The number of people who get in here is decided, but it's a great number. Everyone seems to be going to the girl they care about.

The most popular are Leggers, and the second most popular are Lucky Puppies. Puppies in particular are very popular with women. The yellow voice reaches here. My nose is tall.

Shiro and Kuro are on my side because they're my escorts...

"Wow, this is Shiro-chan! Fluffy...!

"Kuro-kun is small, but he's cool!

These kids are also very popular...

"Mirai-san, how did Shiro-chan tame you!?

"Eh, ah, uh... I happened to see him and fed him, and he got along...."

"Oh, wow! Destiny!"

What fate is that? I love shiro, but I don't like wolves too much for fate. My destiny is impossible for anyone but Renchan. Definitely.

A lot of people switched and stood by and wiped the lid. Especially those who touched Legge trembled as if touched. Next time, I'll run out of lids....?

Everyone watched the lid, and Shiro got caught up in it. I put Crow on my shoulders and waited quietly for the storm to pass. Guys, that's amazing. I'm fine.

"No, I'm tired. I'm evacuating...."

Wow, I'm tired.

I've been watching it, but it's going to be tough.

"Rest. Rest. This is tough."

Recall Shiro and move him around. The place to go is Renchan's home. In an unusual quiet home, I took a breath.

I was more surprised than expected. That one, Murray. I'm tired.

After taking a break, it seemed that it would be twelve o'clock sometime.


"Ah, Renchan."

Len-chan is hugging me. I don't usually miss being lucky, so I immediately put out the black. Lie on your back with your crow on your back and make yourself hungry. Instead of resisting, Kuro seems pleasant.... yeah, you're my Tammy Mons. Fine.

"Renchan, for the time being, I'll say hello in the Touch Square, but what do you want to do afterwards?

"Hmm... Does everybody look happy?

It seemed like fun.

Really. Mr Tamer, of course, and people who don't usually play Tame seemed to enjoy touching monsters that they can't touch very much. Perhaps there will be more Tamer tomorrow. When that happens, I'm just a little happy.

"That's right. Bye, just be a little selfish, okay?

"Fine. Something wrong?

"I want to see the festival."

Oh, I see. It's Renchan's first festival. I must go and see it. Yamashita-san said that there are some players' shops selling hada and takoyaki, and they should be able to enjoy it no different from real festivals.

"Yeah, come on. Festival!"

"I did it!

It's enough for Len to laugh happily. In the meantime, giggle.

And sneak back on the air!

Oh, let's resume!

"Renchan... what are you doing?

Ren-chan is so cute, so I'm squeaking.

Oh, wow.

As usual.... that? It's not as usual...?

"Calm down. It's a darkness you shouldn't have noticed."

What do you mean?

Oops, Len-chan noticed the delivery and tried to escape. But I can't. Please make it a little tighter.

Oni-chan, don't do it.


………… Mmm. "

"Oh, it's not unusual to be angry."

Normally I'd say it's disgusting.

"Nh... Because it looks like you're tired....."

Renchan is gentle!

"I cried all because of Len's kindness."

You're such a good little sister.

"Ron's been kind from the beginning, what are you guys talking about? Are you stupid?


I'm not being gentle ~

"It's the usual thing."

Yeah, I'm feeling better with the refill for Renchan. Okay, well, shall we go? Well, before that, I have to stop at the Touchdown Square.

That's why I went to the square with Renchan. Even though the visitors' faces changed, everyone seemed to have fun and smiled.

Looks like he hasn't noticed yet. Ron is in trouble. Maybe I'm looking for lucky. You want to take him with you.

Originally, I don't think it's a good idea to take him away as long as he's out in the Touch Square like this, but there's a puppy who's no better than Lucky. You'll be fine.

Maybe Yamashita-san gave that puppy to Len in anticipation of this.

Oh, my goodness, you found lucky. But I'm surrounded by people. That's how hard it is to break into...

Hang on, Ron. What are you gonna do? No, that's exactly what I'm here for, no, I'm really gonna do it, because I'm gonna plug my ears!


is in! The tympanic membrane! It's a game. I don't have tympanic membranes!

All the Tammy Monsters barked. That's why they're all stunned by the sudden loudness. Renchan quickly joined the group of female players and brought a lucky one.

Len-chan, when did you get so warm...? It's a complicated mood for me to feel lonely and happy growing up.

Ron-chan, good for you.

Yes, but at least I wanted a warning.

The tympanic membrane is gone.

I'm rubbing it.

It's a power word that rubs...

Ehehe. I'm sorry. "

Ron laughs naughtily. Such a smile is also nice.

Everyone looked back at Renchan's voice, which sounded so good because it was silent.

"Ah, Renchan!


"Lotus is cute!

That's right, Ron-chan, you're popular. Everyone waves brightly, either because the operator warned me beforehand or because they won't come here.

The presence of the game master, who has his eyes shining around, may also be significant. Is there anyone who does something strange in front of the rules of this world?... you're not here. Let's go early.

"Play a lot!

That's what Len-chan said and waved, and we quickly left the scene.