I was wondering if I should have gone to that festival at night anyway. After all, it seems that it is better at night. But I guess not. It's a pleasure when Renchan's illness has healed.

So I hugged Len-chan. Puffy, huh?

"I want to sleep like this."

"What are you talking about, Oni-chan?"

Yeah, don't look at me like that.

When she was sticking to Len-chan like that, Alice looked really stunned.

"Do it. I'm here. I'm here... but what are you doing?

It's sweet for Renchan.

"Hey, sweetheart."


Normally, it sounds the other way around, but sometimes this is good. I have a monopoly on renchi bang bang. You envy me, don't you?

"Hey, Mirai-chan. You've been watched a lot...? Are you okay?"


Look around. I see, indeed, the visitors are looking at us. It sounds tiny, you know, but it's because of my mind.

But I can't help it. I have to say hello.

That's why the delivery is a little slow. I stood up when I saw the light bulb come out.

"Ron is my sister! Bring me the one you want, Ron!

"Change... what are you talking about all of a sudden!?

The first word of the resumption was a blast in my head.

"That's Miray in Yamaya. Of course I didn't praise you.

"Shut up!

Why don't you shut the fuck up? The declaration is on its way!

"Come on! You're going to fight me! Leggett!"

Teacher, it's time to look at the legend with such momentum. I don't have a heart, but Leggett's gaze seems stunned, but it's my fault. That must be it.

"Renchan Sensei! One shot, please!

"Already.... I can't help it!

I'm excited to say something else. Ron seems to be having a lot of fun.

Coming! Everybody, cover your ears!

Is the stan countermeasure complete!?

Earplugs! Where are the earplugs?

Ren-chan shouted that she knew about the audience and visitors in a hurry.


Barking Tammy Monsters! Oh, that's powerful! Honestly, I'm getting a little fucked up! Ron is satisfied too.


The tympanic membrane is gone.

But cute.

Doya Face Ron-chan Kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Yeah, yeah, my sister is the cutest girl in the world! Admit it, but I won't listen!

By the way, the game master is also dying. Honestly, I'm sorry.

"I'm glad!

"All right then!

That's not good.

This sister really is www

I wish Renchan had fun!

Take care of yourself. Renchan is going to meet everyone in the Touch Square, so I'll follow her. Even though Len says that the game master is watching over me, everyone seems worried. An angel? He was an angel.

The first one was a plot of grassland wolf. Wastefully spacious. There are a hundred of them...

"Ah! Ron-chan!

"You're born!

"Eh, ah, hi, good evening....."

When the visitors who were stroking Wolf and the others called out, Renchan returned the greeting and hid behind me because she was a little scared. Hikoru, I'm just showing my face.

Real Renchan is cute

"You're not scared, are you? Get out of here?

"No, I'm scared enough."

I wonder what they're talking about. I can't see anything but suspicious people.

It's a suspicious crowd from anywhere.

"The sight of nasty men stroking wolf in groups."

The pictorial side is too bad wow

Really. I think the manager should have done something about it. No, I know it's not gonna work.

Renchan, who was a little scared, looked a little behind me and asked the men.

"You know, you like me too, fufu?

"Of course."

"I love it."

The men who answer immediately. Well, if you don't like it, you don't bother coming here.

When I heard that, Ren-chan let her face shine. Speaking of which, Ron-chan thought that there were no bad people who liked fur.

Ren-chan ran away and hugged one of the wolf.

"This kid! She's the softest! Fluffy!"


"Bye! So! That, uh... She's the fastest catch! You always come to me first!


"Next time, next time!

Oh, it's not over.

I don't know what to do. Don't you get tired of visitors? If you get home on the way, you'll be a little worried about Len...

What a surprise.

You're okay.

You can see Renchan's thumbs raw, back of the mountain

You can't get tired of seeing Lotus talk about things she likes with a smile.

"I think that's a lot of danger, but that's all."

Looking at it, it turns out that everyone is watching with a smile. No one seems to be annoying, and they're listening to me.

I was worried about what would happen if I showed up in front of a crowd, but this looks okay. I'm a little relieved.

I guess I'll just relax and enjoy watching Rencha's thumbs with everyone.