CS Bonus Hunter

Section 72

Ajie and Xicheng could not be reached.According to regulations, if a team is late for more than 10 minutes, then they are disqualified.If they were to play as a substitute, the X-Files team knew in their hearts that they were definitely not the opponents of the rising Bounty Hunter team who lost Ajie and West City.That result is only self-defeating failure.

Seeing the time passing by, the organizer, after repeated urging, began to issue a statement: "If a team that is late for more than 5 minutes without a challenge, it will be counted as a failure."

Brother Fart's eyes suddenly lit up.

Azhu's eyes also lit up.

Even Agui's hands are not shaking so much.

They all thought of a word-win without a fight!If they can win without a fight, then they are logically Chinese WCG champions, and the 100,000 yuan prize money that has been dreaming about is in the bag.

Whatever the reason, the late arrival of Ajie and West City is not the responsibility of the Bounty Hunters.Therefore, the victory handed over due to their mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of.

The faces of Azhu and Pi even secretly showed smiles, and they did not see the members of the X File team glaring at them.

W suddenly stood up and walked to the rostrum.He said something to the rostrum, but saw the organizer's people show a look of embarrassment.W returned to his seat.After a while, a staff member of the organizer ran over and said to the bounty team: "Since you have requested, the organizing committee of the conference has also considered various factors and specifically allowed the game to be postponed by one hour."

As soon as Brother Fart, Azhu and Agui heard, their eyes all fell on the ground.

Liu Zuo nodded and said, "We are very happy to do this."

After the staff left, Brother Pi angrily said to W: "What did you say?"

W said lightly: "That's the news you just heard." Azhu said: "Are you crazy?! Obviously we can win without fighting."

Liu waved his left hand and said: "Don't say anything. W did exactly what I wanted to do! To win without a fight, our bounty team does not want this kind of victory!"

Brother Fart gave W angrily and murmured, "You are the only one!"

Liu Zuo said: "That's what I asked W to talk to the podium. Actually, don't pretend to be fierce, Brother Pi, I know you too well, you have been thinking about fighting Ajie again." Brother Pi scratched his head embarrassedly. "It's not wrong to say that, I really want to fight Ajie and others again! Damn, I just don't accept this tone!"

Liu Zuo turned to Azhu again: "And Azhu you... don't you want to shame your Black Heaven team?"

Azhu squeezed his fists: "That Ajie made our team forget! I always forget!"

W said coldly next to him: "But when the possibility of victory is placed directly in front of you, you forget your mission, right?"

Azhu whispered: "No!"

Liu Zuo smiled, patted the nervous Agui on the shoulder and said, "Actually, I know that everyone is afraid, afraid that we will lose in the final battle, afraid of facing the extremely powerful X-Files team... …Actually, I’m also scared in my heart. These days, I’ve been thinking about what people live for. After learning about Yan Ning’s condition, my thoughts have become more and more prosperous, and I’m thinking about it almost every moment..." Azhu interrupted and said, "Did you also think about it when you kissed Yanning?" After speaking, he knew that he had failed, and he covered his mouth, and his eyes murmured.

Liu Zuo blushed, and then said, "Ahem...I always think about what people live for. When we were young, our parents taught us to get ahead. When we went to school, the teacher wanted us to be among the best. When we worked, we depended on the boss’s face to discuss life. …We have been living by listening to others all our lives, but how many people can live according to their wishes, and how many people can live with a clear conscience?"

He squeezed his fist: "...Why do people live? I haven't figured it out yet. I heard that the greatest philosophers can't solve this problem. But I now know that to live is to constantly face and overcome oneself. The fear of people. The biggest enemy of man is himself. This is a famous saying I have heard before. I didn’t understand before, but now I understand. To live like a person is to overcome your fear. Fear of being abandoned, fear of death, fear Being laughed at... These are actually trivial things in life. Compared with the great happiness you finally get, naturally, it is really trivial."

"I admit that I am afraid of the powerful X-Files team. But this has inspired my determination to fight him. I am afraid of the opponent, but I don't back down or fear. This is the soul of our bounty team! The only regret is that Yan Ning Not here... Actually, Yan Ning is braver than any of us... I hope that we can take home the Chinese WCG champion and bring it to Yan Ning!"

