"The General always being bullied cry" Author: Gong Xinwen


Male: The main public is astronomous as the mountain, whether it is my heart, to my life, still need me, I have no relief. But in fact, I still like women in my heart.

Lord: Clegely, I am a woman.

Enemy: Mo Bridge is coming again, this is a killing king that kills people, everyone runs!

The Minister: The generals are real, the big promotion army, just fear that the power of the earthquake, is unfavorable to the main public.

Reality is as follows in the palace.

Palace female: Oh, it's just not looking at it. The general is bullied, it is really very pitiful.

The man is the general of the slave, and the teenager is in her life. When it meets, it is fortunate to be saved by the female owner. Loyal dog properties.

At the time of the women's live, it coincided with the original brother, and the soldiers were in the city. The whole family was lining up, helplessness had to dress a male to become the main king of Jin Guo.


I don't understand anything, don't take it, thank you.

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When the slave is born, when the blessed boy, when the death of the death, the female main road is rescued, with a humble gratitude, the helper of the female owner, the strong and confident, end A person who admires, equal standing on the side of the person you look up. The female main road is from the war, and she has gradually grown up in the chaos. Her women play a man, with her own trusted friends, ministerial and lover, and finally become an emperor of the world. This paper uses a realistic Wenhe, and portraits the process of slow growth in the chaos in the chaos. The war's background is magnificent, and the male and female protagonists have achieved each other, and the emotionally touching feelings. Implementing the author's consistent female master self-reliance, the style of the man is bitter.