- It was surprisingly quiet.

No more people have been so noisy. A city that was bright and full of steam no longer existed. - My loved ones, they're nowhere.


The girl was just taking a slow look at the sight.

Cloudy, empty eyes show a devastated world.

The long gray hair, which was beautiful, was snug with blood and adhered to every corner of the garment and body.

Even with all this misery, it should be noted that her expression stared at the sight in front of her as if it were a machine without changing.

"Hi, Serra. That sounds awful."

Unexpectedly, there is a girl's voice from behind.

The girl called Serra in her voice looks back at her pupil with a thin eye.


"You've even forgotten the words already. And now you're like a killing machine or something?


Not responding to the girl's words, Serra pulls a knife out of her sheath that was rusty with returning blood.

You will not have any emotions in that face, but with a clear intention of killing in your eyes.

This man is just like me. So enemies. So here...

"So I will kill you here"

"Oh, my God, you can talk."

The girl raises her voice like she was impressed by Serra's whining.

Immediately after.

The clash has begun.