Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 1 Huangshan Zhenjun and Jiuzhou Group 1

Monday, 20 May 2019.

Summer solstice in the spring.

Day and night temperature variations in the Gangnam region have been significant this season. In the daytime, the pants are hot as dogs; in the evening, they are frozen into cold birds in their nests.

Jiangnan University City.

At 2: 13 p.m., this is exactly what students do in class. Song Shuhang stayed alone in the dormitory, and the computer desk was pulled to the bed to allow him to watch movies in various positions.

Song Shuhang had no passion for skipping class - last night the weather was dull in the middle of the night, and in his sleep he made a 'double dragon out to sea' slip off the quilt. In the second half of the night, the temperature dropped dramatically. Song Book Hangton, with only a pair of small pants all over his body, was forced to bitterly explore his hands in bed in his sleep, searching for them, but could not touch the quilt. At the end of the day, only shrimp shrimp shrubbed into skin, and Cersei shivered in the midnight breeze.

When Chaoyang rose, Song Shuhang had become a member of the Seasonal Cold Army.

The roommate has already taken his leave of absence for today's class.

Then he took a cold pill and slept until now.

High fever fades away and your body is still a little faint, so you can't go to class at all. So he had to be alone in the dorm watching the movies boringly.

On the screen, the movie playback progress bar slowly advances. But the content of the film, Song Shuhang didn't see it at all.

“Is the potion not over yet? I'm sleepy.” He beat up a debt and felt a little heavy in the eyelids.

‘Di Di ~’ At this point, the chat software in the lower right corner of the computer jumps.

This is a prompt for someone to add him as a friend or join a group.

“Who added me?” Song Shuhang muttered, stretching his hand slightly in the lower right corner of the computer touch screen, prompting the message to pop up.

[Zhenjun Huangshan (* * * * *) requests to add you as a friend.] Additional message: None.

Masaru Huangshan? Who, that strange nickname?

“Are you a classmate?” Song Shuhang secretly said, I couldn't help but think of some of the guys in the class who were already in college but were still in the fantasy of youth. If it was them, it would be a strange nickname.

Thinking of it here, he ordered 'yes’.

Next, another system message pops up.

[Huangshan Zhenjun invited you to join the group 'Jiuzhou Group 1', do you agree?

Song Shuhang continued to press consent.

Book Mountain Pressure has agreed to join Jiuzhou Group 1.

[You have agreed to join the group and say hello to the group!] Also attached is a systematic smiley face.

Chat tools are becoming more and more human these days.

After a series of hints popped up, Song Shuhang agreed to close the hint and group chat window - he is now sleepy, how can he manage what group he added?

Anyway, his group setting has always been 'No Messages Shown Only', and the group chat will not pop up to disturb him, it will only show the number of chats after the group.

When he wakes up, he can go over the chat records to find out what group he's in, and the chat records of the group members won't be lost.

Your eyes are getting heavy...

Movie progress strips are still stubborn, but Song Shuhang's consciousness is more blurred.

In the Kyushu-1 group, when new people were seen, diving members appeared in the group.

North River scattered: “Has Shinjun Huangshan added a new Taoist friend? Haven't had a new recruit in over a year? ”

Another ID for 'Su Shi Aqi' replied quickly: "New friends? What district is Daoyou in Huaxia? In which cave? Where's the number? How many have you fixed? ”

Something is wrong with this series of questions?

Almost at the same time, ID was a pop-up message for Crazy Knife Three Waves: "New Daoist Gender? Is that a fairy? No. Yes, sir. Let's light it up! ”

Seeing the news of Su Shi Aqi and the Mad Knife Triple Wave, several people in the crowd had twitches in the corner of their mouths.

“Brother Sanlang, are you really a goldfish?” The North River is scattered with sighs: “Don't die again, what if Huangshan Shinjun comes in with another senior? ”

Mitsunami is good at everything, loving and helpful, so the people are good - they usually like mouth and flowers and die with one hand.

By the way, this guy's luck is so low that every time he accidentally dies, he always sins against his elders. These leisurely egg sore elders are sad and not having fun, naturally very happy to toss the Mad Knife Triple Wave this door-to-door pleasure.

“Kneel not to mention the words' great seniors’, there is a shadow in this seat.” The Mad Knife triple waved with a row of 'tear-filled' faces.

Four years ago, this lousy mouth offended a beautiful 'big senior' and was tormented... that big senior tormented him for a whole year and four months. You heard me correctly. It's been a year and four months! His orbits were wet when he remembered those inhuman days.

Three-wave just said that, and the crowd popped up two or three times in a row with a bad smile on their face - no hidden, straightforward disaster and joy.

There were eight people online, six of whom popped up and brushed a row of smiling faces.

“You blissful bastards, remember each one of you, do not let this seat meet you, otherwise you must taste the history of the 72nd Rapid Knife!” Crazy knife three waves hate hate. He was very confident about his knife, and none of the six guys who laughed badly just now were his opponents.

Crazy Knife Triple Wave just finished.

The group immediately put on another bad smile, which belonged to Su Shi Aqi.

