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The new book "Daliang Town Pu", the opening of the game "has been released

In order to say, it has already sent a day, more than ten thousand words, the title is very frustrated, very frustrated, don't care, content is still written.

I originally wanted to notify another book, but I didn't publish the authority after it ... this is like this.

Interested in see, in case the appetite, yes. . .


"Daliang Town Pushing, Opening Against"

Introduction: Yonghe ten years, whistling

The county's people did not speak, but they were played in the scene.

However, it is a little different from being arranged to play a robbery.

"I can't accept mediocrity!"

So, withdrawing a lot of film influence, it is very big.

Stepping point, plan, training, simulation ...

On the day of the exercise, the county looked at the empty street, suddenly realized that the script changed ...