A feverish gaze from many subordinates.Before that, Strella--

"Everyone, listen up, I'll only tell you once!"Is that a good thing?...... Prepare to evacuate! "

--You loudly proclaimed that.

"" "... yes?" "

Her men will naturally doubt their ears.Until now, I was thinking of taking over Aquiregia in the capital of Éclélia, but suddenly Strella withdrew.My men doubted their ears because they didn't know what was going on.I had to suspect it.More than 200 people thought they had misheard something else, not actually pulled out.

However, no matter how many times I looked back, the two letters of the withdrawal did not sway.As a result, my men will soon understand.Strella was really trying to retreat.

Why, why?!

"Why on earth?!"

Aren't you going to attack and destroy Éclair?!

Strella's men raise their voices.No one could understand it, and Strella's intentions seemed to be confused.

They are not at a disadvantage, and they have not even fought properly in the first place."Nevertheless, what does it mean to withdraw..."The two letters "why" dominate the minds of my men.

Strella, on the other hand, did not try to answer unambiguously the questions raised by her subordinates.Instead, respond like this.

"My destination has changed."That's why it's no use staying here. "

Then, naturally, such a question arose among everyone.

"Where the hell..."

Are you going? Although his gaze focused on Strella, including such questions, Strella did not answer the question.Rather, it would be more appropriate to describe it as unanswered.

Because she has to talk to the Atlas in Mid-Eden about the upcoming operation.After consulting, I decided where to go, so I couldn't answer.

"I haven't decided yet, but I don't know if it's in Eccleria or a completely different place... well, I haven't decided everything, including that."But can you say that?So our battle hasn't started yet, and it's about to start?Well, shut up and follow me. "

When Strella had finished saying that, she went back into the tent.After that, the confusion spread among her subordinates for a while, but Strella's words "Shut up and follow me" spread--


"Long live Strella!!"

“I'll give you everything!”

Strella-sama! Strella-sama! Strella-sama!

—— The chorus began to resemble the sprechol.Apparently, everyone was satisfied with all the details.

"It's so simple..."

Well, well, without saying so.I'm sure you're all worried.In the first war, we don't know when the battle will begin and when we will die.Seeking stability is a very natural reaction as a creature. "

As Strella enters the tent, Potentia greets her with a cup of tea.

"You have a feeling of being optimistic sometimes, don't you?"Even though my age is the same as mine. "

We're all 0 years old, but in our case, our knowledge and ego are different from yours.

"... I see."

When Strella smiled bitterly at Potentia's response, Sakura asked her a question.

“What are the refugees going to do if they don't want to evacuate?”

"It's fine to take my men somewhere, but are you going to leave the refugees here..."Leaving the refugees alone, it was obvious that they would eventually cross the border into the Kingdom of Mercrio.Sakura seems to be worried whether she can throw them out even though she has been holding them back until now.

In response to her question--

It's okay. If we launch this operation, we'll solve all the refugee problems, all the evacuation problems, all the destinations.

--Strella affirmed that.