Dark Blood Age

Chapter 1906 Ten Ling Group

More and more like a cube of black people Thatcher Starship located Jianqun edge spinning deceleration.

Kan is the only Starfleet ship Spirit of the Lord's seat, from Rio spirit of the Lord that ship connected by three points into a box-shaped starship is not too far.

Kan seat ship Spirit of the Lord is no special place, even if there is the presence of human reproductive Thatcher and more and more like cubes, worthy of this spiritual master is not much interest in the life of the stars are basically the flagship in charge of improvement.

Rio Star Spirit of the Lord on the contrary, throughout Jianqun are very special.

It's the Starship in addition to its own, there is no second life, though brutal as it treats other Star races Unlike other spiritual master, but did not permit any life entered its starship.

No one can figure out Billiton spiritual master in the end what point it is located on the Starship three points, the main spirit Kan tried several times to give up, looked at only three points it is very simple, in fact, even with Ethereality spy also hard to explain it.

It's as if the Star is a geometric maze, slow or stationary, is looking at a simple box with only three sides, once speeds up with the stars, then life worthy of the Spirit within the main seat ship concerned, is to cause the United States asphyxia.

It is not as if a starship, but a diverse geometry changing world.

When first met aboard the Starship accelerated life many stars are seen intoxicated.

Rio had been the main spirit it had assigned the task of Star Race said, though they are already stars lives, but most of the time even if they are in high-speed motion state, but the basic form is still in use in all aspects of space and time form a low-speed .

Figuratively speaking, they are still low form of life into the high-speed time and space, the basic point still stand low space-time, high-speed space-time is just a process that they go through life, even though this process may have up to 90 percent or more.

And it On the contrary, its basic stand point in time and space high-speed acceleration state, the low space-time is a counter-experience process of its life, the same, even if the process was long, it just hovers over this low speed only.

Among the most significant movement of the dividing line is divided two-state technology, and subsequent combination of techniques whereby many other basic techniques, together with the overall system to the various branches of science diffusion is formed, including the life sciences.

Jianqun Kan whole spirit of the Lord, in addition to the main Star Billiton spirit, did not reach the rest of this technology, and this technology is just the starting point of one of the alleged extension of the spirit of the master form.

Accordingly, it is an extension of the basic spirit of the main points in the life form of "dynamic" sub-state, Jianqun other basic life forms like when it is still "quiet."

But it did not give those two sub-state movement Star race technology, so the huge gap between technology-based, the whole spirit of the Lord Jianqun Kan deceleration speed and flexibility are far inferior to its starship.

Only other ship Spirit of the Lord's seat with the help of Yun Ling, can not throw it.

Kan Ling Ling Billiton Lord did not expect the main points to two state-wide transformation Jianqun, unless there are many different levels of technology as an auxiliary.

For example, security and stability and controlled small-scale spatial and temporal well technology, in order to speed up the process of learning a new technology, or else in the space-time low speed slowly learning progress, either directly into battle, started sailing, but will eventually ended in disaster.

Unless the extension of the main spirit willing to sell to help them control all Starship, Starship or to all of them written all complete self-navigation program, can be so, but also how they use?

It is also the watershed formed by these technologies, so that the life of Topo Lord and other starry sky in the ship, located in different living world.

Just like the former needs a long time to study or study a problem, the moving two-pointer can stop quickly, and then enter the controllable stable short trap, as long as all resources are sufficient, it can be in very short Get the results at the external time, then then exit in the absence of two-pointer technology, and the whole process has little delay.

The latter, long deceleration, long acceleration ... Fundamentally can't keep up with the rhythm of the former, although because the universe is too big, it can eventually use the long sailing process to rush away the long-time requirements, but the way to survive and the former completely different.

The static two-pointed, stable controllable time and air trap is just the starting point technology of this watershed, and there are many basic needs, leaving these technologies, only have a lot of use in it, so Tour is probably not Interests and power churches.

It is too big to pay too much.

However, the Ling Lord feels that Topo is estimated to be deemed to have been cumbersome, otherwise, why is there any other life in its star?

However, Top is only not to say, and Zall people often only say and not do it.

Only Ling Life can vision of this watershed in the star empty life such as an endless, in the horizontal star, just like the winglord, it is not very concerned about it.

Can you strongers God?

God does not have to be strong by the spirit?

Therefore, the Ling Lord is very unimped to answer the second question of Topography. It is waiting for the first life that does not want to obey its commands in the ship.

Compared with the starry race, dare to dissatisfaction from its orders, the big probability is the other eight spiritual life.

After the Ling Lord did not say something for a long time, this time, this time said so much, the biggest purpose is not to get better analysis from Tu Lord, although it actually exceeds its expectation. , But real, it just wants to stabilize the Topo.

The view of Topo's situation on the situation is consistent with it, then the original second spirit group can still be maintained, and the remaining eight spirits will be more dedicated.

Under this starry sky, it holds a huge force, which is even more powerful if it can also condense the combat power.

The Demonstology is the banner of the construction, and its personal prestige will rely on itself.