Then Su Shi Aqi was excited: “When do you choose alone? ”

Obviously, Su Shi Aqi didn't mean to be happy - he was just looking for someone to fight.

“…” The knife shriveled.

Because he can't fight Qi!

He has reached the realm of the Queen of the Five Pints and is only two steps away from the King of the Six Pints, but he cannot beat Qi.

He handled 72 knives fast and harsh, and lightning fast, but couldn't beat Qi.

He called it a mad knife. He was even afraid of himself when he went mad, but he just couldn't fight Qi!

When the crowd saw the three waves shrivel, it was another series of unscrupulous smiles.

“…” This time, the Mad Knife Triwave can only send a series of slogans that are depressing.

The crowd made a scene for half a day, but didn't see the newcomers making a sound, some doubts.

“Don't the new Daoists make a sound?” The North River scattered and asked.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang has entered a half-sleep state again due to the effects of cold medicine.

At this time, Su Shiqi was happy to send another message: “I saw that the new Taoist friend was called 'Book Mountain Stress'. Have you ever heard of a master called this? Does it sound like some kind of Confucian walker? What an anticipation! Confucian pedestrians have been hiding so deep over the years that they can't be found. I haven't hit them in almost a hundred years! In retrospect, Confucian pedestrians beat Buddha Gate better than Buddha Gate. Not only did his mouth hurt, but his fists were hard enough. And when you get excited, you'll be happy with your bard! Love to hit them too. ”

“Qi, I said, what do you expect from a new Daoist is always a good fight and a good fight?” Three-wave with a tearful expression. This is bullying, okay?!

“Uh." Su Shi Aqi was a little embarrassed.

The North River scattered a bad laugh: “Is it another ‘senior' who doesn't know how to use chat tools? ”

Does he say that everyone feels that the scene is instant vision?

Yeah, almost four years ago, there seemed to be a senior who left the customs office after shutting down for more than a hundred years. Likewise, he finally got on the chat software and was joined by Huangshan Zhenjun. There were no statements because they could not be typed.

Then, a guy named Crazy Knife Mitsunami was happy to talk in front of this senior, asked for this senior newspaper Mitsunami, asked her to send a photo, and asked for voice chat or something.

Then... in a few days, the Mad Knife Three Waves saw this senior with their own eyes. It was a beautiful predecessor, as bright as a bright moon in the night sky.

Then, this beautiful predecessor tormented the three waves for a full year and four months before leaving satisfied.

Crazy Knife fell on her knees.

“Yellow Mountain?” At this point, an ID named ‘Pharmacist’ speaks.

Unsurprisingly short news, no end.

Fortunately, people in the group are used to the pharmacist's short chat habit-- he's asking the group owner, where is Shinjun Huang Shan?

Short speeches are not about the pharmacist's nobility and arrogance, but because he typed with a two-finger Zen handwritten, slow thief. It's easy to go wrong when there are many words, and it's painful to delete and write. So pharmacists are accustomed to speaking briefly. Over time, it has become a golden way of communicating today.

“As soon as he added someone, he went offline. I heard that the big monster dog of his family left the house in a bad way, and Shinjun Huangshan went after him again. It's not easy to deal with the baby big demon dog. Shinjun must be very busy right now. It's rare to have time to go online and add people.” The North River is scattered back.

“…” pharmacist.

“We'll have to wait until Shindo learns to use the chat tool.” Su Shi Aqi sighed. They were all predominantly preconceived, believing that new entrants were also among the same people.

There was no response to seeing Shindo, and some of the people online were diving without pleasure.

About an hour later, Song Shuhang woke up a little sober.

“Remember when someone added me to the group? I think it was called Jiuzhou Group 1?” He whispered, tapping on the chat tool in the lower right corner and pulling out the chat window for the Kyushu-1 group.

What group is it?

Soon, an hour ago, the chat record appeared before him.

Song Shuhang probably toured it.

Daoyou, cave house? How many?

And seniors? Makoto? Hunting big demon dogs?

Exclusive vocabulary in various Immortal novels.

The way people in the group talk is also interesting - it's not old, it's not white. It gives the impression that modern people try to communicate in ancient languages, but also because the ancient texts fail in their merits, resulting in a very unusual way of communication.

Song Shuhang laughed.

Looks like this is a gang of Immortal Hobbyists?

Oh, no, this is definitely not an ordinary Immortal Hobbyist!

Everyone in the group gave themselves a street number. The place to live is called the cave house. The pet dog lost by the owner of the group should be described as the big demon dog running away from home. And someone who claims he hasn't hit a Confucian walker in centuries, that is, he claims he's been alive for centuries?

Just looking at these chat records is a good shame.

“This level of obsession has reached the level of secondary illness, and is also Huaxia's characteristic Immortal Second.” Song Shuhang nodded darkly.

Looks like this is a concentration camp for two sick Immortals!

This was his first impression of the Nine Continents and the members of the group.

But why did you add him to the group?

He looked at the information of Huang Shan Zhenjun, who was not his own classmate, and certainly did not know him.

Is that a mistake?