Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1886

"Hey, old guy, don't spit blood. If I really use ginger juice to pour it on, then my cuffs should have the color and taste of ginger juice. But there is no at all. The cuffs are wet because I wash my hands in the toilet. If it gets wet at the time, believe it or not, I will show you my belongings."

The yellow-haired boy who finished rolling up his sleeves began to dig out his pockets again, and took out everything he needed, but he didn't see the horse lottery ticket.

"Not really? Huh?"

The extremely arrogant aunt turned her head and looked at Wakita Kennori.

Kennori Wakada rubbed his head and laughed dryly: "Am I just a cook after all? I'm not a detective, and it's normal to find the wrong one!"

Conan couldn't help but roll his eyes at him.

But Fu Sha-e, who was on the opposite side, couldn't help but asked softly, her blue eyes lit up: "Conan, do you know who the thief is?"

Thinking that his uncle had said that Fu Sha-e was a member of the American NSA intelligence department, and that he would have to deal with and cooperate with him in the future, Conan nodded lightly and started speaking to him in a low voice.

After hearing this, Fusha painted eyes brighter: I didn't expect it to be you!

Then I saw the three guests no longer accompanied and wanted to leave.

Fusha Hui said, "Wait a minute, you can't leave the male guest in a suit."

The three stopped immediately, and the man in the suit turned his head: "You said me, I still have things to do. Now I'm going to see my father-in-law and mother-in-law. There is no time to waste with you."

Fu Shahui chuckled slightly: "Since you don't want to waste time, then hand in the horse lottery ticket first."

"I don't even know the owner, and there is no blood on my cuffs."

"This is simple. In addition to ginger can decompose proteases in the blood, there is also grated radish that has the same effect."

"Patting the front and back of the sleeve with grated radish, repeating three or four times, will absorb the blood stains without leaving any color. I remember you grilled the fish immediately after you ordered it, and the radish is on the grilled fish plate. Mud, right, this guest?"

The face of the man in a suit instantly turned ugly.

And Wakita Ken immediately stood in front of the man in the suit and stopped him.

On the other side, at the iron door in the basement of Suzuki's house, the iron door was opened immediately with the rumbling sound.

Although it was set by Ayako to turn on automatically after three days and three nights, the artificial intelligence after the red was not a joke, and the instructions were easily changed, and the door was naturally opened.

The mother and daughter are all hung on the shoulders of Kogoro Mori, with Ayako and Sonoko on the right and Tomoko on the left.

Three pairs of long legs dangling in front of Moori Kogoro, really dazzling.

On the back, the heads of the three women were about to hit each other, and their hair kept hanging down and intermingled.

If it weren't for Maori Kogoro's amazing power, he would not be able to carry these three.

The Suzuki house was empty, and all the maids left on vacation.

Therefore, Kogoro Mouri walked very magnanimously, and his steps were extremely bold.

He carried the three women and walked up the stairs to the second floor. In the middle, the three women's long legs were still kicking.

"Don't make trouble again, or you will be thrown on the street!"

The three women settled down quickly.

Soon, Kogoro Mouri sent the three daughters to Tomoko's bedroom and placed them on the bed.

Tomoko is in the middle, Ayako on the left, and Garden on the right.

I have to say that the genes of the Suzuki family are very strong.

Lying side by side in a row, the legs of the mother and daughter are extremely slender, which can be regarded as a model of playing with the legs. If you put on stockings and step on high heels, it would be perfect.

However, after careful comparison, the girl with the longest leg is Yuanzi, who is really blue than blue.

Immediately, Mouri Kogoro turned around and searched the room.

Don't have any more weapons, if you have another big knife or something, the heart can't teach it.

Sure enough, I actually found it, and there were two long swords in the closet.

Moori Kogoro, who was full of black lines, threw out the two daggers, and heard Tomoko say: "Okay, don't look for it anymore, this is really gone."

Item 0046

"It was originally two collectibles. If you didn't make me angry, you wouldn't use it!"

Mouri Kogoro lay on Tomoko and lightly pecked Tomoko's small face, not minding that the sweat on his face was wet and dry.

He chuckled: "Finally, are you willing to talk to me?"

Tomoko glanced sideways, blushed a little, and hummed softly: "You bastard, my Suzuki woman is afraid that you will be bullied to death."

Mouri Kogoro leaned over and rubbed Qi Qiong's nose, and said with a chuckle: "If you are bullied to death, then you will be bullied to death. Why, still want to bully others?"

Tomoko couldn't help but slapped Kogoro in embarrassment, and then her little hand tightened him a little, and her long legs followed.

Ayako next to her couldn't help but chuckle a few times.

She has never seen this kind of friend.

"You still dare to laugh, Ayako, the wings are hard, now even I dare to calculate."

"Shmi Mason!"

Ayako immediately got up, and a standard taxi apology etiquette was used, and the curve was very moving.

Seeing his posture, he felt Moori Kogoro's big hand pinching himself.

Tomoko pouted, and finally snorted quietly: "Forget it this time, after all, I will take over the consortium in the future. I can't justify it without a snack machine."

Ayako raised her head, opened her squinted eyes slightly, and blinked at Kogoro Mori with a smile.

This girl's eyesight is also very strong, and she is also very decisive in her recognition!

Mouri Kogoro embraced Tomoko's slender waist and turned slightly, and the two immediately turned up and down.