Ordered to have emergency deceleration in the whole bank, the risk and opportunity coexist, as long as it proves that its judgment is right, its Weixin will help from the initial banner - the power of the forceful intimidation is the right - further reach the initial establishment The degree of trust.

It is not worried which spiritual life will come out to challenge its command, but it is very important to have such a challenge.

This time, it won't force blocking challengers, they will leave, let the challenger go to the 217th.

The Ling Lord is very confident, the challengers will hit the blockade of Left-Treated God, and the result is dead or the residual hand, it doesn't matter, it is as long as a result - prove it, listen to it The order is not wrong.

Of course, it is still cold, if there is such a challenger appears, and then hit left-handed against the kingdom of God, but if luck under the residual alive fled to come, it will not save this spirit, not again keep it and will let it run its course.

This is not to obey its command price.

Kan spiritual master patiently waiting, time and space at low acceleration, it does not lack is time.

It has enough patience to wait until the challenger unable to bear rushed out.

Spirit, life long enough to train a terrible patience.

However, it seems somewhat miscalculated this time, such a long time, have not seen anyone come out to challenge it.

There is no secret exchanges between spirits, they have to comply with the spirit of the Lord Kan arrange their position, no transaction, reflecting the collective patience is not even the slightest weaker than the powerful Kan Spirit of the Lord.

This is indeed strange, Kan spiritual master the moment rather confused about how each of the other eight spirit is thinking?

People do not reversed, it can not necessarily anti-threatening home.

In another silence, the atmosphere became more and more embarrassed, at low speed and space, time and embarrassment become so long.

Even awkward waiting time is enough Jianqun close to nearby stars during deceleration complements the material needed.

After the challenges it still is not out of life, as if it had absolute trust and obey.

The first step in establishing credibility Kan spiritual master plan is about to be seen to fail, it may not want to turn back, the extension of the sixth century spiritual master informed guess it abandoned the idea of ​​returning adventure, wait there has been a change Chu Yun-liter Insurance is more choice.

It also can not do it again embarrassed wait, and eight real spirit embarrassed Gan is also still doing the live, boats radiation starship produced under deceleration to wipe it from the Ethereality all directions in addition, making a huge Jianqun to disappear in dense star clusters in giant.

Kan spiritual master and then to the flagship race and under an order, let them take advantage of this time to integrate Jianqun Star technology, at least wants to be smooth all the difference in speed between the ship, so that in the future the overall speed of up to Jianqun Kan spirit level main seat ship.

Extension within the spirit of the Lord is not in comparison with the consideration of the Starship, but the task still needs its cooperation, because it is the most strongest shipbuilding knowledge.

Star of many races is undoubtedly a very lucky thing, only to pay the price we can immediately get the coveted technology.

Consideration is also very clear, Kan spiritual master copy of Thatcher who left the system, mainly to gather information.

Jianqun race to the sky, the difficult thing to hand over information about what has not, and their situation is already very bad.

Surrounded spirit under 10, they can say that my body is the source of All Souls have resources at their disposal that information, if there is no technology exchange will be able to, dare not to pay out yet?

The practice of the Lingling is already very civilized. Plus the top before, and the two spiritual life let the first time, the first time, many starry races that have been resurrected, began to seriously suspect that their own race Various guessing and judgment, more doubt some truthful information from the scary information from the discovery of the universe.

Only when you have seen other spirits, you know how wonderful flowers in these two spirits are. It is rare.

The starry race has something to do. There are other eight spirits in addition to the Lord, and there are other eight spirits can't let them break. As the ship is hidden in the stars group, the Lingling master will start to find trouble to them. - Let them cooperate with it and Topo, form the most suitable spirit!

This law is two, if there is a spirit of standing out to fight against the rebellion, it is happy, if it is still so uncomfortable, you can also take the opportunity to let Jiu Ling habits its various orders, and proficient in the formation of a base.

A Ten Ling Group with skilled and willful, is a terrible, starry sky, especially the Sau Star, in addition to the two major gods, who can have ten power! ?

It didn't lie to Tu Le Lord. If Chu Yunsheng can't be alert from 217, it can't escape from it, then the final battlefield is not known, it doesn't matter.

But if Chu Yun is a police, then successfully escape, then it is basically certain, the first battlefield must still be the best battlefield in the calculation and analysis of Top, must be the nearest distance from 217 Stars. The same point of view under control!

Because it knows that Chu Yun has no choice, otherwise it is to sit and die.

At that time, Zuo Zhaobian was defeated as a mountain, or Chu Yunsheng was annihilated in the ground, and its Jiu Ling may be a key force.

Moreover, it can also increase again!

At this time, in the 217th star system, Chuyun upgrades consumed several planets to complete the arrangement of a large number of striped array.

In the galaxy, only three lives have not passed through the door that has been moved to the galaxy.

One is himself, and the other two is the life of pseudo-fashion, they will last through the door and are responsible for the door safely.

Now, the door has come to him, he must wear the past, let the door, etc. I don't know what will happen.

Before he, all lives, including the new God country, after passing through the door, experience almost different, there is no abnormality.

Chu Yunsheng made all the ready-to-have a huge comma, flew into the door.