CS Bonus Hunter

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"CS's bounty hunter" Author: Zhang Shuo

The cutting-edge novel "CS Bounty Hunter" by CS masters dedicated to the global CS community is a novel based on the online e-sports game "Counter Strike" (CS), which is popular with tens of millions of players worldwide.This book is based on CS games, but the whole story structure circumvents the current writing techniques of online literature that purely virtualize the game plot. Instead, it uses real characters as the main clue to describe a group of people and him (her). Our lives.

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People on earth should remember this day in the first game

Team up with a dangerous fart in the second game and become a killer

West City fell in love in the third game

The fourth round wcg, wcg!

His name is w in the fifth game

The maiden battle of the sixth round bounty team

They are from Shanghai in the seventh game

Riding a tricycle to the game in the eighth round

Ninth round double knockout

The tenth game aztec's legend

The past of the eleventh round w

In the 12th round, Agui joined the team

The 13th round Beijing, here we are

Awakening, sacrifice, and others

The shot yesterday in the 15th inning

Round 16 Scarlet Flowers

Seventeenth inning

Eighteenth round sniper

The Secret of Yanning

20th round

The 21st Round of the Crooked Neck Tree

Round 22 Red Bean Cake

Twenty-third inning, August 25th, sunny

Tradition and modernity meet the humanistic care in the video game of death and survival

——Recommend "CS Bounty Hunter"

"CS Bounty Hunter" is a novel with the background of COUNTER STRIKE (CS), an online e-sports game popular with tens of millions of players worldwide.This book is based on CS games, but the whole story structure circumvents the current writing techniques of online literature that purely virtualize the game plot. Instead, it uses real characters as the main clue to describe a group of people and him (her). Our lives.Among these people are "unemployed people" in their thirties, teenage college students, and men and women.He (she) came together because of CS, or became friends, or "enemy", or both a friend and an "enemy"."Competition" is the theme throughout the book. Of course, love is also a theme, but whether it is his (her) life or love, it is all related to CS-of course, you will not feel the description of the novel because of this. Rigidly, in fact, there are indeed such a group of people and their living conditions.

If you pick up this book, you will find that its language is humorous or even nonsensical, and you will find that you can't put it down anyway.If it is just funny, it is equivalent to other leisure reading materials, but the shock after reading can only be expressed by "tears in a smile".Stephen Chow made audiences all over the country laugh, but behind the laugh was deep regret and sadness.When Fairy Zixia rolled her eyes and died, she believed a lot of tears flowed out."CS Bounty Hunter" and Stephen Chow's comedy are different in quality, but they have the same effect.It is a kind of deep care behind the truth, and deep contemplation under the seemingly simple game theme.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Shuo, the author of this book: He graduated from Nanjing University with a master's degree and now teaches in an institution of higher learning; during his studies, he won the championship of the National College Student Thesis Competition hosted by Hong Kong and was awarded by Ding Zhaozhong; The score with a perfect score of 5 ranks first in the whole department and won the first prize of the People’s Scholarship; passed the highest level nine of the Central Conservatory of Music piano assessment; has columns on many authoritative literature websites, has many followers, and many excellent works are in Published by plain media, many works caused a sensation and were included in various collections.Such an outstanding pioneer of the new era, but he is the top master of the CS game, and once gave CS a whole year, and wrote the first novel of his life on this topic.What on earth attracted her?

She gave the answer: “CS is a game. There are many kinds of games. Sociologists say that low-level games can only vent excess energy, and high-level games are intellectual creations. In a sense, our philosophy Art, and even life are a kind of game. Its starting point is a secret desire, the process is role-playing, simulation or fantasy, and finally to satisfy desire. After all, life is a process of desire. Desire is not a bad thing, at least it allows We know that we exist. In CS, I was constantly born, struggling to survive in the gunfire, but in the end I was about to die—whether in the game or in real life. At first I was obsessed with the pleasure of shooting in CS, but soon I was replaced by a sense of responsibility. My existence is not just an individual, but also a responsibility to the entire team. I can’t let my own life and death be allowed, because my teammates need me, and their lives and deaths are likely to depend on the number of people I go to support. Within seconds. Killing and bleeding are not the goal, but saving and guarding is the true meaning of CS. In the morning when I shed tears for CS for the first and last time, I understood that what really hurts is not failure but your inability to do it. Your responsibility is not your death but the greater casualties caused by your death. When they handed you a corner, a slope, and a hole, they also handed over their fate. I understand this It is a kind of naked sincerity, a simple trust in our complex society-life or death. It excites me and touches me. In this age of sincerity and lack of trust, CS has given us some Forgotten and neglected human details."

The protagonists in the book are just like most young people who have just set foot in society, but they are very special.Such as passion, such as sincerity, such as simplicity.It is harder to find a simple person these days than to find an alien. Everyone is very ambitious.The "bounty hunters" in the book are as confused as all young people, but they know not to give up because of their love.The author obviously likes them very much, giving them not only care, but also some pursuit beyond life and death and emotion.The themes of literature and philosophy are nothing more than these. The key is to present them in different ways.The author found a very entertaining entrance, although it was a deep thought at the end.

On November 18, 2003, a series of e-sports games, including CS, were listed as the 99th official event by the State Sports General Administration. This is obviously a direct response to the traditional concept of "video games are harmful things". echo.People exclaimed that the wolf is coming, and tried their best to denounce it, but not many people have truly understood the thing itself of e-sports deeply.The public opinion and the parents of the children cannot understand the children who are caught in the CS game. They cannot accept that the children are immersed in the blood and rain to be born and die again and again, and are busy with cruel killings.They don't know that children experience life in CS, exercise their sense of responsibility, and maintain a natural and pure personality in the game.

I believe that every CSER (CS player referred to as CSER) feels a certain attraction that CS brings to them, but they may not be able to express this attraction, or they may not rationally think about what CS really brings them.China’s e-sports is becoming professional. Maybe in five years or more, China’s game sports will become an important pillar of the national economy like South Korea today. At that time, professional players will also be highly educated and well-paid. High-level social professionals sought after by everyone.The establishment of a new thing will inevitably be accompanied by sacrifice. The current CSERs will definitely be eliminated at that time. In fact, they unknowingly act as the founders of this industry.The author’s biggest wish to write this book is to build a bridge between CSER and the majority of people living outside the CS world, so that people can understand that CS is no longer a simple game, it is a sport; It requires perseverance, perseverance and love; human beings have the instinct of self-transcendence, such as wisdom and physical self-challenge. Now people have another pursuit for continuous progress and improvement-e-sports; it is another way for humans to understand themselves Opening the door is also the social foundation for the survival of e-sports. In addition, it also forces humans to think about life and death issues.As the author said: "I saw some light when I was trying to transcend such troubles. I looked up and saw the faint morning sky I know. It is a kind of run that leaves life and death, fear, and loneliness far behind. . I am running in CS, I know, I am not alone."

Days that everyone on earth should remember in the first game

February 15, 2002, a day that everyone on earth should remember, especially Comrade Liu Zuo who lives in Jianye District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Comrade Liu Zuo was originally called Liu Zuo instead of Liu Zuo.That is to say, when his parents gave birth to him, they never thought that one day this kid would be a leader or something, at best he would only assist others.Assistant and so on are ancient sayings, and now they are collectively called assistants.So Liu Zuo was lucky.If the name is Assistant Liu, it is really hard to hear.It's already qualitative without fisting—always an assistant—it's boring.However, the reason Liu Zuo was not called Liu Zuo was because this person was missing a string in his mind when he was in elementary school, and the name would never be written on the exam.