Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1890

"Okay, Mihua University, wait for me!"

The phone was hung up immediately, and You Xizi's eyes were full of unkindness.

The garden in the back seat couldn't help but say: "Uncle, you can't do this, Dr. Aka finally got a girlfriend."

"I can't hold back you looking for me, I'm so young, so fun..."

Before this was finished, Xiao Lan directly knocked on the garden.

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly said: "Where I want to go, there is a case, this Ms. Fu Shae got into a terrible thing!" When these words were said, the three women all had an expression of disbelief.

It is true that Kogoro Mouri had too many previous convictions. Every time he said that it was a case, he would confuse with the woman among them. The credibility was too low.

Seeing that the three daughters were only fudged, Kogoro Mouri had no choice but to speed up and rush towards the university.

Soon, the car came to Mihua University.

A delicate woman with long wavy hair stood at the door and waited, wearing a white dress and high heels, like a blooming peony.This is the president of the beauty company, Horigo Yumi, who has a charming and charming charm.

There is also an OL outfit female assistant who is specially holding an umbrella for her.

Seeing Mouri Kogoro getting off the bus, Horigoro Yumi immediately greeted him: "Really, Kogoro, I had promised so well before. Why did I forget it today? I was almost late."

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it."

Having said this, Yumi immediately took Moori Kogoro's arm, the smile on his face became more real, and then greeted Yukiko who was beside him.

And Xiaolan Yuanzi, who got off the bus, saw the female assistant who was holding the umbrella, and couldn't help but speak: "Sister, why are you here?"

Yuanzi also said hello: "Senior Uchida, aren't you in Dongda?"

Horekoshi Yumi couldn't help but look surprised: "Do you know?"

Xiaolan chuckled lightly: "Of course I know, Senior Sister Uchida graduated from our Didan High School. She was the manager of the school's football club before!"

Yuanzi echoed: "I still remember meeting it twice at Kudo's house."

The elegant and beautiful girl said, "Although she is still a college student, she has already joined the Herb Hall and started an internship with the president."

"Sure enough, she is a high school sister, amazing. I started the internship so soon." Yuanzi couldn't help but praise.

Looking at the beautiful and dignified girl in 0L outfit, Mouri Kogoro instantly remembered the plot of the original story.It should be a college student named Uchida Asami, who once confessed to that kid Kudo and was rejected.

He looks very beautiful, but it’s a pity that he doesn’t have a good vision, what a pity!

He said, "Go in, Yumi, didn't you say you want me to speak?"

Yumei gave Kogoro a white look: "You've been here so late, you've already been left behind, don't worry, I will prepare the draft for you."

A group of people passed by the school gate, but Kogoro Mouri saw the poster, which also had Hideri's name on it.

"Hey, Yumi, why did you invite Yingri here, she's from Dongda, why are you here to join in the fun?"

Hearing this, the female assistant Uchida on the side couldn't help but glanced at Kogoro, feeling a little offended.

"Whoever makes me unable to get through to you, find someone to top you, I think of Yingli."

"Kogoro, what are you nervous about, shouldn't you do anything to apologize to Hideri?"

Hearing this, Yu Xizi couldn't help but chuckled: He was sorry for Yingli but did it all over!

Item 0053

The group entered the Mihua University and looked at this familiar campus.

The young girls passing by, the breath of youth spread over them, and Maori Kogoro felt very nostalgic.

You Xizi looked at the large stadium in the distance and couldn't help but chuckle.

"I miss it, Kogoro's first case of debut was in that gymnasium."

That was the case against gin, and it was the case that caused Yukiko to fall completely!

Speaking of this, Yukiko looked at Mouri Kogoro.

The two looked at each other with a sharp smile, as if there was no one else.

But Horigotsu Yumi stretched out his hand to embrace Kogoro's arm, and suddenly became soft.

"Hey, there is Kiko, don't be too much. This is my home court. When I was in college, Kogoro and I spent countless years in this school." You Kiko chuckled, "Well, I won't steal your limelight, yours. The home court is inside the school, but my home court is outside the school!" At this point, she blinked at Kogoro Mouri again and started to discharge again.

