Alice was waiting as she left the Touch Square.

"Fufufu, I've been waiting for you, Mirai-chan! Renchan!"


"Stop!? I haven't done anything yet!?

I don't know yet.

This is black. It's black. "


"Because it's not! Because it's really different!

I know. I'm kidding, so don't look like you're crying.

Ron-chan's eyes are so cold...

"Ah, but this is it...."

Hey, Mirai's opening a weird door.

Calm down, Miray! Go to hell! Hell of a lot of shit!

"Yes, close the door. Now."

"Yes, yes. It calmed down."

Watch out. I don't think it was a joke. All right, calm down, me. At this time, take a deep breath of Len-chan.

Hah, calm down...

"Hey, hey, hey, hey."

"Ah, yes...."

Quickly. Deeply stabbed. Choose a word, Ron. Choosing that? Ahahah, I see.... I see...

"So, Alice. How can I help you?"

"Wow, the tension is dropping suddenly... Well, Mirai will definitely get tense too!

"Yes, yes."

"Speaking of festivals, yukata, right? That's why I've made yukata!

"Alice is awesome! That's right, Alice. I know!



Alice and High Touch! No, really, I didn't think you'd have it. That will also increase tension.

Still, Renchan's eyes are accelerating cold.

Notice. Because Ron-chan is so white. "

"Oh, my God."

Looking back, Len glanced lightly at me. Maybe he's a little angry. But when I stared at each other a little, I was bitterly laughed at because I had no choice. I'm sorry, it's getting weird.

Let's move on. Alice and I nodded. Let's go fast.

So, a routine trade screen. I get clothes from Alice.

I just didn't have enough time, so I could only prepare Renchan's yukata.

I see. No, yeah. I can't help it. I can't complain.... "

"I won't make an excuse! There's Mirai's yukata too!

"Seriously? Seriously, Alice!

"That's right! You can praise me more!

"Alice, wow! That's cool! That's good!

"All right, come on... what?

When I left the mysterious momentum to hold Alice, Ren-chan quickly broke in. Alice and I tilt our necks. Len-chan stuck to me.

"Hey, you're mine."

"Ah, yeah... Sorry, right?"

"Oh? Is this maybe jealousy?

You can't give up there, Ron-chan.

Well, I don't know what that means. I'm sorry about the two of you who were tense.

"No, yeah. It was such a weird tension."

This is also bad for the festival.

"I don't think so. Festivals are a waste of tension. Such unexplainable high tension"

I understand.

I don't know.

"Only according to people."

Right. Well, yeah. Let's really calm down.

I'll give Len the yukata I got for now. Len-chan leaned her neck and quickly changed. Naturally, even if I change my clothes, I just change my gear for a moment.

Renchan's yukata is generally light blue with polka dots. As a little decoration, there is also a bag of water containing goldfish. Was it a goldfish bag?

In contrast, I have a light red yukata. Is the pattern goldfish? Yeah, I think so.

"Yeah... Yeah."

Alice and I watched Len-chan go round and round as the viewer asked us to. Turn your gaze with Alice. Nodded to each other, but shook hands.

These guys www

No, but this time I understand. Yukata Ren-chan is cute. "

"Yukata Mirai is also cute... but you ruined everything..."

"Shut up."

Don't worry about me. Look at Len more. Come on, come on.

"You're cute, aren't you?

Hold her tightly from behind. Mmm, cute!

"I won't deny it."

"Rather, I admit it with all my strength."

Renchan, you're so cute!

"I did it!

Okay. Satisfied.

Well, let's celebrate.

Don't suddenly calm down.

"If we don't go soon, we'll run out of time."

That's why we're leaving. Well, since everything around here is a venue, there's no need to move around.

So I thought about going around in turn with Renchan, and for some reason Alice waited for me, but it took me a while.

Mirai-chan. Ron-chan, this way. "

Alice begins walking at her beckon. I looked at her face and decided to follow her anyway.