective.

Seeing Xiaolan coming down, Fu Shahui quickly asked: "Xiao Lan, is the Maori detective here? I can't get through when I call him."

On the third floor of the stairwell, Zhibo, with his head poked out, heard Fusha's voice, and immediately retracted nervously, and locked the door behind him.In the morning, the image of Huibara appeared, but now it was Shiho Miyano, but Fusha could not be discovered.

"Hey, Miss Fu Shahui, what can I do with my father?"

"It's very important, I want to talk to him in person."

"Unfortunately, my dad is going to solve a very difficult problem now, and I can't get through his phone."

"Will it be convenient to tell me where to go?"

Xiaolan immediately thought of the chaos at Suzuki's house, and laughed, and turned to shoved, "It's really inconvenient, you know we are a detective agency."

"Why not wait for my dad to come back, I will tell him, let him find you."

"That's good, please ask him to contact me as soon as possible."

Xiaolan nodded, and then said: "I want to take this child home, so I will be separated first."

Bu Mei immediately waved her small hand to say goodbye to Fu Sha-e: "Goodbye, Auntie, I will go to the doctor's house to see you."

Xiao Lan took Bu Mei away.

In the setting sun, looking at the two people going away, Fusha painted her brows slightly, and she couldn't help but sigh.

Looking at the upward stairwell, thinking about Akemi Miyano, who she already knew, she didn't go up after all, and instead walked back on high heels.At this moment, the curtain of the sushi restaurant on the left opened, and the one-eyed chef walked out.

Ken Wakada began to solicit customers: "This beautiful lady, do you want to come in for some sushi?"

"No, I'm not in the mood!" Fu Shahui waved.

But at this time, Kennori Wakita's lips moved: "Marsala!"

This name came out gently, and Fusha painted a pause in his footsteps.

"Come in and have a taste, the sushi this time is very delicious, it's perfect for eating together."

Ken Wakada lifted the curtain, and Fu Sha-e saw Conan who was eating up and eating inside, her blue eyes shrank.She didn't hesitate anymore, accepted the invitation and walked into this Ebisu sushi restaurant!

To the right of the Maori Detective Agency, outside the gate of the Polo Cafe, behind the pillars, the blond brother Amuro Tou is hiding behind.

On his mobile phone, he received a text message from Rum."Collect information about Kudo Shinichi!" "Time_is-money!"

Item 0044

In the dim basement, Fenglinshanhuo's heterogeneous energy continued to abuse!

Tomoko's purple eyes were trembling slightly, and his body was also trembling slightly.

His eyes fell on the garden above him, but he couldn't help but feel distressed.

Her lips trembled, but she didn't know what to say.

The alien energy was passed down from his body to the little girl!

The garden above did not wear a hair band, and her short brown hair was messy hanging down, but it could not hide her delicate face.

But this little face was flushed, the pores opened up, the sweat oozes out, and then it gathers into drops and drops continuously.Every drop of sweat dripped on Tomoko, Tomoko couldn't help shaking.

Aggression is like fire, and it is the fire energy that is cruelly abused!

"Mom, mom, I'm so hot, so hot, like a big stove!"

"But mother, I will never give up, I will never give up, and I will not give up on my life!"

"Mom, do you understand what I mean?"

Every time my mother called Tomoko palpitated!

But the garden who said this, the little hand is trying to grasp Tomoko's little hand.

There were tears in Tomoko's eyes again, and her other hand couldn't help stroking her daughter's cheek to wipe away the sweat dripping from her nose."I know, mom knows, mom knows all."

"But if you can't hold on, you don't have to hold on. You are still young and you have to learn to protect yourself."

Even though the garden was very tired, she still laughed, her amber eyes seemed to be light.

"I won't stick to it. I am the youngest person present. I am definitely better than my mother."

Hearing this, Tomoko's face collapsed immediately.

At this time, I dare to taunt my old age and beg!

His little hands slapped the garden's head hard.

This fight was like the last straw to crush the camel.

The garden full of amazing heat fell on mother's body!

But the alien energy suddenly changed.

Not moving like a mountain, the fire system has been transformed into an earth system!

"Okay, so heavy! Mom, so heavy! Too, terrible!" Yuanzi couldn't help but exclaimed.

Tomoko's face turned red, and her little hand couldn't help but slap her little daughter's fragrant shoulder.

"Get me up, so heavy you still press on me, you want to crush me to death!"

Yuanzi completely ignored Tomoko's words, shaking his head frantically, and couldn't help but exclaimed: "I can't take it anymore!" The inheritance came to an abrupt halt, and the alien energy retreated back into Tomoko, and it was Tomoko's turn to suffer.

Unprepared, Tomoko couldn't help but nibble on the little daughter's shoulder.

It's just that the garden at this moment has completely paid no attention to mom!

As for Ayako, the eldest daughter of the Suzuki family, she is lying on the sofa beside her like a salted fish, her long hair all curly.There was a small electric current on his long body from time to time, and his body quivered slightly.

When she first passed the inheritance, she encountered the most terrifying movement like a thunderstorm, the electric energy, which was so electrified, that it couldn't be relieved at this moment!

In the Ebisu sushi restaurant, Conan the kid is eating sushi, but he is watching three customers at the sushi restaurant.Next to the three tables of guests, there was an old lady patrolling them back and forth.

This aunt had just stolen her wallet in the tram, but there was a GPS system in her wallet.

She followed the instructions of the mobile phone to the sushi restaurant and found her wallet in the toilet.