What a fairy!

This naturally refers to the hotel next to the university, which is the love nest of her and Kogoro.

Looking back now, those years are still vividly visible, which is absolutely absurd.

Mouri Kogoro didn't have much money at that time. On the contrary, Yu Kiko made her debut and had small assets.

The hot spring hotel outside will book two rooms for a long time, and the money will be paid by Xizi.

Yingli came back to the same hotel after dating.

Usually after Kogoro accompanies Hideri, he will pretend to go back to the school dormitory, and then turn around and enter Yukiko's room.

Or after you accompany You Xizi, he will turn to accompany Yingli, which is a real animal!

When I was dating Yingli on campus, I would follow the Madonna of the judo club and Yumi Hikari Bulb.Now that they have become their own women, they are really good luck!

Yumi couldn't help but chuckles: "Kogoro, do you know? Walking on the campus together with your hand, this is my previous dream, now it has finally come true."

"Oh, it doesn't feel very good!"

Although she was spitting, the smile at the corners of Kemei's mouth was very conspicuous, and her eyes were very bright, she was completely in love.There was light in her eyes, that Xiaolan and Yuanzi couldn't bear to disturb her!

"Look at the red pine road, it's still exactly the same as before!"


At this time, a little girl's voice rang, and Huibara and Conan were both here.

Little Lori Haibara trot over, and Moori Kogoro immediately picked him up: "Sai, why are you here?"

Hui Yuan whispered: "The woman said that she would come here with you to give a speech and do an interview. I naturally have to come over and take a look."

"Who knows I met Conan halfway down the road, he is watching Fu Shae!" The woman said it was Ying Li.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but ask, "Is that Hideri hasn't arrived yet?"

"I don't know, she seems to be very busy, so she said in the morning what files to get from the office."

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of high heels immediately sounded, and Fusha-e's figure appeared in front of Kogoro Mouri.

"Wow, Kogoro has such a big battle when he returns to his alma mater, so I'm dragging the family away!"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Don't worry, I won't miss you."

But it also seems to be because there are too many people and there are too many beautiful women next to it, which attracts too many college students' eyes.Soon, they noticed the Moori Kogoro who stood out in the middle, and they leaned forward with excitement one by one."Is it a Maori detective?"

"I like you so much, can you sign me?"

"I just want to take a group photo, hey, and Ms. Fujimine Yukiko, super star!"

The two of them were so popular that they caused riots as soon as they were recognized.

Uchida Mami immediately said, "Please come with me to the school theater. That is the venue for today's speech." Although Mami is a big beauty, she is not squeamish at all.

As an assistant, she worked as an assistant. She elbows everyone in front to clear the way, but the journey was quite difficult.Naturally, Kogoro Mouri couldn't just watch a beautiful girl as a bodyguard to clear the way for himself.

He was about to put down Xiao Ai and stood in front of Uchida Asami.

While smiling gently to deal with the crowd of students, while violently pushing them away, Uchida Mami was stunned.

In the end, Kogoro Mouri guarded the girls and entered the Hisida Theater.

Fortunately, this theater has access control and security.

Entering inside, college students who haven't bought tickets can't get in at all!

This Mihua University is a highly commercialized university.

Its large stadium is contracted by outsiders and can be leased out for large-scale competitions.

The Lingtian Theater is the same. It was contracted by outsiders and it has just been refurbished. Students have to buy tickets if they want to come in.After entering the theater, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. They only felt that the popularity of Kogoro Mouri was too terrifying.

Fu Sha-e couldn't help chuckles: "You are indeed a celebrity from this school. It seems that the students like you very much!" At this time, a pair of middle-aged men and women in suits and shoes greeted them.

The wrinkled old woman is in her fifties. It is Junko Hisida, the owner of the Hisida Theater.

The man is in his forties and is Yusaku Mori, the manager of the Lingtian Theater.

