In consultation with the Atlas in Mid-Eden, Strella hastened to resolve the (...) issues (...) and (...) interpretations (...) necessary for the implementation of the plan.Fortunately, there is no big difference between what Atlas and Strella had in mind, and the plan will be approved and put into action without difficulty.

On the other hand, around that time.

Lucia seems to have lined up in front of the Inari Sushi Restaurant in the capital of Mid-Eden today (?).It was not clear what she was staring at, but she was clearly floating among the guests there, and the procession in front of the sushi restaurant split off from side to side as if Moses had broken the sea.By the way, "floating" means not only floating as a sign, but also floating physically.

"Uncle! 30 servings of sushi!"

How confusing it is to order 30 servings (240 pieces) of Inari sushi during lunchtime crowds...Lucia throws orders at the owner of the sushi restaurant, saying she doesn't care about such details.In other words, it was synonymous with about 30 invisible people lining up in front of the queue in front of the sushi restaurant.There were about 10 people in the queue, so if you think about 30 customers before that, you might be able to figure out how annoying the order was.

Teresa, who was with her, suddenly puts in a trickle.

"Ah Lady, you should at least keep it for about two people."Otherwise... there you go. The eyes of the people in the line originally hurt, didn't they? "

Teresa looked around and spoke.Because Lucia physically broke into the queue, even though she was in a state of being able to gaze harshly at the people around her, if she placed more orders than the number of customers lining up in the queue, what kind of gaze could she gaze from everyone...?Just by thinking about it, Teresa's stomach started hurting and she had no choice.... because it's the body of the machine, I don't have a painful stomach.

Lucia, on the other hand, pointed to Teresa with a keen look.

"What are you talking about, Teresa?"It's every day that I come to pick up sushi, and it's made for me, so it won't bother everyone. Hey, Uncle? "

"Yes! 30 servings, please wait!" Dong-dong!

You see?

”... I can only imagine that this shop was poisoned by Lady Ae at first...”

Waiting is about 10 seconds. So Lucia's errand is over.It seems that the other people in the line also knew that Lucia would buy a lot of Inari sushi every day, and would soon receive it and go home, so they gave her their turn.... some people can be seen holding back with their shoulders trembling while their faces dyed pale, but well, it can be said to be within the margin of error.

Thus, Lucia succeeded in buying Inari sushi without queuing today.Incidentally, of the 30 pieces of Inari sushi she bought, 8 serves for lunch (64 pieces), 10 serves for dinner and breakfast (80 pieces), and 1 serving for Teresa.The remaining servings are frozen as emergency food and stored in a dedicated frozen pochette.If you put this in calories, it's about 100kcal per piece of Inari sushi, and there are 8 per serving, so if you eat it for 28 people —— no, let's not talk about it.

"... Teresa-chan, have you thought about something very rude?"

No, you didn't say anything.

"Hmm. Well, that's fine." Hmm. "Yummy!"

"... you don't get tired of eating all that sushi every day, do you, Lord?"

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about, but..."

"... bye bye."

Sitting beside the Cortex statue on the main street of the capital, the two of them sipped Inari sushi together.At that time, it seemed that the child passing in front of Teresa looked at Teresa with some kind of indescribable gaze compared to her and the object behind her, but Teresa gently turned away from the child and stared at the blue sky."I can't see or hear anything..."It seems that such a subaural sound was staining her body.

... that's Lucia and Teresa's routine.Occasionally, Beatrix, Potentia, or Shubal may accompany them, but basically, Lucia and Teresa often act together.

After that, it was a pattern to go back to the Royal Castle Alternative Facility and act separately...It seemed like a slightly different development was waiting for the two of them today.

”Lucia and Teresa, can you hear me?I have business to attend to, so please come to my room. ”

Atlas summoned the two of them.