Not only Wolf, but I was proud of Len Chun Ha Fufu, the first place to go. Cats and tigers.

Of course, some of the people who bragged about it seemed a little annoying, but they didn't make any particular noise and went home quietly. The surveillance of the game master is huge after all.

As far as I'm concerned, I was a little surprised when I went to Leggett's section.

At that time, they were gathered around Leggett in metal armor. The so-called front-line team, or everyone who loves to fight. Roon-chan was a little scared about this, but when I talked to her, they were all kind people.

"Hey, I've cleared the story myself, but I've never touched the Original Dragon so slowly. I had an invaluable experience."

"Really. You must have been so fuzzy. It feels so good...."

Ren-chan seemed to be careful what they said, and afterwards she bragged about Lege as usual. Ren-chan was so cute that she prided herself on sticking to Legend perfectly. Everyone's cheeks remained loose.

Mirai-san. Can I have a minute?

Someone like the leader of this group has spoken up. I'm wearing golden armor.

What is it, Kimpika-san?


Kimpika-san www

You can't go wrong.

I'm the master of the biggest clan ww

Oh, yeah. That means you're quite a celebrity. Of course, among the frontlines who love fighting, I suppose. It's no exaggeration to say that the world is different for a decent player like us.

Is that it? Isn't it amazing that Roon-chan is even known to such a front group...? I'm Renchan's bonus.


"No, actually, I only have one Thames."



"Hey, seriously, I don't know anything about that!

It's a style that cuts directly in any way!

"I won't deny it, but it's terrible."

That's what Kimpika laughs at. But not withdrawing the foreword means there's really Tammmons.

Then there's only one thing I can do!

"Len-chan! This guy, Tamer!

Ron-chan's pride stops snuggling. A lot of people looked back and looked at Kimpika with dismay. Maybe he was hiding it. Then I might have done something wrong...

"I'm sorry."

"Huh? Ah... I didn't hide anything, so I'm fine. I just didn't get the chance to say it."

I see. Good. But the fact that you didn't have a chance means you're not the main boy in combat.

While you're talking about it,

"Mr. Tamer! Fufufu! Do you like Fufufu?!

Len-chan was approaching Kimpika. Terrible. The pressure is terrible.

"Ah, no, I like it, but not as much as Ron-chan...."


"Uh-huh, uh-huh? Oh, I wonder if it's about Tammmons. That's right, it's a fufufu."


"Yeah. Uh... See?"


Relax, honey. I haven't told you about the wipes since before.

New Language, Tafufu

"Even though I didn't say anything, I somehow know what you want to say."

It's easy to tell by gesture.

"Don't you have to say" gesture "...?

"If you notice that, you can't..."

He's dead...


Let's calm Len down for now. Push Len-chan's little nose.... yes, it stopped. Cold gaze on the bonus.

"Hey, sweetheart...."

"Yeah, sorry."

It was cute, so I followed it.

Take care of yourself. Kimpika summoned Tammmons at once. Kimpika summoned


Wow, I can't stand your eyes! I'm sure that there are sheep in Tammmons that will come out somewhere. So I wonder if Renchan is happy too. I really need to know where this is....

"I told you before, I didn't come out as an enemy."


Does that mean you can't create a new Tame? Len-chan's getting a little too... ah, that's not true. I wiped the sheep in front of me.

"Wow... Fufufu... Cute....."

Lotus is obsessed with soft wool. I'm enjoying it all over my body. I'm kind of good at sheep, too. They're all cute.

"Does not being an enemy mean you can tame it in some quest? Like a penguin."

"Oh, no. Sheep are a privilege."


"Yes, Beta Test Participant Benefits"

Wow, there you go. It's something I can't help it with.

Of course, this game has been officially serviced for several test periods. There were two tests that the general public could participate in, including a closed beta test with a limited number of people, an open beta test with no limit on the number of people, and a load test. It seems that I didn't know this game at that time either.

Each test has a bonus, and Kimpika says it's a closed beta test bonus.

"Hei, detailed audience. Really?

It's true. To be precise, there were multiple types of rewards, and it was a format where you could choose one. "

I'm a participant. One of the choices at that time should have been a pet egg. "

Participants as well. I chose a pet egg, but I was a cat. "

Hmm. I didn't always get a sheep.

Too bad. If I'd known sooner, I'd have joined.