Two days later.

Lucia and Teresa were in the middle of the desert in the Endersian Kingdom, not in Mid-Eden.There is no city within a 200 kilometer radius, and there is only a stretch of sand.That is the Endersian desert.

Well, the earth of death is not empty, but there were many monsters specializing in the desert, such as Endersia's famous sandworm, the 100-meter-long Mega Centipede, and Snanik, the apex predator in the desert.Therefore, it could be said that the environment was too harsh for people to live in, but on the contrary, it was abnormal to have people there.Other than the emergencies such as the crash of the Endersian airship and the evacuation of the crew to the desert, it could be said that it was impossible for people to stand in the Endersian desert.

However, the appearance of Lucia and Teresa was not due to the fact that the airship had fallen.It was in the presence of Potentia, Strella, Strella's men, the Tempo, and the Mid-Eden Army.It's impossible to get stuck in the desert with so many members.It was clear to everyone that there was a purpose and that there was a presence, not a state of emergency.

"...... ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,

"Maybe you can use ice magic."

"...... I can't use it" Juwaa

"In the first place, Teresa, not only is it shocking, but it's also resistant to heat and cold."Your body is a machine. "

A sharp ray of sunlight pouring down from the sky like a burnt-out creature."And then it shines back from the ground..."Under such circumstances, like in the oven, Teresa's discomfort index just seems to be about to kangaroo.Incidentally, her formula for the discomfort index is temperature + humidity - Lucia's attitude x 10.

"Nh, you can't do that anymore..."

That's what you chose to say, Teresa-chan.

"It wasn't the concubine who chose you, it was the Kor."

Did you call me ~?

I didn't call, but Cortex appeared.She spread out her large sun umbrella and put on her sunglasses, and the UV protection was perfect.Since the body is made of the same machine as Teresa, it does not get sunburned by ultraviolet rays, but even if it does not get sunburned, it seems that it was much cooler than Teresa who was floating a gassoly face in the heat of the sky.At least for the soldiers who were nearby, they weren't poisoning their eyes.

"I didn't call you... no, let's hear it from you."When is the start of the operation likely?Honestly, if I can go home, I want to go home.Every time I walk, my feet are buried, it's hot, it's hard, and the treatment of Lady A's concubine is terrible..... "

"Well, well, without saying so."Without my concubine (Teresa), I won't be able to respond quickly when something happens. "

"... hah. So, when's the start of the operation?"

Cortex's response to Teresa's inquiry was clear.

"Anytime is fine ~?" When we get here, everything will be ready ~.... this is a natural prison. Yes, it's a prison.We can't get out of here without besieging them.Or even if you kill yourself and come back to life, it will be here again, so let's just say it's not prison. ”

And Cortex said to Lucia.

Now, Lucia-chan? Please do as you're told!

It was a signal to start the operation.It was a long-awaited moment for the people of this continent.Therefore, not only Lucia and Teresa, but all that were present, will be attentive to them.

And Lucia moves.

"Well then, let's go.... transfer here for each of Aquiregia, the capital of Éclair!"


Why Lucia and the others came to the Endersian Desert.And the reason why Strella and the others evacuated the refugees from Éclair on the spot.It was to transfer Aquiregia, the capital of Éclair, to a desert where there was no one, in order to dominate the Aquiregia while reducing the risk of a counter-attack as much as possible.

The final showdown with Éclair began.