He lay down, let Tomoko lie on him, and then said: "But Ayako, the matter is resolved, Sato butler?"

"I'm going to make arrangements!"

As Ayako said, she immediately picked up the mobile phone on the cabinet next to her and called to her subordinates.

Soon, the order was issued, and the kidnapped Yuriko was released.

Then Tomoko also answered the phone and made a call to keep Sato butler safe.

In the end the call was hung up in the tearful voice of the old housekeeper.

As for the garden on the other side, she had already fallen asleep, and the little girl didn't know the heights of the sky. This time she was completely taught to be a human being.

Kogoro Mori swept the garden with his left hand, Ayako with his right, and Tomoko in his arms, and said softly, "Close your eyes and rest."

Tomoko patted his chest again, but didn't say much, and closed his eyes obediently.

Ayako moved her body and leaned over, resting on Kogoro's arm, her small hand still clasped his five fingers, and her squinted smile was very gratifying. It was completely relaxed.

I knew that Kogoro would make a move, this thing would be over so simple, she wouldn't be the villain!

As soon as the touch of spiritual power was urged, the thin was lifted, and they all covered them.

At this moment it was dark outside, but it was just early seven o'clock.

In the Ebisu sushi restaurant, the man in the suit is the real thief.

The trick of removing the blood stains was uttered by Fusha, but was blocked by Wakita Kenze.

Although the man in the suit kept arguing and entangled for a long time.

But in the end, the fat aunt had no patience, so she shot directly and found a million-dollar horse lottery ticket from him.

Then the arrogant aunt dragged the man in the suit out angrily to the narrow alley.

The screams sounded again and again!

Although no one called the police in the end, the man in the suit ended up uncomfortably, with a bruised nose and swollen face, and he limped away.

"It's really poor, Conan, if it weren't for your reminder, I didn't know that grated radish has the effect of removing blood stains!"

Fu Sha Hui spoke softly, and the little devil head immediately pretended to be a regular voice again.

"I saw this in a fun little experiment on TV, so I just remembered it, ha ha ha!"

"By the way, the dinner at home is ready, I have to go back, boss, check out."

"Thanks to your patronage, a total of 13,000 yuan."

After the little devil paid the money, he immediately ran out with his short legs. He always felt that the eyes of the two people looking at him were deeply malicious.Soon Conan returned to the office's own room, closed the door, and immediately tapped on the headphones.

Just before he left, he stuck a bug in the blind corner under the table.

In the sushi restaurant, Ken Wakita hung up the rest sign, then the sliding door was pushed up, and he sat opposite Fusha.

There are no other customers in the whole shop, only these two people.

"Marsala, now we can have a good chat."

A pocket pistol was buckled in Fusha-e's hand and pointed to Wakita Kennori's head.

"Perhaps you should talk about your identity, otherwise I don't mind this bullet breaking your forehead."

Wakita Kennoki smiled softly, picking his nails with a deboning knife in his hand.

"No, you won't. After all, this place is around the Maori detective office. You dare not shoot."

"Boss also commissioned you to investigate the richest man in Japan, and even the richest man in the world-Kogoro Mouri?"

Hearing this, Fusha frowned, and the pistol moved forward: "Who are you?"

"Na! Na! Na! This is boring, haven't I recognized me? Haven't you always wanted to kick me out of Japan? I don't even know who the opponent is, it won't work!"

When he said this, Kenze Wakita took off his blindfold and immediately revealed a pair of scarlet prosthetic eyes, which looked very permeating, like an evil ghost.

"Rang, Rum!"

Hearing the sound from the headphones, Conan's eyes lit up in the room on the second floor of the office.

There is another village in the shadow of the willows, and it was completely unexpected that Rum would have surfaced on his own, lurking in the sushi restaurants around the office.But why do they say that uncle is the richest man in the world?

Conan swallowed, earnestly pouring out to sound.

Fu Shahui put away the pocket pistol and restored her composure: "I didn't expect that the organization No.2, which has been hiding its head and showing its tail for so many years, appeared in front of me today."

"Why, the boss has a new order, do you think you and I will jointly kill this Maori detective?"

Conan's heart froze instantly.

"Of course not. Such a talented person is not so easy to deal with."

"Boss just asked me to make good friends with Kogoro Mouri and see if I have the opportunity to cooperate with him. After all, with the injection of big capital, the goal of the boss can be achieved faster."

Hearing this, Fu Sha-e also breathed a sigh of relief.

It didn't happen that the boss and rum were so afraid of the financial power of Maori detectives!

"I'm looking for you for another person, I must have impressed you last Sunday too-gin!"

Chapter 0047 Ying Li vs Hui Yuan

Fu Sha-e opened the sliding door of the sushi restaurant, and then turned and walked towards the doctor's house.

His expression was slightly dull, and he was obviously thinking about something.

Rum invited himself to deal with the gin in private, regardless of the boss's instructions, but wanted to clean the traitor away.Is this true or false?

So easily revealing his identity in front of him, and then picking out his hostility to him.

Is this guy Rum?

Fusha Hui had too many worries in her eyes, and she remembered the ferocious lone wolf character on the viaduct before.

That gin, killing half of his team with his own power, is really terrifying!

Do you want to avenge this grudge?

Turning his head, he looked at the Maori detective office, and the figure of Kogoro Maori immediately appeared in his mind.What he did to himself in Dr. A Li's house, what he did to himself in the tent.

Perhaps, cooperation with him is the kingly way!