Title: The Cannon Fodder Through the House to Counter Attack

Author: Kamen feast


First of all, this is not a story of a cannon fodder attacking the main room!

As a cheap slave who has been sold six times, Xiao Hua is already numb.

In my previous life, I was a cannon fodder, and I was killed by a stick. In this life, I was a real man and was sold out in the end.

The welfare of this royal mansion seems to be good?Can it be released at 25, but also arrange to rule the household and remove the slave status?

Very good, very good, for this reason, Xiao Hua decided to stay in this King's Mansion and take a good job.It's a pity, after all, it's not enough to make good luck...

The host of the waiter is a'dumb man', with several big heads pressed on his head and staring at him.Saying that you don't want to be petting is definitely a fake. This is a way to survive for a "sciful girl" who clings to the male protagonist's thigh and is spoiled by someone but feels that the other party does not spoil herself at all.

From the cannon fodder to the first generation of concubine, the road is a bit long...

==Reading Tips==

1. The attribute of this article is he, the main sweet pet.

2. The male protagonist is a dumb man, he was a dumb man in his previous life, this life is a little better than the dumb man, can talk~(≧▽≦)/~

3. The hostess is not a regular wife, she was a common room in her previous life, and was also a common room in the beginning of her life, but not later.

4. Well, the female lead is the true love of the male lead, you know.But the three-way perspective is quite right.(If it's not correct, you can tell me, but don't spray.) Hey...

5. This article is empty and very empty, please check the party's mercy.

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Editor's comment:

The female protagonist was a common room who was killed by a stick in her previous life. In this life, she has been reformed and honest, but she has been sold out.Once she entered the Palace of King Jing, she decided to take a good job as a errand until she was old enough to be released, but she was not as good as others, and she was put into the ground of right and wrong.The host of the waiter is a'dumb man', with several big heads pressed on his head and still staring at him. How to take this road to survival requires careful consideration by Xiaohua.

This article is fluent in writing, coherent in plot, and the heroine is smart and low-key. The hero seems to be a facial paralysis, but in fact he is cute.From ruthless to sentimental, from resistance to acceptance, the tone of this article is mainly warm and sweet, which is worth reading.