The wallet was found, and the money in it was not less, but a horse lottery ticket worth 1 million yen was gone.

And the suspect was locked in the three guests who came in with the front and back feet!

Conan, the little devil, volunteered to come and test after hearing that Akai said that Kenji Wakita was a little weird.

But before he could detect what was wrong with Wakita, he was attracted by the theft of the million horse lottery ticket.

As soon as there is a case, the little devil head spontaneously enters the mode of forgetfulness and concentration, and almost never noticed Fusha painting coming in."Hey, Aunt Fushahui, aren't you at the doctor's house? Why are you here too?"

Fusha-e naturally wouldn't say that she came to Mouri Kogoro, so she smiled and said.

"I heard that the sushi here is very famous. I happened to be hungry, so I came over to try it. I didn't expect to meet you again."

"Oh, yes, the Maori detective office is right next to it, no wonder..."

Conan rubbed his head and laughed dryly: "Hey, the dinner at home was not ready, and I was too hungry, so I could only come here to find something to eat!" Although it was a dry laugh, Conan became wary in his heart.

What I suspected with Akai before was Fusha-e and Wakita Kennori, and now she knows from his uncle that Fusha-e is a double-sided undercover agent, both an organizer and a member of the US NSA.

She appeared here, it is most likely to exchange some information with Wakita Kenzoku.

Then the possibility of Kanezawa Wakita being a member of the organization is infinitely higher!

Wakita, who was wearing a blindfold on the side, saw this and said, "You two know each other, so let's sit together. The small shop is not big, there are only a few tables."

"Madam, what would you like to eat?"

Fusha squinted her beautiful eyes: "It's okay, but it must be something amazing and satisfying."

Kenno Wakada nodded: "No problem, I'll prepare now!"

At this moment, the aunt who had been stolen the millions of racehorses screamed angrily.

"Okay, the thief among you still refuses to admit it, right?"

"This is what you forced me. I originally handed it out honestly. No matter how good I apologize, I can let you go. Now, I'm going to call the police."

"When the police arrive and search for personal belongings, it will be clear who stole my horse lottery ticket."

Kenze Wakada immediately shouted: "Please don't do this. The police are here and the people next to you will see that it will affect the business of our store. There is a Mori detective office just next to it. Please let Mori detectives come to help reasoning. In a moment, the thief will be found soon."

Fu Shahui chuckled lightly: "The Maori detective is not at home, and can't even get through the phone."

Wakita Kenzoku said: "Since the Maori detective is not there, let this little brother try. After all, he has lived in the Maori detective's house for so long, even a pig will become smarter!"

Hearing this, the stolen aunt sneered immediately. She didn't believe what a kid could help, so she wanted to take out her cell phone to call the police again.But then, the mobile phone was snatched away by Wakita Kenze.

Wakita Ken then said solemnly: "It's true that I am a wandering chef, but my reasoning skills are pretty good. Don't call the police. Let me help you find the culprit!"


The middle-aged aunt immediately stared at the horrible old man Wakita Kennori with a wrong face, with suspicious eyes.

Item 0045

Fusha Hui asked in a low voice: "Conan, do you know what's going on?"

Conan nodded: "This aunty just followed the GPS system and found the stolen wallet in the toilet."

"But apart from me, the other three guests have been in the toilet, so they are all suspected."

"Auntie's thumb has a cut left by cutting vegetables. When the wallet was stolen, she used to hold a thief and put blood on the thief's cuff."

"What is strange is that none of the three suspects left any blood on the cuffs of their clothes."

Fushahui chuckled lightly: "It is very possible that some special method was used to remove the blood stains, as long as you find a way to avoid it."

"Conan, do you remember the meal they ordered when they came in?"

The little devil nodded and made a thoughtful gesture: "I remember, the yellow-haired man came in and ordered premium sushi, steamed egg custard, with cola, and vinegar pickled ginger as a seasoning!"

"The man in a suit came in and ordered regular sushi and oolong tea, and then ordered the seasonal grilled fish!"

"In the end this lady in a suit came in and ordered seafood rice bowl, sea urchin, and a lot of mustard!"

The one-eyed chef Kennori Wakita couldn't help but said, "Wow, boy, why do you remember everything?"

"So smart, he looks like a detective!"

Conan immediately waved his hand in a panic, a drop of cold sweat ran across his head, and a disgusting positive tone appeared immediately.

"Haha, I learned from my uncle. I grow up but want to be a super detective!"

Wakada's rough hands rubbed Conan's head: "Sure enough, you are very ambitious. You are staying at a Maori detective's house. You must be his disciple."

But the aunt next to her was holding her arms around her chest, speaking in a bad manner: "Hey, one-eyed man, don't you say that your reasoning skills are good? Did you find the thief?"

Kenze Wakita immediately stood up straight and his other eye closed.

"Of course I found it out. As a chef, I know a lot about cooking."

"Do you know why you have to add ginger slices when frying pork?"

The aunt yelled immediately: "Don't tell me anything, I want my horse lottery ticket!"

The one-eyed chef shook his head speechlessly: "It's really impatient. In fact, ginger slices have the function of breaking down protein and can remove the blood from the pork."

"The blood stains on the cuffs are also because the protein is stained with fibers, so you only need to drizzle ginger juice on it."

"So the thief is the yellow-haired customer who ordered a lot of vinegar pickled ginger."

The aunt immediately glared at the little yellow-haired brother: "It's you!"

Brother Huang Fa certainly didn't admit it: "Of course not, I haven't seen you before."