Manager Shisen smiled and said: "It's really an honor. Our theater has just been refurbished and invited world-renowned detectives and celebrities to give lectures and interviews. It's really a supreme honor!"

The female boss next to him, Junko Rishida, said: "Thanks to you, all the tickets for today are sold."

And another young yellow-haired man stood by with three staff wearing blue t-shirts and uniform suits.

This yellow-haired man has a straight corner. He has been commissioned by Horekoshi Yumi to organize today's speech and tailoring activities. He is the president of the event company.It's because he communicated with him on various matters, but Kogoro Mouri did not show up, but he called the school dance troupe on top.

"President Horekoshi, Detective Maori, these are the staff of this event, please tell them if you have any needs."

There were three staff members, two women and one man, but only one man and one woman bowed at the same time: "Please give me your advice."

But there was a beautiful girl with glasses who didn't say anything and seemed to be in a daze..

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A quiet girl next to me reminded this ponytail spectacles girl: "Yi, Yai, say hello!"

The girl named Tsukuba Mei was awakened immediately, her face flushed and she started to bow: "No, sorry, I'm actually a fan of the Maori detective. I'm just too nervous, so please give me your advice!"

Kogoro Mouri could naturally see that the expression of the spectacle lady just now was not nervous, but obviously worried, but he didn't say much.

It's okay, please take care of it next!"

The president of the event company Jiao Ta immediately said: "Hurry up and bring the distinguished guests to the backstage."

The three staff members pointed the way in front and took everyone to the rest room.

Soon, in the large rest room, the Maori group sat down, and the three workers poured various teas and drinks.

But then, someone seemed to hear the sound in the rest room next door, and someone came over

First, a middle-aged man who seemed to have been a soldier, said hello respectfully: "Detective Maori, Ms. Yuko, I'm Hideki Tsukinoki, the president of a security company. It's an honor to be able to do interviews with you. ."

An obese middle-aged man next to him stepped forward and held Kogoro Moori's big hand: "Detective Moori, I am your reasoning fan."

"If you have the opportunity, you must have a cameo on my reasoning drama. I'm sure many viewers want to see you."

This is an actor named Kenichiro Inogoshi, the detective in the reasoning drama, and the guest of today's interview!

In addition to himself, Yukiko, Hideri, and Horigo Yumi who might be going to play, there are too many people in this interview!

Mouri Kogoro turned his head to look at Horigo Yumi, and saw that she confessed to herself with her hands folded, and whispered.

"Because I really don't know if you and You Xizi will come, so I invited these guests. I'm sorry!"

This was also his own mistake, so Kogoro Mouri didn't say much!

But at this time, there was a noise from the outer corridor, which caused everyone to look at him.

Through the window, I saw an old man in a black hat, screaming at the female owner of the theater, Junko Hisida, with a cane in his hand."Just kidding, I won't approve of such a theater."

"When your father was alive, he was given preferential treatment to the college students of Mihua University, and students can enter the theater at half price."

"Now after the renovation, the preferential treatment is gone, and the tickets are still so expensive. This has caused dissatisfaction among the students. The reputation of our theater has been corrupted by you, a vampire, a capitalist!"

Rishida Junko sneered: "The backward business style that prides itself on fiscal deficits and maintains a false harmony, but struggles to survive, has long since passed away with my father."

"Mr. Lengquan, your employment contract with our theater has long ended. You are no longer a member of our theater. Please don't make trouble, please?" "What are you talking about, I have worked in this theater for more than 40 years, say me It's unreasonable if I'm not here!" Moyue's 70-year-old Lengquan Moji immediately drew his black cane towards Junko Hisida.

But this cane was grabbed by the actor Kenichiro Inogoshi!

The fat actor is very agile. He was still in the lounge just now, so he rushed out to be a hero.

Kenichiro Inogoshi immediately waved his index finger and said the detective lines in his TV series: "Calm down, listen to my persuasion, if you really do this, I'm afraid no one will open up to you in the future."

I have to say that the effect is very embarrassing!

Sure enough, no matter who it is, there is a heart to pretend!