Brother Fart whispered: "Champion!"

Azhu also said in a low voice: "Champion."

Just as the members of the Bounty Hunters and the X-Files team, as well as the national audience and countless CSERs on the Internet who were watching through HTLV, were eager to see through, Xicheng was using his motorcycle to carry Ajie to the scene of the game.

Although Xicheng's speed has become so fast that it makes it difficult to sit still, Ajie still sits in the back calmly and calmly.

There are still a few minutes before the game.Xicheng turned his head and shouted at Ajie: "Hey! Thank you!"

Ajie said: "What?"

The wind is too strong, and both people talk like yelling.

Xicheng said, "Thank you for getting me out of the police station!"

Ajie said: "Monkeys like you should be locked up in the zoo."

Xicheng said: "They are too interesting! They say it's just education, why the airport security officer must send me to the police station?"

Ajie said, "Hurry up! Take a taxi and see your motorcycle on the side of the road, and you have to get off and drive it. If you can't get there before 9 o'clock, I want you to look good!"

Xicheng said, "Dude, what are you anxious about? Look, isn't this possible anymore?"

Xicheng slammed the brakes, causing dust and smoke.As soon as his long legs stepped on the ground, the car stopped.Without saying anything, Ajie ran upstairs with Xicheng when he got out of the car.

Xicheng said as he ran, "I have practiced running in the past two days, am I running fast enough?"

Ajie said: "Stop talking nonsense."

The two talked, but they didn't stop.Suddenly Xicheng slowed down and said, "Ajie, who do you think is that?"

Ajie looked up and was surprised: "Why... is it her?"

Xicheng smiled and said, "Don't worry now, someone is late with us."

The white figure in front of them heard the voice of Xicheng and stopped, turned around and smiled: "At 8:59, we are not late."


The staff has already postponed the announcement of the China WCG Finals which was supposed to start at 9 o'clock.At this moment there was a commotion in the crowd.Accompanied by the whistle and the girl's scream, two tall and handsome figures walked into the game, "West City!"


All the cameras and all the eyes focused on these two people who were late.Their names represent an unprecedented miracle in the Chinese CS era, a shocking force, and they themselves are so handsome and full of sunshine-they are undoubtedly the center of the audience.

Most of the team members who have played against the X-Files team are watching the game directly on TV or the Internet.Although the names Ajie and Xicheng have brought nightmares and haze to countless teams, there is no doubt that they are currently recognized as the strongest team in China.Opponents who have lost in their hands and hate them so much will not hesitate to bet on the X-Files team for victory in the finals.Their strength is like an unattainable mountain, traversing the thorns of every team trying to aspire to the WCG championship.

Ajie solemnly walked to the podium and signed, without saying anything, he walked to his seat, put on his headphones, and started debugging the computer.

Xicheng smiled crookedly at all the girls who screamed at him, then rushed to the seat and sat down.

The game is about to begin.

Liu Zuo watched his opponent.From the door to the seat, he kept watching them seriously.He couldn't see any panic from them, and the unhurried manner could not conceal the desire for victory and the determination to win.

Liu Zuo returned his gaze to his monitor, and he took a deep breath.At this moment, as if attracted by some kind of magnetic force, he suddenly looked up at the door.

At the door, stood Yanning in a white dress.

He recognized that skirt—it was Yanning's booty during the team's "Xinjiekou Day Tour" in Nanjing.When they bought this dress, they joked that "you must wear it on the day of the WCG final."Yan Ning obviously remembered this agreement. At this moment, she was wearing it and standing in a corner where no one noticed, looking holy and peaceful.

She lifted her finger slightly and pressed it against her lips.

Quiet Yanning, haunting Yanning.

The corners of Liu Zuo's eyes were a little moist, but they were quickly replaced by a smile.

The game is about to begin.WCG competition China CS finals.

Those who win will be eligible to represent the Chinese team in the world finals.Dreams that were once out of reach are now so close to these two teams.The wind blows in August, and the heat is cool.

The game is about to begin...