Dancing Circles on the Horizon of Events

Member Introduction (Chapter 1.1)

-Waltz Waltz = A = Eye (lead)

One of the 'Guardians'.

Projects a hologram from a body called manoeuvre armor to shape a human shape.

It should be noted that even though it is a hologram, how can it be touched...... it is to be revealed within.

Height: 155cm (3m for manoeuvre armor)

Weight:?????? (Unknown, including units)

Age: 15

Personality: annoying/disgusting?

Looking Features: Ordinary Human, Basically White Blonde

Favorite: Nature

Something I don't like: a large number of people, remarkable, troublesome

Favorite food: not yet

Role: Not

Hometown: Japan in the Modern World

-Lucia LUXIA

The first fox-eared girl Waltz met in another world.

… refugees.

Height: 140cm

Weight:?? kg

Age: 10 at the start of the story

Character: Inari Sushi Supremacy

Looking Features: Fox Beast Man, White Blonde

Favorite: Inari Sushi

Disliked: Not

Favorite Food: Inari Sushi

Role: Not

Hometown: Unknown

-Hunter (Liese = Alexandros Elizabeth = B = Alexandros)

A hunter who was in a village where the waltzes were to live.

It should be noted that my real name is' Elizabeth ', but since it is long, it is usually called' Reese 'by its abbreviation.

The waltzes seem to be called 'hunters' from start to finish.

Height: 173cm

Weight:?? kg

Age: 18

Character: Half male?

Looking Features: Cat Beast Man, Dark Hair Semi-Short

Favorite things: hunting, cooking

Disliked: Not

Role: Hunter

Hometown: Not