Crazy Daughter Country

Crazy daughter country Chapter 1

As Lin Jiaxong Yang, Chu Wu's classmates were born for marriage, and then they were sold by the father-in-law adults to Tianzhi Island. It is an island of the Pacific, isolated from the world, and the beauty is like a cloud, boldly open.

However, here is a man in a dream of a man in the world. Because here ...

Chapter 1 pushing the queen, no, it is to overthrow the Queen!

Chu Wu, the first five, named after the early days of July, as for his surname, it is not known.

Chu Wu smashed the scene in front of him, and the squats, supermarkets, squares, small soldiers, pedicure cities, restaurants, etc., are completely familiar urban drawings.

"I shouldn't be wrong place? Is it a legendary 'sorghum'?" Chu Wuyi.

At this time, a young woman came over, twenty years old, the body, the appearance is the middle-aged product, especially the chest, walking from the road, one step three, it looks quite, it is only the boom of the toe, let Chu Wu Very unhappy.

"Hey, your new ID card." The young woman directly lost a new ID card to the front of Chu Wu.

Chu Wu took a look.

Nationality: Shengjing Kingdom.

Name: Chu Wu

Age: 23 years old

Citizen category: four other citizens.

"Hey, the name is changed to Chu Wu, it is great. I am really enough to have the name of 'Junior 5th. It is also good. Well?"

Immediately, Chu Wu realized a bit wrong.

"Ask, what is the meaning of these four other citizens?" Chu Wu pointed to the citizen citizen of the ID card.

"This is the privilege manual of the four citizens. It is good to see, if it is violated, it is to be lost to feed the tiger." Women are in the vitality.

Chu Wu has an unstoppable attitude of this woman. He must now figure out what is 'four-class citizen'.

Ten minutes later, Chuwu read the information.

He stood up: "I refuse to replace the nationality, I am Wusheng is the Chinese people, death is Huaxia Ghost, absolutely do not change nationality!"

"Oh." The young woman has two sneakers: "The district four other citizens dare to ask, or if you are a newcomer, I am more impossible, I have long called the police. They can't talk like I am so good. "

The woman suddenly turned, and it was not born: "Don't talk nonsense, let me go."


"Of course, you will work, you won't think that you can eat white drink here? The district four-class citizen." Woman exposed a ridicule.


The attitude of a woman is giving to Chu Wu is very uncomfortable.

"This whole country is inexplicably. Modern society, which has countries divided into four, etc., and the division standard is too pulled!"

The Holy Spirit Kingdom is located in Tianliang, which is a sea-isolated island. It is the only country in the earth that masters supernatural power, and is named the Fairo 'in many countries.

The Kingdom of the Shengling Kingdom is known as a female country. It is indeed a beautiful woman, especially the princes of the contemporary Queen, more intensive, sexy, wise and wild, and has been rated as the world's most sexy, most in the world for many years. Woman who wants to conquer and the most difficult conquest.

It is only for men around the world, but here is a dream, because this is the only female right country in the earth.

The Shengjing Kingdom purses a woman's first governance concept, and the superior look of the Queen of July, it is even more likely to make this concept.

Since the ten years ago, since the Square, the Queen of July has enacted a number of harsh laws and regulations, and the pretty migratory is in full pressure.

One of the most important pressing measures is to grade the kingdom of citizens.

Today, the citizens of the Shengjing Kingdom are divided into four levels.

First-class citizens: Elf, the elf makes all women, no exception. The legendary, elf has signed a contract to gain a powerful force.

No one has seen the elf grows, including the elves.

They are only able to feel the existence of the elves, but they cannot talk or communicate with the elves.

As a first-class citizen, the elves have made supernatural power, with extraordinary privileges, enjoy super-national treatment.

Second class citizen: ordinary women on the island.

These ordinary women are basically migrated from other countries for thousands of years.

These women's treatment is normal national treatment, with unemployment, relief, every major holiday, the government will also make money.

Third-class citizens: ordinary men on the island.

This type of person is mainly a native boy in two citizens, as well as some of the punished women.

The treatment of this type of person is a lot, and it is not qualified to apply for civil servants. It cannot be banned from the police, and many places in the kingdom have been banned.

The four-class citizens are the local men who are trafficking in the Kingdom of Chu Wu to the Kingdom of the Shengling, or some of the local men who violate the commandments.

Such people are even more miserable. Work is limited to 3K work. The so-called 3K work is, dangerous kiken, dirty kitanai, tired kitsui. Specifically, construction, decoration, sewer cleaning, etc. Moreover, the salary is less pitiful. There is no national rescue gold, no medical benefits, no money to see a doctor, can only wait for death.

"Rely! Don't let your call, you can't go to school, you can't go to the high-end hotel to eat, you can't go shopping, you can only do the dirty work, I can I don't endure. It is not the power of Mao four or other citizens. Even the slave, You can't make people! The queen of the country is too change - state! "

Of course, Chu Wu can only say in his heart.

At present, the enemy is strong, and Chu Wu is still seeing.

Moreover, with the queen's metamorphosis, if you know that you can ignore her, you may really be lost by her.

"Ah, what should I do?" Chu Wu is very headache.

At this moment, the woman who gated the road suddenly stopped, pointed to the roadside box lane: "Go up."

"Beauty, this is the goods?"

"Are you not a cargo?"


There is also a three-point fire, and Chu Wu is a bit angry.

But there is no such thing as Chu Wu sent, and suddenly jumped into a fat man on the car, directly put Chu Wu to the car.

When I was pulled away, Chu Wu saw the name of this woman: Li Yu.

"Laozi remembers you."

Subsequently, the carriage 'is called to lock.

"What do you do?" Chu Wu returned to God and looked at the fat man.