"Mr. Esther"

Hey, what's up, Len-chan?

"I hate Esther, too."


This is terrible www

Seriously, what happened? www

There was still a continuation, but I wonder if this is enough.

Len-chan gave me a hug. Comment and look at the sphere of light and say.

Oni-chan is my oni-chan

Ah, I see. I figured it out. "

For oneechan's beloved kid, Len-chan, it's upscale.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Ooh... I might be a little happy to be jealous. I'll keep Renchan tight for now. Ehehe.

………… Hey, it's so nasty.... "


Mirei www

Even though you were so sweet ~

In a sense, it's both a fight and a defeat.

This time, I'll forgive you for sharing the pain...

By the way, I hate this guy because when I said no to his confession, he told me to spend more time with my youth than with my sister. I don't think I've ever been as serious as I was then.

I can say it myself, but since then, I've been declaring that my sister is the cutest and most important. They called me that precious sister. I think I yelled so much that I don't remember what I said.

I wonder if it's time for you to buy it.

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

My sister at the store told me to buy me again.

Len-chan gets a little longer stick from her sister. Oneesan's in the middle of the machine, eh, what is that!? Liquid!? No, yeah. Let's see. When we put it in, a lot of white lines come out around it.

"Come on, Ron. It's coming back with that stick."


I picked up Roon-chan and Roon-chan rolled her stick. Then, all this stuff comes together.


Renchan's smile. My mood seems to have healed properly and I'm relieved.

That's how you were going to have fun, but the tragedy happened there.




The lucky thing on Len's head falls off. It fell into my machine brilliantly.


Hey www

Lucky! Lucky white! It's originally white!

"Ah, ah, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What can I do? What can I do?

"Ahahah. Yo, yo."

Grab the lucky one and lift it. There was a lucky man wrapped in me. This is, yeah. It was a game, so it was a joke and a catastrophe when it was real.

When I lowered my lucky hand to the ground, I licked it myself. I keep licking myself because it was delicious. This could be cute...

"Sorry, Lucky."


Lotus is so cute that she hugs and apologizes. After all, my sister is an angel. Nfufufufu...!

"Mirai-san, you look amazing."

"Oh, excuse me."

"Seriously, it was a pervert."

It was an honest report.

Weigh yourself a little bit?

"That far!? Come on, be careful...."

That's right. I don't want to be reported as a pervert. No, I'm sure the manager will understand... I don't think so...

Rewind and Len will eat me too. Not now, but you're making too much. It's very big.

But Ren-chan didn't seem to care and ate it.

"Fluffy....! Onee-chan, it's so fuzzy!

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you will."

When I was a kid, it was a strange chunk. Just spinning around the stick creates a fluffy sweet treat... It was a dreamy treat.

"I learned how it works in science class, and I got cold."

"Hey, don't be stupid."

It was full of dreams back then....

"Stop it!

Yeah, let's not. Because it snaps.

He gave me more as a souvenir. It seems like it can be put into the inventory properly, and it can be put together up to 100 pieces. Well, only ten this time. I wonder if it's just right for Len's sweets.

I want it too, if possible. Ask Alice or something.

After that, I visited a lot of stalls and it was time for Renchan to log out once, so I dissolved.

I want to go to a real festival someday.

Waiting for eighteen o'clock while getting sloppy in Touch Square. Stay with Shiro and watch everyone else. Leggett is the most popular because he has a large body and little waiting for his turn. There are people who touch it immediately and are fluffy and lined up many times.

Eating dinner and having a little conversation with visitors, it was almost eighteen o'clock.

"Hey, are you awake?

"Wake up!"

When did you come here, there was a lucky girl with her head in front of her. I left it in my yukata. Mmm, cute. What do you want?

"It was a little dark and surprising. Because it's night? But it's always bright, right?

"Huh? Oh, I see...."

Speaking of which, most of Ron's time to log in starts at 18: 00. Occasionally when I log in at lunch, it's past twelve o'clock, so I shouldn't have experienced the night.

"This game changes day and night every three hours. It's lunch from 18: 00 to 21: 00, so this is the first night in the world."

"Really? But it's dark now.

"Yeah, it's an event, so it's supposed to be special today."

Now it's night to match reality. But we're still in the middle of a festival. The sky is dark, but the city remains bright everywhere. That's why we can play more.