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The new book is uploaded, "The List of Ten Thousand Worlds"

"What shape will I look like in three years?" Xu Qijing, who had insomnia, was thinking in the college dormitory.

The next day, early morning.

He got the answer he wanted.

Three years later, he had a double harvest in his love career.He has a high degree of freedom and a career that can support his family; he has a seductive daughter-in-law; he also has a book that is not tired of playing. As long as he reads the name in the book, there will be a voice responding to the report.

Everything is perfect, it is a template for a winner in life.


He has no memory of these'three years'.

He is a point in time when the camera is switched to three years later.

Xu Qiji panicked.

After spending a few days with his wife, he discovered another interesting thing.

Every weekend, the daughter-in-law will play the role of a technologist... and start to assemble a sci-fi-looking instrument.

Its name is: Brain Breaker•Miracle Gate

Well, it's a lovely hobby.

Xu Qijing felt very cute and decided to play with her.

Until that day, the door of miracles took shape... Xu Qijing finally discovered that Daxia, three years later, had become less everyday.

The world and human civilization are welcoming a brand new turning point!

[In this unusual world, I don’t want to be a human being!



New book by the newcomer Naiqi~~ Please love it.