"A straight right treatment plan cancer" Author: Han Shu


I am laughing is the third line of small stars in the entertainment circle, well-known communication, Omega, except for the beauty of the world.

He thought, anyway, there is no backstage, menome, soon, it is better to pick up young and handsome big alpha solemnly.

I didn't expect to lose, I have encountered my own days of ALPHA, and I didn't hold it, the spring breeze was once. I just got to go into the road, I went back to China for two years, and I turned into a broker.

It was won by a direct A cancer, throwing a marriage application, forced him to get married: "Do you sneak your child, don't you want to bring the ball, marry into the giants? Despicable! My son can't be illegitimate, Give me a sign! "

His front gold owner took the old contract to find the door: "Smile, do you remember the rest of our support contract?"

The ex-boyfriend of the current vision showed: "I get married, the resources should be all."

Even the first love of the second love also wanted to relive his old dream with him: "Let me go with me, I will protect you this time."

Even the male groups in his hand secretly secretly and his confession: "Brother, I wrote the first love song for you, is it good?"

Xiao Xiao: "..."

[] Do not stock, the attack is the pool, the innocence, the first love, the proud Miss, the Miss Qianfu, the tea art master is fascinated

[] Attack is male, not male. The former boyfriend a has been used by him, not only used, but he still have to laugh at the positive card, which is the worst of the technology he sleeping. It is not recommended to accept the Jie Party into the party, causing us to hurt each other.

[] Japanese dog blood comic ABO setting, male or female is higher than ABO gender, ABO is more important than distinguishing between social status, the first sex is a heterosexuality, the second gender additional body function, the positivity has no specific Flavor, incense.

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Introduction to a word: He is a wind and month, and it is also dust and an Egypt.

Critical: No matter what kind of person, what kind of experience has been there, even if it is not perfect, you can have a love belonging to himself, and it is good to work hard.